Nasdaq Foundation Grants to Savvy Ladies: Judy Herbst, Savvy Ladies Executive Director

Savvy Ladies Receives Grant from The Nasdaq Foundation to Develop Mobile Portal Advancing Women's Financial Literacy

NEW YORK, Sept. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Savvy Ladies, a nationally recognized non-profit organization providing free financial education for women, including a national Free Financial Helpline, announced today it has received a grant from The Nasdaq Foundation. The grant will support Savvy Ladies' expansion of the Free Financial Helpline through the creation of a personalized, digitized mobile portal experience for women to readily access financial education resources. Furthermore, the Mobile Portal will provide access to volunteer advisors who will help women create roadmaps to achieve financial security and build wealth. 

"With the grant from The Nasdaq Foundation, we can continue to build out the technology capabilities of Savvy Ladies, which enables us to better facilitate the connection between our volunteer advisors and the women seeking financial guidance. This is game-changing, allowing us to expand our access exponentially to help women gain the financial knowledge needed to achieve financial wealth," states Judy Herbst, Savvy Ladies Executive Director.

"We're thrilled to welcome Savvy Ladies to the Nasdaq Foundation community. Our focus is to reimagine investor engagement to equip under-represented communities with the financial knowledge to share in the wealth that markets create. Savvy Ladies' efforts to advance financial literacy will help support and empower many women in their wealth building and financial knowledge journeys. I look forward to celebrating the launch of Savvy Ladies' expanded Mobile Portal," states Jailan Griffiths, President of the Nasdaq Foundation and Head of Purpose.

Savvy Ladies is working with Salesforce Non-Profit and Agile Cloud Consulting to build the Mobile Portal, which will leverage technology to advance the capacity of the Savvy Ladies Free Financial Helpline resource, allowing for ongoing support and quarterly check-ins with the advisors, strengthening the empowerment and independence of women who seek financial guidance.

Savvy Ladies is committed to advancing financial literacy for all women and providing safe spaces to help women achieve financial independence, build wealth, and reduce economic and racial disparities in financial education and literacy for women.