Rajasthan on War Footing for Safe and Successful Mega REET Exam 2021

Gehlot Sarkar on War Footing Preparedness for Rajasthan Teacher Eligibility Test 2021

The MEGA REET Exam 2021 is witnessing Never Before Situations

Rajasthan Acquires 19,000 Private Buses and Vehicles

Acid Test for Gehlot Governement in Post Pandemic Come Back To Education Systems from Ground UP, Teachers Recruitment

CM Ashok Gehlot is Personally Monitoring Every REET 2021 Situation and Instructing Administartion

Message and appeal of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Maha Reet Pariksha

  • The following important decisions have been taken today for the successful conduct of the REET exam in the interest of the youth:
  • Instructions have been given to make arrangements for free travel of the candidates by arranging adequate number of private buses along with free travel in roadways buses.
  • 2. The Government servant involved in copying, paper leak or any illegal activity related to the examination will be directly dismissed. The recognition of the institute will be canceled forever along with strict legal action against the personnel of private institutions involved in such activity.
  • 3. CCTV cameras will be installed at the examination centres.
  • 4. Any officer and employee involved in the process of taking the exam paper from the printing press to the examinee will not be able to use the mobile while on duty.
  • 5. The entire process of the examination paper reaching the candidate from the printing press will be videographed.
  • 6. All the candidates will be provided with masks at the examination centres. Candidates will not be able to carry their mask in the examination centre.
  • 7. The intelligence is keeping a close watch on the suspects who are involved in illegal activities regarding the paper. If necessary, they can also be taken into custody.
  • 8. Temporary bus stands will be made in big cities to avoid inconvenience to the candidates.
  • 9. Additional police force will be created to maintain traffic and law and order.
  • 10. Administration has been directed to help with sensitivity of women, disabled and needy candidates.
  • The state government is taking every step for the bright future of the youth. Everyone is requested not to spread any rumors and do not trust any message without official information. If someone gives you the bluff of getting you copied in the paper, getting the paper passed or getting the selection done, then immediately inform the police.
  • Candidates should try to reach the examination center city a day before the examination and do not carry mobile phone to the examination center.
  • There is an appeal to the general public to cooperate wholeheartedly with all the candidates and be helpful in making this examination successful.

CM Ashok Gehlot said:
Addressed a high-level meeting organized through video conference on the preparations for REET at the residence.
Free travel facility will be provided to all the candidates appearing in Rajasthan Teacher Eligibility Test (REET) 2021. He directed that in addition to roadways buses, by arranging adequate number of private buses, all the candidates should be given free travel facility. If any government officer-employee is found to be involved in such cases as paper leak, dummy candidate sitting and copying in recruitment examinations, he should be dismissed from service. Also, if the involvement of any private school personnel or person associated with the school is found, then the recognition of the concerned school should be terminated permanently. In competitive examinations, the hard work of the candidates gets washed away after the cases like cheating by the cheating gang come to the fore. In such a situation, strict action should be taken against these copying gangs.
Do not be negligent at any examination center. CCTV cameras should be installed at the examination centres. The Board of Secondary Education and District Collectors were instructed to videograph the entire process from the printing press of question papers to the examination centers and opening them there. Candidates appearing in the REET exam should not carry mobile phones to the examination centers.
Strict action should be taken against all those responsible in case of incidents like paper leak and copying in future competitive examinations including REET-2021. Our young candidates appearing in the REET exam are the future of the state in the coming times. In such a situation, if the candidates, especially the women candidates, who have come to appear for the examination, have problems of lodging and food, then public representatives, social workers and voluntary organizations should go ahead and help these candidates. The District Collector should talk to the voluntary organizations in the district and prepare them for help.
Instructed the Collector-SP to ensure that law and order is maintained during the REET examination. Also, they should monitor the arrangements by visiting continuously. Instructions have been given to set up control rooms in every district so that the candidates, especially the women candidates, can inform if there is any problem.

Candidates appearing in REET exam will travel free of cost in government and private buses.- Minister of Transport

Jaipur, 24 September 2021. Transport Minister Pratap Singh Khachariyawas said that the candidates who will appear in the REET exam to be held on September 26 will travel free of cost in government and private buses and private bus operators will also help the government in this regard.

Mr Khachariyawas said this in a meeting held at the Secretariat with representatives of private bus operators on Friday. He said that Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot had announced in the budget free roadways travel for the candidates appearing in competitive examinations, making the state a model state across the country. Now for this examination, candidates will get free travel in private buses along with roadways buses.

He said that all the officers have been instructed to ensure the successful conduct of the examination. All the preparations have been made by the Transport Department for the smooth transportation of the candidates. He said that control rooms have been set up at the Transport Headquarters and all the Regional Transport Offices of the State.

Mr Khachariyawas said that everyone should come forward in the interest of the state and no bus operator will go on strike, all private bus operators will go ahead and support the government. He said that the government would also take care of the interests of private buses. He said that the roadways and private buses are facing a challenge due to the increase in the price of diesel, the government will take full care of this.

Mr. Khachariyawas asked the candidates who appeared in the REET exam not to be misled by anyone and take the exam by believing in their hard work. He said that the government has made all arrangements that there should be no copying during the examination. He appealed to the candidates not to create unnecessary ruckus and maintain law and order. He also appealed to all the organizations that voluntary organizations should come forward and contribute in arranging food, drink and lodging for these children.

The meeting was attended by Home Principal Secretary, Shri Abhay Kumar, Chairman of Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation, Shri Sandeep Verma, representatives of state bus operators' organizations and concerned officials.

Reet exam will be conducted transparently and in tight security
All arrangements will be made for the candidates
Minister of State for Education assured

Jaipur, 24 September. Proper arrangements will be made by the state government for the movement of REET candidates. Free travel arrangements have been made by the roadways for the candidates from 20 to 30 September. Apart from roadways buses, about 19 thousand private vehicles will also be acquired and run free and toll free in sufficient numbers. Temporary bus stands will be set up during the examination period at the exit routes of various district and tehsil headquarters. Along with this, special trains and additional coaches will be operated by the Railways. Minister of State for Education, Shri Govind Singh Dotasra said in a press conference held at his residence that the State Government is committed to conduct the REET examination with complete transparency and order.

 Shri Dotasara informed that the examination material would be delivered to the districts under tight security by the Board of Secondary Education and CCTV cameras would be installed at the centres. The district administration made arrangements for maintenance of law and order in public places of all cities and towns, deployment of mobile team, timely delivery of question papers to the examination centers, safe transportation of answer sheets from examination centers to the Board of Secondary Education under the strict supervision of police. Will go The process of delivery of question papers to the examination centers till opening will be videographed.
All the officers involved in the process of taking the question papers to the center and distribution will keep their mobiles switched off. Intensive surveillance will be done through CCTV cameras in sensitive districts. Adequate police force will be arranged at all the centres. The decision regarding the closure of net will be taken by the district administration immediately. Necessary medical arrangements will be made in view of the Kovid circumstances.

 The Minister of State for Education said that all the candidates will get new masks on the table at the examination centers and will have to take off the masks they brought along. Arrangements are also being made for the food and lodging of the candidates in coordination with NGOs and religious institutions. Shri Dotasara while thanking the Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot said that both the proposals sent by the Education Department for the prevention of copying by the Hon'ble Chief Minister have been approved. Under these proposals, if a government employee is found to be involved in copying, he will be dismissed from government service. If any private employee is found to be involved in copying of the institute, the recognition of the institute will be canceled permanently. It is noteworthy that on September 26, Teacher Eligibility Test (REET) is going to be organized in the state in which more than 25 lakh candidates will participate in two shifts at 3993 centers, which will be the biggest competitive examination of the state till date.

Control room set up in collectorate for reet competitive exam

Jaipur, 24 September. Rajasthan Teacher Eligibility Test will be conducted by the Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan Ajmer in two shifts on Sunday 26 September. The examination will be held in the first shift from 10 am to 12.30 pm and in the second shift from 2.30 pm to 5 pm.

District Collector Antar Singh Nehra informed that for the smooth and successful conduct of the examination, a control room has been set up in room number 4 of the collectorate. This control room will be functional from September 24 to September 27. The telephone numbers of the examination control room are 0141-2204463 and 2204464. By appointing the personnel in the examination control room, it has been directed that the personnel appointed for the successful conduct of examinations will remain present in the control room and execute the proceedings as per the instructions of the coordinator of the examination. This control room will be operational 24 hours.

Reet exam preparations completed - District Collector

Jaipur, 24 September. The Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education, Ajmer has completed preparations for the Rajasthan Teacher Eligibility Test to be conducted in two shifts on Sunday, 26 September. All the arrangements related to the examination have also been reviewed.

Shri Nehra said that the officer-in-charge is constantly monitoring the arrangements of the five temporary bus stands and cluster bus stands. Water, electricity, toilets and other necessary arrangements are being reviewed at all the designated places.

There should be micro management for successful conduct of reet exam
District Collector

Jaipur, 17 September. For the successful and smooth conduct of Rajasthan Teacher Eligibility Test 2021 to be conducted by the Board of Secondary Education Ajmer on 26 September (Sunday), a meeting of the District Level Examination Steering Committee was organized in the District Collectorate Auditorium on Friday under the chairmanship of District Collector Shri Antar Singh Nehra. Went
Addressing the officers present in the meeting, District Collector Mr. Antar Singh Nehra said that REET examination is an important examination, under which the number of candidates is high, the candidates whose center has come to Jaipur should not face any inconvenience, it has been ensured completely. should go.

The arrangement of traffic system (bus train) etc. should be ensured smoothly.

He said that in Jaipur district, more than two and a half lakh candidates will appear at 592 examination centers, for the successful and smooth conduct of this examination, a control room will also be set up in the collectorate soon so that the candidates coming from different districts should not be inconvenienced. Temporary bus stands will be made at the place, while giving necessary directions to all the officers present, he said that micro-management should be ensured for the successful and smooth conduct of the REET examination.

Additional Commissioner of Police (II) Shri Rahul Prakash said that arrangements would be made to ensure smooth arrangements at the examination centres.

Along with this, he said that it should be ensured that the traffic system runs smoothly, as well as the roads which need repair should be repaired.

  Illegal and temporary encroachments should be removed so that unnecessary traffic jams do not arise.

  Additional District Collector (I) Mr. Iqbal Khan, Additional District Collector (II) Mr. Girish Parashar, Additional District Collector (South) Mr. Shankar Lal Saini, Additional District Collector (East) Mr. Rajiv Kumar Pandey, Additional District Collector (North) attended the meeting. District level officers were present with Shri Birbal Singh

Marathon meeting in the Transport Department regarding the preparations for REET Exam-2021
- Preparations for the transport department started 12 days before the exam.
Special control rooms will be set up at RTO-DTO level from September 23

Jaipur, 14 September. Transport Commissioner Mr. Mahendra Soni took a meeting on Tuesday to prepare for easy and accident-free transport system for the candidates in the REET Examination-2021 to be held on September 26. He brainstormed for two hours with the regional and district transport officers across the state through video conferencing. Mr. Soni said that in the second wave of Corona, the way tankers were operated for oxygen transport, in the same way, successful operation of buses has to be ensured in the REET examination.
Shri Soni directed all the RTOs to finalize the preparations at the earliest by meeting with all the DTOs and inspectors of their area. He said that about 16 lakh 75 thousand candidates can appear in the examination. There are more than 4 thousand centers in 200 places in the state. That's why all the transport officers should work with honor. Press note is also issued to give necessary information to the candidates.

Adequate number of transport means are available

Mr. Soni informed that there are 3500 buses of Rajasthan Roadways, in which regular passengers also have to travel. He said that it has come to the fore in the meeting that there are adequate arrangements for traveling by private buses, taxis and rail at all places in the state.

Control rooms will be operated from September 23

Mr. Soni directed all RTO-DTOs to set up control rooms for transport arrangements in their areas. He said that control rooms should be started from September 23. All the officers, in coordination with their district administration, railways, officials of Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation, taxi, city bus operators union, operators, ensure that the candidates travel without any disturbance.

Bus, rail travel should be stopped on the roof

Shri Soni instructed in the meeting that not a single person should travel on the roof of a bus or train. Make sure of it. Instructions were given to the officers of Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation present in the meeting to make such announcements at their bus stands and get them explained.

Diversion also option in big cities

Mr. Soni said that in the cities where more candidates are coming and going, diversion of buses can be done in coordination with the district administration. It will not create a traffic jam in the city.

Commissioner appealed to the candidates

Shri Soni has appealed to the candidates that adequate transportation resources are available for all. However, to avoid inconvenience, candidates should travel a day or two before and a day or two after the day of the examination, if possible. Follow the information and advice given by the driver. Contribute to successful transport operation by following the guidelines given by the transport workers, policemen and other volunteers handling the arrangements at the bus stands.

In this marathon meeting, Additional Transport Commissioner Shri Akash Tomar, Shri R.C. Yadav, Regional Transport Officer, Jaipur Shri Rakesh Sharma, Executive Director Shri Lokesh Kumar from Rajasthan Roadways along with other officers and all RTO-DTOs of the state were present through VC.