Salett Miguel crowns Swelia Antonio Miss Universe Angola 2022: Watch LIVE Full Show

The Successor of Miss Universe Angola 2019 Salett Miguel has just crowned, The Winner against 23 Contestants, Miss Angola Holanda, Swelia António Miss Universe Angola 2022, Streamed LIVE from Local Pérola dos Navegantes (Benguela) Banquet hall in Angola today on Sat, Aug 6, 2022

Swelia Antonio is Miss Supranational Netherlands 2020-21. She represented The Netherlands in Miss Supranational 2021! She holds a bachelors degree in EU Studies and is pursuing her masters in public administration. Swelia, who was born in Angola, lives in The Hague and is especially proud to be representing the diversity of her country, the Netherlands. Angolan beauty Swelia Da Silva Antonio aka Swelia Antonio Miss Universe Angola 2022, was a finalist for Miss Supermodel Worldwide Nederland when she was student of DançAmore Dance Company.

Full Results: Winners Miss Universe Angola 2022

WINNER Swelia da Silva Antonio aka Swelia Antonio Miss Universe Angola 2022 / Miss Angola Universo 2022, Miss Angola Holanda
Yasser Coimbrã 1st Runner-up Miss Angola Universo / Miss Universe Angola 2022
Nelma Tchissola 2nd Runner-up Miss Angola Universo / Miss Universe Angola 2022

TOP 5 
Representante do Zaire
Cuanza Norte
Miss Angola Holanda
Representante do Moxico

Top 11 
Cuanza Norte 


List of 24 Contestants Vying for Miss Universe Angola Crown

  1. Victoria Carlos from Belux
  2. Guinilda Barata from Bengo
  3. Maria André from Benguela
  4. Yasser Coimbrã from Bie
  5. Bernadete Macosso from Cabinda
  6. Bela Munguli from Cuando Cubango
  7. Nelma Tchissola from Cuanza Norte
  8. Cristina Carvalho from Cuanza Sul
  9. Swelia António from Holanda
  10. Jacira Saiombo from Huambo
  11. Pamela Serrão from Huila
  12. Airania Dias from Luanda
  13. Djauria Domingos from Lunda Norte
  14. Isabela Beca from Lunda Sul
  15. Esperança dos Santos from Malanje
  16. Olímpia João from Moxico
  17. Joelcia Quiuma from Namibe
  18. Márcia Quipaca from Namibe
  19. Surrender Pedro from R. Bie
  20. Diana Mingas from R. Moxico
  21. Eliane Cavelho from R. Namibe
  22. Vânia Vasconcelos from R. Zaire
  23. Jandira Monteiro from Uige
  24. Teresa Sara from Zaire

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