The Dhanwantri Medical Shop was closed since its inauguration is misleading and baseless

Rajnandgaon: Regular operation of Dhanwantri Medical Stores in Dongargarh
5 Dhanwantri Medical Stores successfully operated to provide medicines at affordable rates in the district

Rajnandgaon 10th November 2021: 5 Dhanwantri Medical Stores are running successfully to provide medicines at affordable rates in the district. The remaining shops are being opened in Gandai, Churia, Chhuikhadan, Ambagarh outposts. People are happy to get medicines at cheap rates from these medicine shops. The general public has been made aware by continuous publicity of the shop.

List of Economy, Cheap Drug Shops Operated in Surguja Division

Surguja, Chhattisgarh, Tuesday, October 26, 2021: The Chief Minister, Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, has launched the Shree Dhanwantri Generic Medical Store scheme in Chhattisgarh in an effort to bring costly health services within the reach of poor people. Under the scheme, stores of affordable medicines are being opened in different districts of the state. At present 7 cheap medicine shops are operating in Surguja division under the scheme. In these drug shops, quality medicines are provided to the consumers by MRP.

Dhanwantri Medical Stores Success Stories from Raipur

Raipur Opening of Dhanwantri Medical Stores in the city will provide facilities to the poorest of the poor
The general public is getting relief from this initiative of the government

Sugar medicine for 70 rupees for 26 rupees and blood pressure medicine for 41 rupees

Chief Minister launched Shri Dhanwantri Generic Medical Store Scheme

84 Shri Dhanwantri Generic Medical Store Scheme stores started under the scheme

State Government is making consistent efforts to bring the expensive health services to the poorest of the poor: CM Bhupesh Baghel

In the medical stores opened under the scheme, Quality medicines will be available at 50 to 71 percent cheaper rates than the MRP

Mr. Baghel appealed doctors and pharmacists to popularize generic medicines

With the goal of universal health coverage, health services are being provided even in the inaccessible places