Surguja, Mainpat, Umdkela, Khokhrapur, Chirmiri, Harrabhat, Bandana, Batauli, Ghughra, Chiparkaya, Targi, Udaipur, Jhirmiti, Poota, Sitapur, Surajpur, Pratappur, Baikna, Dulduli, Gotgawan, Bakuna 60 lakhs to natural disaster victims

Raipur, 06 September 2021: Financial grant-in-aid is sanctioned by the Revenue and Disaster Management Department of Chhattisgarh Government to the victims of natural calamities through the District Collector. Financial assistance of Rs 60 lakh has been sanctioned in 15 such cases of Surguja and Surajpur districts.

Surguja district receives 8.4 mm of average rainfall so far: Land Records Office Ambikapur data

Ambikapur 09 June 2020 According to information received from the Land Records Office Ambikapur, Surguja district received 8.4 mm of average rainfall as on 9 June 2020.

Statistics of Tehsil War Rain in Ambikapur Surguja District
6.1 mm in Batauli Tehsil,
15.2 mm in Ambikapur Tehsil,
15.3 mm in Lundra tehsil,
4.4 mm in Lakhanpur Tehsil,
2.1 mm in Udaipur Tehsil,
10.4 mm in Mainpat Tehsil. And
5.0 mm in Sitapur Tehsil Rain is included.