A Special Article Detailing Importance of SAEMS, The Swami Atmanand Government Excellent English Medium School

Swami Atmanand English Medium School.... New possibilities will be created for Chhattisgarh

Durg : Article : To take advantage of the possibilities of the era of globalization, then we have to keep pace with it. To keep up with globalization, its language also has to be known and its language is English. If we know local languages ​​then only we can get better job opportunities within our region or within the country but having knowledge of English we can explore our possibilities in global horizon.

Chhattisgarh could not make significant progress in software compared to other states because it had talented children but was poor in English. Global software companies have clients all over the world and it is obvious that continuous communication with them is essential. Sometimes it also happens that people make their place in these companies because of their talent but miss due to their lack of English by going to managerial level or they have to work hard again to make their place at this level. And English has to be strengthened. In future, the software industry in Chhattisgarh will grow rapidly because there are many youths of Chhattisgarh who are venturing into this field and gradually small-sized software industry is being nurtured here also by their enterprise.

English education has grown rapidly. Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel started Swami Atmanand English Medium School and made opportunities to learn English even for those children who are talented but could not study either because of fees or because of distance from English medium schools.

The thinking behind Swami Atmanand English Medium Schools is also that assimilating a foreign language is difficult at a ripe age. It is easier for children. Along with the knowledge of the language, its tone is also very important. Experts say that adopting the tone of speaking a language perfectly is possible only in childhood. Business process outsourcing is happening all over the world. Clients sitting abroad are getting work done through their local service providers through call centers. In such a situation, along with good knowledge of English, one should also have a good tone.

Apart from this, with the introduction of English language, we can understand the technological changes around the world in a better way in that language. Although nowadays translations from English are also being done in local languages. Yet translation is completely incapable of conveying what is said in the original language. Therefore, whether it is technical knowledge or literary knowledge, to get this huge treasure, then knowledge of English is required.

Along with this, the professionals who are needed in the market nowadays are not expected to have attractive English vocabulary and grammar accuracy, they are only expected to speak and understand English according to the needs of the market And keep on handling the business of the company in a better way. In this sense, the English education that Swami Atmanand is giving in Chhattisgarh's schools is excellent in terms of quality. The way parents are enrolling their children in these schools shows that it has been successful in its objective.