Started the morning off right with a WALKING CLASS from Miss Academy: Nicole Wess

Now You Know The Name of Walk Specialist Agency as The Amazing Time in Nizuc Luxury Hotel & Villas is infused with Nizuc 2021 Miss USAs Pre-Preliminary Training and The Miss Academy Walking Coach is selected for the One of Most Celebrated Parade for USA Beauty Queens

From Nizuc, Cancun Nicole Wess Miss Ohio USA 2021 told the world "started the morning off right with a walking class from Miss Academy" showing a picture of Miss USA Walk Session Standee just in from of training hall wearing Official Practice Dress Showing Miss Academy on Black Top with Skin Colored High Heel.

About Miss Academy: Termed as The "NEXT GENERATION of FEMININTY!" For today’s life-prep and tomorrow’s coronation, MISS Academy is the first ever pageant training school for girls ages 13 to 27, where the pageant prep will also make you a life-pro!
Miss Academy works with MISSION "To elevate the status of women in society, beginning on the individual level; showing them the entirety of their potential and giving them the tools to access and utilize it through pageantry." Miss Academy panel will also give pageants individualized feedback and critiques to ensure that the next stage she walk off, will be with a crown.