Trains from Gurugram to New Cooch Behar in West Bengal: Haryana Shramik Special Train

Chandigarh, 28 May 2020 Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal has said that due to the global epidemic of Kovid-19, special labor trains should be run daily from various railway stations of the state by the state government to transport the willing workers from the state to their home states. In this series, today a special labor train from Haryana has been left for West Bengal. He said that the workers have a significant contribution in the development and development of the state of Haryana.
The first labor special train left for Gurugram from Haryana's Gurugram railway station today at 6 pm with 1,600 workers. This train has gone to an area called New-Cooch-Bihar in West Bengal. On the way, the citizens sitting in the train shook hands and expressed their gratitude and Jai left by chanting the slogan of Haryana. Citizens brought here from different districts of Haryana have been sent by special labor train to their home state at government expense.
Today, 1600 civilians sent by Shramik Special train were brought to Gurugram railway station via buses. These included citizens of various districts of Bihar. At the railway station, the health of all of them was investigated and hands were sanitized and food and water were given. Masks were provided to each passenger by thermal scanning. After this, each worker was given a free ticket and boarded the train.

Food packets and other food items including water were distributed to the workers at the railway station. Soaps and sanitizers were placed in all coaches of the train. The train also had female passengers and children who were given toys, biscuits and chocolates.
Today, the registered citizens of the 13th Special Workers Train from Gurugram have left for New Cooch-Bihar in Bengal. Workers are being sent to their home states through trains and buses as per the orders of the government for the last several days. Every citizen who is sent is being sent to their home states only on the basis of medical fitness certificate.