This Survey Reveals Secrets of Pandemic-Fueled She-cession

Egon Zehnder Survey Reveals Pandemic-Fueled “She-cession” Has Stunted Female Progress in the Workplace

Study of more than 300 C-suite leaders reveals that the pandemic significantly reduced opportunities for women to advance at work – and leaders feel more stretched and less able to help.

10th Stolen Base Is Headed To The Baseball Hall of Fame

Taco Bell's® Steal a Base, Steal a Taco Makes History - Its 10th Stolen Base Is Headed To The Baseball Hall of Fame

Taco Bell® and MLB partner up to honor this year's Taco Hero with free tacos for America and a first-of-its-kind connection to Cooperstown

Help support The Next Miss America’s $50,000 scholarship! Here is How!

The MAO excited to announce the Miss America Century Club! The purpose of the Century Club is to enlist the support of 200 donors willing to contribute $250 to provide guaranteed underwriting for the winner’s $50,000 scholarship awarded during the Miss America competition in December! This exclusive membership will not exceed 200 supporters and there will be no honorary members.

The Miss America Organization is a 501(c)4 nonprofit under IRS regulations, all donations are not tax-deductible.

Author Dr Siva and Madamanchi Arjunadevi’s VEDAMU SRUSTI VIJNANAMU Vedic Theory Vs Quantum Theory, String Theory, Particle Theory

Vedamu - Srusti Vijnanamu, busts the contradictions in Modern Science of Creation & paves way to unravel the true wisdom!

Provides irrefutable evidence to prove Vedas being complete scientific theory

Author Dr Siva Rambabu’s knowledge of Chemistry & Sanskrit, enabled to decipher the insights in Vedas

The Book will be a great source of reference for research to decrypt mysteries of universe