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The Evolution of Puerto Rican Beauty Queen Just Happened, Miss Patillas Receives the crown from Ashley Cariño

The 1st Runner-up Miss Supranational 2021 takes  Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2023 Crown

The Vegan with Psychology will Go to El Salvador To Tell The Universe, Nature & Natural Puerto Rico at Its Best

Thu, Aug 24, 2023: Miss Patillas Universe, Karla Inelisse Guilfú Acevedo aka Karla Guilfú is crowned as Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2023 at the end of The Grand Finale and Coronation Show in the pageant venue the Centro de Bellas Artes Luis A. Ferré, San Juan wich started at 7pm LIVE today on Thursday, August 24 starting. She succeeds Ashley Cariño Miss Universe Puerto Rico & TOP 5 Miss Universe 2022. The Crowning Ceremony was hosted by Estefanía Soto Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2020 and José Santana the Entertainer, Radio & TV Talent and Producer. The Evolution of new MUPR was judged by Selection Panel members Aixa Vázquez, Carlos Thompson, Raúl Montes, Karla Ortiz, Kiara Liz Ortega, Nilda Morales and Leonardo Cordero.

The Top 5 Finalists and Runners-up are 1st Runner-Up Rio Grande's Xarimar Acevedo Pabón, 2nd Runner-Up Toa Baja's Kiara Rivera Escudero, 3rd Runner-Up Isabela's Fiorella Medina Perez and 4th Runner-Up San Lorenzo's Isarel Marielis Román Almeda.

The Top 10 semifinalists of Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2023 are Angela Escalera Carrasquillo of Loíza, Daniela Victoria Arroyo González of Cabo Rojo, Neysha Marie Mendoza Castro of Cayey,  Gabriela Veguilla Cotto of Salinas and Natalia Elena Zayas Morales of Ponce.

The TOP 15 MUPR '23 are Andrea Sofia Collazo of Canóvanas, Celimar Rosario Caballero of Caguas, Karina Rivera Camacho of Lajas, Nathalie Santa Cruz Bacardi of Culebra and Thaiz Mariel Maceira Candelaria of Hatillo.

The opening number was preformed by Carlos Vives and later Luis Figueroa and Tommy Torres joined the evolution stage with 30 contestants presenting their best of lifetime to go universe stage.

Newly crowned Karla Guilfú Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2023 will represent her nation with the national flag at the upcoming 72ND Miss Universe 2023 in El Salvador at the pageant venue Adolfo Pineda National Gymnasium (Gimnasio Nacional Adolfo Pineda) on Saturday November 18, 2023 where the reigning Miss Universe 2022, R'Bonney Gabriel will crown her successor at the end of Grand Finale.

New Queen Karla Guilfú Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2023 is the 50TH Entry to Class of Miss Universe 2023 and The First Puerto Rican Beauty Queen in the era of Dr. Anne JKN.

Guilfú founded Comencemos a Sanar Inc. and performs her duty as CEO and Director. This platform says "We impact the mental health of Puerto Ricans through educational projects, community work, and the promotion of social justice."

She is 25, a yoga instructor who used to play volleyball. She attended Guamani Private School and After completing a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology she went on her Masters at the Universidad Ana G. Méndez  Recinto de Gurabo in Juncos. She received L'oreal's Woman of Valor award recognizing the work she has done together with the Assmca entity for mental health care on the Island and My Way Award from Giorgio Armani Puerto Rico, the official fragrance of Miss Universe Puerto Rico from San Juan

Karla Guilfu was named Miss Elegance 2021 and also was Supra Model of the Year Top 5 at the Muszyna City Hall in Małopolska and later won 1st Runner-up Miss Supranational 2021 placement at Strzelecki Park Ampitheater last night in Malopolska, Poland against 57 other beauties from different parts of the globe. The other crown & titles in her bag are Top 5 Miss Teen Mundial Puerto Rico 2018 and Top 12 Miss Teen Mundial 2018; Miss Supranational Puerto Rico 2020

Contestant Statement

Guilfú qotes “The best way to inspire others is by sharing what you know how to do without changing your authenticity” and said in May this year "Arriving at this moment in which I was able to present myself before the universe as a representative of my beloved people of Patillas, provokes in me an indescribable emotion. Enjoy this little gift, made with a lot of love, in which I share part of what I experienced before, during and after our official presentation." sharing a video presentation.

Miss Patillas Universe Karla Guilfú, who is now Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2023, said as MUPR Contestant "Representing Patillas is exalting the place that gave me life and made me the person I am. It is the greatest pride I have felt since I understand that the universe must give itself the opportunity to know this wonderful town, My roots, my upbringing, my most important experiences and my family; Those are the things that link me to Sideburns." 

Guilfú tells about her child experience "I grew up a few steps from Villa Pesquera, I walked the urban area of the town daily, I bathed every summer in Charco Azul and in Los Tres Chorros; but above all I enjoyed the charm of its people daily."

Her full name is Karla Inelisse Guilfú Acevedo while her Facebook page name is Karla Guilfu Acevedo. She has firm plan to project in El Salvador Arena "Through my participation in Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2023, I wish to highlight the empathy and brotherhood of the people of Patilla, the competitiveness of our athletes, the creativity of our artists, and the beauty and diversity of our natural resources. Patillias beautifies the southeast coast of our Puerto Rico."

She expresses her wish saying "I feel honored and ready for my people to be remembered as the emerald of the universe."

On March 18th She told "Last Monday I visited the old Cirilo Santiago Plaud School in Patillas to impact the community of older adults who already benefit from the services that the Organization Action Social of PR offers there. Grateful with Saul and Jedsenia for the invitation. The work they do there is needed, of great benefit and enjoyment for this community." Guilfú further adds educational data "Older adults represent our country’s largest growing population. It is estimated that by 2030 older adults will be 35% of the total population. This is why it is so necessary to address the needs they present and to adopt a look where the well-being and quality of life of them are promoted." Check The Video showing her meeting people.

Mayoress Maritza Sanchez Neris of Municipality of Patillas Congrats New MUPR '23

Gobierno Municipal de Patillas has made special public viewing arrangement with screen at Plaza Adelina Cintron as shown image below.

Everything is ready in Adelina Cintrón Public Plaza to watch the Grand Final of Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2023. Come out and support our Karla Guilfu Acevedo

MUPR Crowning Public Viewing at Adelina Cintrón Public Plaza

Just after crowning of Karla Guilfú as new Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2023, her hometown Mayor released congratulatory note saying "De Patillas para el Universo" as given here in verbatim:

Dear Miss Universe PR 
With great emotion and pride, I want to express my sincere congratulations for the exceptional achievement you have achieved in the Miss Universe Puerto Rico Contest. Your participation on that stage was a true display of humility, beauty and determination. 
You have carried the Patillas name with grace and style, validating that our women are true jewels that shine with strength and radiance. Your presence at the contest has been a reminder that we are the "Emeralda del the South", a community full of talent and passion. 
Your journey here has been an inspiring example to all young people who dream big and work tirelessly to achieve their goals. I am sure that your success is not only yours, but also of all our beloved people of Patillas. 
I heartily congratulate you for your achievement and for having represented Patillas in such an exceptional way. You are a pride to all of us and a source of inspiration for generations to come. I wish you the greatest success in your future adventures and I am sure you will continue to illuminate the world with your light and carry your message the world of: I can! 
With much love from our beloved people and all my affection,

Guamani Private School in Rexmanor Ave., Guayama, Puerto Rico has also congratulated and wished its ex-student saying "She did it! Congratulations to our queen and powerful Taino Karla Guilfú, Miss Puerto Rico Universe." and frher adds on her pastachivements as education social worked "We are very proud of her achievements not only as our new sovereign, but also as Falcons 2016, as the recipient of the Woman of Valor award for her social work in favor of mental health and winner of the My Way award for her authenticity, confidence, spontaneity and the ability to of connecting are not only the qualities that describe Karla. Congratulations on all these achievements and those to come! We embrace you and wish you much success in your new journey towards the conquest of the universe. Go taino!!"

Images: MUPR Facebook and @karlaguilfu

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