Lorraine Caba is CROWNED Miss Ultra Universe 2023

Lorraine Caba is crowned Miss Ultra Universe 2023

República Dominicana Wins 3RD Miss Ultra Universe 2023
Full Name Lorraine Shantel Caba Martínez, referred as Chantel / Shantel Caba aka Lorraine Caba takes the Crown of Miss Ultra Universe 2023 home competing as Miss Belleza Del Caribe

Thu, Feb 9, 2023: Outgoing Queen CNB Uruguay, Analia Artigas Miss Ultra Universe 2022 has just crown her successor, the WINNER against 10 Contestants,  Miss Belleza del Caribe & Miss Ultra universe RD 2022, Lorraine Caba as 3RD Miss Ultra Universe 2023 at the end of Grand Finale today on Thu, Feb 9, 2023.

Lorraine Shantel Caba Martínez / Lorraine Caba, Age 20 years is born in Santiago de los caballeros, Dominican Republic. Among her favorite hobbies are, spending quality time with my loved ones, especially with her grandparents and nieces, reading and visiting places related to nature.

She is currently a student of Hotel and Tourism Management and studying English. In Image: Shantel Caba, Miss Ultra universe 2023 The Winner’s National Costume:Lorraine Caba Miss Ultra Universe 2023 in National Costume Contest

A dream is that since already, within its possibilities realize, is to be able to create an organization or foundation in which you can help older people wandering the streets homeless or family, also with those street children who do not have a worthy home where grow up.

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Image: As told by Lorraine Caba: Miss dress, definitely a good dress must complement and attach to who we are, many thanks to the gorgeous designer @joealarcon_disenos , for dressing me and sharing her talent to the people. @leskyrd @agenciademodelosyuniorvargas @missbellezadelcaribe

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Message from @lorraine_caba_ Miss Ultra Universe Dominican Republic 2023

In this October we join together to raise awareness and prevention about breast cancer, so the Miss Ultra Universe organization creates the campaign #unaolarosada where all our current Queens will carry out a message for all women, because prevention is important.

Fighters and brave people are the ones who inspire and give meaning to life. Lots of encouragement to the brave ones!

Last August 28th, was the big final night of @missbellezadelcaribe 2022. It’s been a few weeks now, but my heart continues to overflow with gratitude and joy whenever I remember that night, which will always be with me.

I want to thank @missbellezadelcaribe , for this great opportunity to shape me, not only temporarily but in my incidents, my present and my future. Infinite thanks for the effort to forge us, for the respect, commitment, and excellence in your work. Thanks to every person from the organization @agenciademodelosyuniorvargas who contributed to my learning during that period.

Of course, this does not end here, I will continue to prepare myself, and surpass myself, until normal is good and good excellent, but of course, from the hand of @missbellezadelcaribe , the @yindaira.santana and my excellent teacher @agenciademodelosyuniorvargas

“Las oportunidades son calvas y hay que saberlas aprovechar”

(Opportunities are bald and you have to know how to seize them)

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