Rachelle di Stasio crowns Marizza Delgado

Marizza Delgado wins Miss New York USA 2024 Crown

Data Scientist Marizza Delgado has emerged winner against 175 Contestants competition from all over the NY state and crowned Miss New York USA 2024 by outgoing queen Rachelle di Stasio, Miss New York USA 2023 on conclusion of the Livestreamed Grand Finale & Coronation Show from the Hilton Albany which was Hosted by Hannah Lopa, Miss New York USA 2007 and Kyle Wyman, the professional Motorcycle Road Racer

The Newly Crowned Queen Marizza Delgado, the Half Filipina from Brooklyn Bridge, Miss New York USA 2024 is going all the way to Hollywood at the 73rd Miss USA 2024 pageant for New York State next month and will present her best of lifetime performance at the final competition August 4 in the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles, California nationally televised on the CW Television Screens.

Queen Delgado has only one month time to prepare for Miss USA 2024 Crown which is a passport for the winner to Miss Universe State in Mexico. More updates will come on preparatory activities on Empire State Candidate.

The Court of Queen Delgado has four runners up. The 3RD Runner-up Shreya Gundelly is special one who also holds 1ST Runner-up Miss Wisconsin USA 2024 sash. The 1ST Runner-up Judy Lin had “to transfer high schools for failing too many classes” but currently a Law Graduate from Harvard Law School. The Duke alumni and professional model, Engineer Zoe McGrady is placed the 2ND Runner-up is a product manager at a finance-based tech firm and youth mentor based the Big Apple. The 4TH Runner-up Jenna Monet-Queeley is a model who also owns Jenna-Monet Beauty brand (Jennamonet.com).The Runners Up to Miss New York USA 2024

In Image: (Top Left) Judy Lin @jujj16, (Top Right) Zoe McGrady @zoe.mcgrady, (Bottom Left) Shreya Gundelly @shreyagundelly, and (Bottom Right) Jenna Monet-Queeley @jvimodel

The Top 21 Placement out of 176 Contestants includes 16 Candidates namely Chimdimma Achodo, Maxine Cesar, Catherine Ching, Tirzah Evora, Claudian Francis, Hannah Galarneau, Sofia Gardner, Chelsie Howell, Geanna Koulouris, Taylor McDaniel, Lauren Norris, Arielle Park, Jasmine Silvagnoli, Sherley Tejada, Delesia Watson, and Lana Zvozdyak.

The Miss New York USA 2024 Pageant was a strong competition joined by following delegates gathered from all over state in Albany aspiring the coveted crown to Miss USA Stage.

Delgado, 24, revealed as the contestant just before finals “New York is where I started my modeling career. Seven years later, I’m chasing dreams I never thought were possible. I’m also an engineer working in sustainable fashion and a @GirlsWhoCode mentor.”

She also added The NY Power Gratitude saying “This all wouldn’t be possible without the opportunities here. So I am proud to compete for New York because of the life it has awarded me.”

The STEMinist Engineer Marizza Delgado also joined the stage in Purchase and walked with the 3rd Runner-up and Miss Photogenic Award @ Miss New York USA 2023 placement. Before that she was Miss Pacific Coast Teen USA in 2017, Miss Earth New York 2022 and Top 20 Miss Earth USA 2022.

She holds B.S. Degree in Information Science from University of California, Santa Cruz and now a candidate for Master of Science – MS, Analytics at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. Delgado is Passionate about advocating for women in STEM who is interested in finance, e-commerce, and applying data science solutions to real, complex problems.

She loves & cooks vegan food and advocates cruelty-free beauty products and also an advisor with Girls Who Code Organization.

The complete list of 176 Contestants Vying Miss New York USA 2024 Crown is given here:

  1. Adelisa Softic
  2. Alafia Joseph
  3. Alana Palomino
  4. Alanna Yang
  5. Alexa Friedman
  6. Alexandra Rejas
  7. Alexandrea Grana
  8. Ally Morris
  9. Alondra Gibson
  10. Alyssa O’Grady
  11. Amanda Barclay
  12. Amanda Martinez
  13. Amanda Wilkinson
  14. Amnik Dev
  15. Anaid Acosta
  16. Anastasia Toyisson
  17. Andrea Hill
  18. Ann Marie Cayetano Cacho
  19. Anna Mart
  20. Annette Bruno
  21. Ardijana Zeqiraj
  22. Ariela Ziu
  23. Arielle Park
  24. Ashley Pyrda
  25. Athalie Genao Gonzalez
  26. Balveen Hoonjan
  27. Barbara Satine
  28. Benita Brundidge
  29. Briana Taylor
  30. Bryonna Ward
  31. Catherine Ching
  32. Chelsea Falcon
  33. Chelsie Howell
  34. Chimdimma Achodo
  35. Chinomso Ononiwu
  36. Chowannie Singh
  37. Christin Solon
  38. Christina Delatorre-Gjeloshi
  39. Claire Mullen
  40. Claudian Francis
  41. Claudine Francis
  42. Conner Spicer
  43. Crystal Peppe-Kinard
  44. Daisy Gonzalez
  45. Dana Darcy
  46. Danielle Legris
  47. Danielle Obisie-Orlu
  48. Darpandeep Dhawan
  49. Delesia Watson
  50. Donatella Herteloo
  51. Eisha Hall
  52. Emily Boden
  53. Emily Kelly
  54. Emily Rivas
  55. Emily Tongdee
  56. Estella Aquino
  57. Estrella Tellez
  58. Gabrielle Hogan
  59. Geanna Koulouris
  1. Gizele Tavares
  2. Grace Kadisha
  3. Hannah Galarneau
  4. Harshdeep Kaur
  5. Hasti Sayadfar
  6. Heather Thompson
  7. Hennesys Disla
  8. Hunter Fenstermaker
  9. Ibadete Lita
  10. Irene Jean Santos
  11. Ishrat Khan
  12. Ismaella Antoine
  13. Jam Sharpe
  14. Janay Wilson
  15. Jasmine Silvagnoli
  16. Jenique Dubose
  17. Jenna-Monét Queeley
  18. Jesam Usani
  19. Jessica Gaon
  20. Jessica Speight
  21. Jordan Conine
  22. Jordan Mahar
  23. Jordan Thompson
  24. Judy Lin
  25. Julia Figueroa Radice
  26. Juliana Russo
  27. Kandace Pettinato
  28. Kanta Garg
  29. Kara Morganti
  30. Karizma Funnye
  31. Katherine Wang
  32. Kathryn King
  33. Kathy Vu
  34. Katie Miloski
  35. Kayla Fischer
  36. Kennedi Crandell
  37. Kesline Brice
  38. Kevina Burgess
  39. Kholette Borneo
  40. Kishell Davis
  41. Krishauna Scott
  42. Lacia Steadman
  43. Lana Blanco
  44. Lana Zvozdyak
  45. Lannette Rooks
  46. Laura Dominguez
  47. Lauren Fodor
  48. Lauren Norris
  49. Layana Aguilar
  50. Leah Herndon
  51. Leah Walker
  52. Lydia Suzan
  53. Lynlia Tso
  54. Mabel Martinez
  55. Mackenzie Grady
  56. Malama Kamara-Madej
  57. Mariana Javier
  58. Marizza Delgado
  59. Mary Kate Gorman
  1. Maura Matlak
  2. Maxine Cesar
  3. Megan Oba
  4. Melissa Schmidt
  5. Melody Atieno
  6. Messiah Banks
  7. Michell Diaz
  8. Michelle Lent
  9. Migena Agaraj
  10. Mohan Jean-Mary
  11. Monique Mack
  12. Naama Bareket
  13. Naida Minaya
  14. Nathalie Peña
  15. Nia Arrington-Seward
  16. Niani McMoore
  17. Nikki Skyler Moll
  18. Noelle Javier
  19. Nydia Llangari
  20. Olena Garasymiv
  21. Olivia Owens
  22. Priscilla Lamhaouhi
  23. Priya Lall
  24. Rachelle Clavin
  25. Rehana Alam
  26. Remi White
  27. Rhea Date
  28. Rhea Zapata
  29. Rocky Estevez
  30. Sabrina Guerrero
  31. Sage Printup
  32. Samantha Hodge
  33. Samantha Ortiz
  34. Sasha Quinlan
  35. Schuyler Arnold
  36. Sherley Tejada
  37. Shreeya Sharma
  38. Shreya Gundelly
  39. Sofia Gardner
  40. Sophia Arnold
  41. Sophia Marie Sefarady
  42. Stephanie Edouard
  43. Tatiana Trombley
  44. Taylor McDaniel
  45. Taylor Volmrich
  46. Teona Kbilashvili
  47. Therbie Galliotte
  48. Tiger Lapis
  49. Tirzah Evora
  50. Tsvetina Snowdrop
  51. Usha Singh
  52. Vesa Qosaj
  53. Victoria Diaz
  54. Victoria Munley
  55. Victoria Treadwell
  56. Yani Barrow
  57. Zhanna Reed
  58. Zoe McGrady