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Result WINNER: GRACE STANKE Miss America 2023

Taryn Smith 1ST Runner-up Miss America 2023
Averie Bishop 2ND Runner-up Miss America 2023
Elizabeth Lynch 3RD Runner-up Miss America 2023
Kelsey Hollis 4TH Runner-up Miss America 2023

They are facing Final Question Challenging Their Ultimate Quality which will decide their ranks, but one thing is sure, one of TOP 5 is WINNER and others are runnerups!!! Hold your breath, results is expected any moment!!!!

TOP 5 Miss America 2023

Kelsey Hollis
Taryn Smith
Averie Bishop
Elizabeth Lynch
Grace Stanke

TOP 7 Miss America 2023

  1. Kelsey Hollis, Miss Georgia
  2. Grace Stanke, Miss Wisconsin 
  3. Heather Renner, Miss Nevada
  4. Averie Bishop, Miss Texas
  5. Elizabeth Lynch, Miss West Virginia 
  6. Elizabeth Hallal, Miss Indiana 
  7. Taryn Delanie Smith, Miss New York

9:01 PM ET: Now time to On Stage Question, here are how judging process go:
Composite (cumulative from prelims) - 25%
Social Impact Pitch - 25%
Talent - 30%
Red Carpet - 20%
Miss America Challenge Question - Decides The Ranks and Who will be New Miss America 2023?

TOP 11 Miss America 2023

  1. Elizabeth Lynch, Miss West Virginia
  2. Heather Renner Miss Nevada
  3. Taryn Smith Miss New York
  4. Grace Stanke Miss Wisconsin
  5. Lauren Teruya Miss Hawaii
  6. Sophia Takla Miss Oregon
  7. Averie Danielle Bishop Miss Texas
  8. Elizabetta Nies Miss Ohio
  9. Kelsey Hollis Miss Georgia
  10. Elizabeth Hallal Miss Indiana
  11. Monica Nia Jones Miss Illinois America’s Choice Winner

8:10 PM ET: The Spectacular Opening number for Miss America 2023 is really exciting and amazingly beautiful start the gala night with All 51 Contestants Dancing in different dresses including Rebel Athletics Wear.

RED CARPET: Miss America 2023 Candidates walked the red carpet before their final competition interacting with fans, audience and media just few feet away.

Miss America 2023 Grand Finale TODAY, Buy Tickets OR Online Streams NOW

Thu, Dec 15, 2022: The Ultimate Day is here for 51 Delegates competing at 95TH Miss America 2022 at the Grand Finale & Coronation Night today on Thu, Dec 15th, 2022 commencing from 8:00PM ET / 5:00PM PST. Prepare for the most prestigious America Pageant to enjoy at fullest in-person at Earth Expo & Convention Center Mohegan Sun, The Miss America 2023 Arena!!!
Keep ready your gadgets to stream in own device, Desktop, Laptop and TV or at Smartphone or Roku, Samsung TVs, and Apple TV using the PageantsLive app / Internet URL
Entertainer Frankie Zulferino will rock the mood with his charming voice & music at 2023 Miss America Grand Gala Night hosted by Laura Rutledge Miss Florida 2012.
The Pre-Show starts at 7PM ET featuring Emma Broyles Miss America 2022 and Morgan Greco Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2023, along with musical prodigy and Kawai Young Artist, Ethan Olaes.
Today is the end of Reign for current reigning queen Emma Broyles 94TH Miss America 2022 @ 100th Anniversary who will crown her successor, the winner, at the end of finals. Today is very busy day with Events Schedule:

Forever Miss America Breakfast at 9:00AM
Miss America Merchandise & Trade Show at 9:00AM–5:00PM - Check Miss America Artifacts
Empower Academy Day 2 at 10:00AM–5:00PM
Forever Miss America Autograph Session at 11:00AM
Read Carpet at 6:00PM
Final Night Of Competition at 8:00PM ET
Post-Show Press Conference at 10:30PM ET
OFFICIAL AFTER PARTY At 10:15PM ET requires $32.99/month fee to access its huge library of Past Videos and current LIVE Streams including:
Emma's Interview with the Miss America 2023 Panelists - 10:39 Min
Self Defense With Morgan Greco - 36:42 Minutes
Scholarship Foundation Competition Miss America 2023 - 01:23:22 Hr
Miss America - Preliminary 2 - 02:58:57 Hours
Miss America 2023 - Preliminary 1 - 02:45:39 Hours
Finals - Miss America 2023 LIVE

Results Wed, Dec 14, 2022 @ Miss America 2023

  • Averie Bishop Miss Texas is Winner of $10,000 Women in Business Scholarship and Winner of $5,000 The Woman Who Brand Scholarship
  • Victoria Chuah Miss Virginia is the STEM Scholarship Award Winner with an additional $10,000 in scholarship
  • Aanchal Shah Miss Orlando and Top 10 Miss Florida Scholarship Program is winner of $10,000 Allman Medical / Dr. & Mrs. David B. Allman Medical Scholarship
  • Emmie Perkins Miss Mississippi wins The Jean Bartel Social Impact Initiative Award of $10,000 Scholarship
  • Grace Otley Miss Delaware won the $5000 Forever Miss America Scholarship
  • Heather Renner Miss Nevada is Equity and Justice Scholarship Winner with $3000 Scholarship!!!
  • Kayla Willing, Miss Maryland 2022 is Winner of $3,000 Jean Bartel Military Awareness Award
  • Berkley Bryant Miss Florence 2022 from South Carolina emerged Fundraising Winner for Lunch with Miss America!!!

Today is MISS AMERICA DAY 5 for Delegates on Wed, Dec 14, 2022 and the morning’s award ceremony welcomed winners in total $76,000 handed out as various scholarship money.

  • Jessica Reisinger Miss Alaska 1st Runner-up Winner $5,000 STEM Scholarship
  • Hunter Widvey Miss South Dakota 2nd Runner-Up with $5,000 STEM Scholarship
  • Lindsay Bettis Miss Florida 1st Runner-up with $5,000 Woman in Business Scholarship
  • Catherine Liang Miss California 2nd Runner-Up Women in Business Scholarship
  • Lindsay Fincher Miss Alabama 1st Runner-Up Social Impact Scholarship
  • Hannah Edelen Miss Kentucky 2nd Runner-Up Social Impact Scholarship
  • Lindsay Fincher Miss Alabama Runner-up with $5,000 The Jean Bartel Social Impact Initiative Award
  • Katrina Kincade Miss Massachusetts is 2nd Runner-up Top Fundraiser
  • Hazel Homer-Wambeam Miss Wyoming 4th Runner-up winner in candidate fundraising, with $500 Scholarship Award

Ryleigh Jackson, Miss Maryland's Outstanding Teen 2022 won the Miss America 2023 talent showcase for Ages 12-19 tonight and will perform on the Miss America stage at the pre show at 7 PM ET!!!! 

TOP 15 State Titleholders for Cash Scholarship Awards at the State Level (does not include MAOTeen)

  1. South Carolina $65,250
  2. Arkansas $44,900
  3. Oklahoma $27,000
  4. Texas $25,000
  5. Florida $23,400
  6. California $22,800
  7. Georgia $22,500
  8. Virginia $22,500
  9. North Carolina $21,000
  10. Hawaii $19,000
  11. New Jersey $19,000
  12. Tennessee $19,000
  13. Washington $19,000
  14. Alabama $17,550
  15. New Hampshire $17,100

As of now, on Dec 15th, TOP Fundraisers at 2023 America's Choice Vote Online are:

  • Illinois' Monica Nia Jones raised $28,531 of $20,000 goal
  • Maryland's Kayla Willing raised $27,532 of $17,500 goal
  • West Virginia's Elizabeth Lynch raised $20,310 of $10,000 goal
  • Ayanna Hensley Miss Kansas Raised $6,753 of $1,000 Goal
  • North Carolina's Karolyn Martin raised $4,294 of $1,000 goal
  • Oregon's Sophia Takla raised $3,785 of $4,000 goal
  • New Hampshire's Sarah White raised $3,601 of $1,000 goal

Forever Miss Pennsylvania, Linda Zaneski Mrs. Pennsylvania International 2022 today shared her emotional experience "Had the opportunity to tell my Miss America sorority sisters about being Mrs PA Int’l and still using my voice as an Alzheimer's advocate just like I did 31 years ago as Miss PA."

Preliminary Night 2 Winners are here (Tue, Dec 13th, 2022):

  • Grace Stanke Miss Wisconsin earned the Talent Award $2500 scholarship provided by Kawai Pianos

  • Bailey Hodson Miss Iowa is the Social Impact Pitch award winner of $1500 scholarship provided by Regalia Magnificent Apparel

Miss America 2023 Preliminary 1 Night Winner just announced LIVE are (Mon, Dec 12th, 2022):

  • Kelsey Hollis Miss Georgia Social Impact Winner for Autism Acceptance A Platform for Change

  • Elizabeth Hallal Miss Indiana Talent Winner with Broadway Vocal Defying Gravity

Each candidate earned a $2500 scholarship provided by Kawai Pianos.

The Ultimate Day of American Pageantry during 2022 Holidays is just knocking the door to welcome Happy Christmas & New Year 2023 with new Miss America Beauty Queen to reign in the upcoming years. There is still chance to enjoy Miss America 2023 Grand Finale Today, Rush fast n grab your tickets ONLINE. If not in Uncasville, Montville, CT, then purchase Streaming Access @ to witness 51 Contestants Vying for The Crown presenting the Ultimate Performance on Stage.

Additionally, Check who are specially Miss America 2023 Arena to cheer-up their beloved ones and enjoying the experience of lifetime with amazement they never had before!!!

Wed, Dec 14, 2022: The Most Commendable Comment by Miss America aspiring Candidate: Miss Audrain's Outstanding Teen 2023, Bridget Caldwell is currently at Earth Expo & Convention Center Mohegan Sun, she is simply amazed with the grandeur, says "I was expecting to take my science and history finals today but instead, I'm here at Miss America, WAIT WHAT?!?! Yes it was a total surprise, I knew I earned free tickets for my fundraising efforts but I never in a million years thought my parents would fly me out here to use them! I took a walk around the Mohegan Sun (which is HUGE), had fun looking at memorabilia, picked up my tickets, had a practice cheering session with Clare Marie's mom and now I'm off to dinner. Been up since 2:30 and still going strong! I literally cannot wait till tomorrow!!!!"

"A few years ago, I watched Miss America for the first time in my PJ’s with my sash because I thought it was the COOLEST thing ever to be a titleholder in the Miss America Organization" shared Madison Miller Miss North Coast 2023 from John Glenn Columbus International Airport, Columbus, OH, United States while onboarding aircraft to Uncasville, Montville. She further adds "It was just magical to watch it for the first time in general. Now, I’m hopping on a plane after the preliminaries to cheer on our girl, Betta! I cannot wait to watch someone’s life change in person in Connecticut!."

Just Announced Entertainer Frankie Zulferino “FJ” for Miss America 2023

Tue, Dec 13, 2022: SURPRISE MUSICAL GUEST FOR THE 2023 MISS AMERICA COMPETITION, Frankie Zulferino is a pop artist from New York who has opened up for some of the biggest names in music like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Jason Derulo and Sean Kingston to name a few.

Recently, American Singer Frankie Zulferino was selected as TikToks #1 TikTok emerging artist on their curated editorial playlist. He has accumulated millions of views on multiple of his viral TikTok videos and over 11 million likes on the platform.

Last year, Frankie's single “Hit That” in collaboration with R&B/Rap artist Melii hit number 3 on Apple Music charts and garnered 600k views on YouTube, followed by dance single “Die For You” which charted number 2 on Apple Music’s US Dance and number 10 on UK Dance charts.

Tiktok Star Influencer Frankie Zulferino released Growing Pains EP earlier this year which charted Number 2 US Pop. His official website with all social media links and details is must visit place to know him very well. Son of a NYC fireman father and nurse mom, he raised in middle class family at Staten Island, New York who spent lot of time in his Grandma’s Brooklyn House. Frankie describes himself as "I’m a fighter and in order to achieve your dreams you need to believe in yourself before anyone else will."

Frankie Zulferino said on Miss America 2023 Special Performance "I am so excited to announce that I will be performing at the @missamerica pageant this Thursday at 8PM !" He added "I am honored to be part of such an iconic and special night , I will be performing my new single #drippininlove and a special surprise you’ll have to tune in to see ! I will post all the information on how to watch on my stories ! Truly feeling humbled thankful and blessed for this moment."

DOUBLE your vote For 48 hours ONLY Till Wed, Dec 14th at 11:59pm ET

The candidate with the most votes will automatically have a spot as one of the finalists in the 2023 Miss America Competition AND receive a $5,000 scholarship! In addition, the America’s Choice winner will earn additional scholarship dollars that come with being a finalist.

Help your favorite candidate get one step closer to winning the opportunity of a lifetime, and the scholarships that come with it.

To vote, Logon the link and then find your favorite candidate’s page. You can double your votes until Wednesday, December 14th at 11:59pm ET(Double votes will be reflected on Thursday morning). America’s Choice voting will remain open through the Candidate introductions on the final night of competition on Thursday, December 15th. Tune in at 8PM ET on to find out  the America’s Choice winner and who will earn the job of Miss America!

Miss America 2023 Tickets for the Preliminary Competitions start at $50.00 and tickets for the Final Competition start at $85.00

Both can be purchased at having more information on Competition Tickets, Hotel Booking and Schedule of Events

51 Contestants Vying for Miss America 202 Crown & Over $500,000 Dollars in Scholarships

Laura Rutledge Miss Florida 2012 To Host Miss America 2023 Grand Finale, with Prelim Co-host Arianna Afsar Miss California 2010 and Kate Shindle Miss America 1998

Check Miss America 2023 Judges & Hosts Brief BIO Here

The Judges for Preliminary and Final are Aparna Shewakramani, Trevor Booker, Trish Regan Miss New Hampshire 1993, Debbe Dunning and Mirai Nagasu

Mon, Dec 12, 2022: Today is the commencement of competitions with Preliminary Night 1 Miss America 2023. Earth Expo & Convention Center Mohegan Sun Connecticut will open DOORS at 6:00PM ET / 3PM PT in Uncasville, the area of Montville Town.
Preliminary Night 1 Miss America 2023 to commence at 7:00PM ET / 4PM PT. Today Miss America Merchandise is available through 1:00 PM to 6:30 PM followed by Preliminary Night 1 at 7:00 PM. You can do Visitation from 9:00 PM if already have exclusive access with Miss America Competition Credential.
MU Group today has to go through Private Job Interview, ​​​Social Impact Initiative / Pitch, Red Carpet and Evening Wear Rounds.
Alpha Group Contestants are all set to present TALENT Showcase today.
Online Tickets URL:…, Individual Tickets are priced $50, $100 & $150.
LIVE Stream URL:…, You can stream at OR use Pageants Live app to watch on Roku, Samsung TVs, and Apple TV

Sat, Dec 10, 2022: Today Delegates are sharpening their skills at the First day of Miss America Rehearsals after receiving Rebel Athletic Wear from the prime sponsor along with their Miss America Program Book! A full day of rehearsal commenced after the candidates felt quite spoiling experience with the awesome Rebel Athletic Attire.

Emma Broyles Rings the NASDAQ Opening, Scholarship Finalists Announced on 9TH

Miss America Foundation Scholarship Finalists Announced in Evening

Fri, Dec 9, 2022: Miss America 2022 Emma Broyles Rings the Nasdaq Opening Bell along with All 51 Contestants @ Miss America 2023 and Distinguished Guests at Time Square Nasdaq MarketSite at 9:30AM EST, Watch Livestream here
The whirlwind day in New York City marks The Official 1st Day @ Miss America 2023 and the contestants headed off to the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut after enjoying a lifetime experience! Check Official Social Media of Each Delegates who shared the Nasdaq Time Square Pictures with their own viewpoints.
Recovery Coach and NEDA Walk Director Melody Pierce Miss Arizona 2022 says "Stop #1 of the day Nasdaq, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in moments like this, what a blessing Miss America is, stay tuned for our next stop, I never imagined my face would be on Times Square!!"

Here is the list of scholarships finalists:

Women in Business Finalists are Averie Bishop (TX), Catherine Liang (CA), and Lindsay Bettis (FL)

Social Impact Finalists are Hannah Edelen (KY), Lindsay Fincher (AL), and Emmie Perkins (MS)

Women in STEM Finalists are Victoria Chua (VA), Jessica Reisinger (AK), and Hunter Widvey (SD)

Equity and Justice Finalists are Averie Bishop (TX), Heather Renner (NV), and Lindsay Bettis (FL)

Women Who Brand Finalists are Averie Bishop (TX), Alexina Federhen (VT), and Melody Pierce (AZ)

2023 America’s Choice Voting Online @ Spotfund is Now LIVE at URL

Tue, Nov 1, 2022: This year again Online Support System to 95TH Miss America 2023 @ 101 Year is Available with each contestant’s donation page at
Do you have a favorite candidate for Miss America this year? Let Your Online Vote Flows Freely!

The America’s Choice audience VOTE gives YOU a chance to contribute ONLINE Some Fund and Valuable Information to Organizer, who you think exemplifies the qualities of Miss America as a leader, servant, and role model for young women.

The candidate with the most votes will automatically have a spot as one of the finalists in the 2023 Miss America Competition AND receive a $5,000 scholarship!

In addition, the America's Choice winner will earn additional scholarship dollars that come with being a finalist. Help your favorite candidate get one step closer to winning the opportunity of a lifetime, and the scholarships that come with it!
To vote, click the link and go to your favorite candidate's page and make your donation with Credit Card.
Every single vote counts;  $1=1 vote.
Each dollar donated equals one vote, so the candidate with the most votes will win America’s Choice.

Last year America’s Choice 2022 @ 100th Anniversary Competition $49,799.00 Total Raised by America's Choice 2022

Watch Miss America 2023 Events ONLINE Anywhere

This year good news is that anyone with internet connection can enjoy The 2023 Miss America Competitions anywhere via Official ONLINE STREAMS at including Preliminaries on Mon, Dec 12th and Tue, Dec 13th 7:00PM ET / 4:00PM PST; and the Grand Finale / Coronation on Thu, Dec 15th, 2022 at 8:00PM ET / 5:00PM PST. You can your own device, Desktop, Laptop and TV or at Smartphone with the PageantsLive app.
Special: Be sure to tune in for the Pre-Show starting at 7PM ET on the 15th, featuring Emma Broyles Miss America 2022 and Morgan Greco Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2023, along with musical prodigy and Kawai Young Artist, Ethan Olaes. 

How to stream Miss America at

You need to subscribe at Price $32.99/month to gain access to ALL PageantsLive content including the 95TH Miss America 2023 Competitions as well as, both live stream and the VOD library.

  • Log on to
  • Hit Subscribe Button for Your favorite competitions streaming anytime, anywhere, over and over again
  • Click Choose Plan Options Pageants Live Monthly Subscription $32.99/month OR Annual Subscription $349.00/year
  • Fill Email, Full Name, State, Phone Number and Password and Click Continue
  • Pay with Paypal or Credit Card
  • Login to your account at the event stream time and enjoy 
  • If you only want Miss America Streams and don’t want to pay further, You may cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account, clicking “account,” clicking “purchases,” then clicking “cancel membership.”

Miss America 2023 Grand Finale on Thu, Dec 15, 2022, Tickets Now Available Online
How to BOOK Miss America 2023 Tickets?

The 95TH Miss America Competitions are available to join in-person at The Mohegan Sun. Although Prelim1, Prelim 2 and Final Night Tickets can be purchased separately but The First Opportunity is to Buy Online 3-Day Package, available at below location:

Miss America 2023 All 3-Day Package Ticket URL is (with Promo Code TUlTU0E)
The Total Prices are:
Near Stage: $483
Middle Section: $355
Rear Area: $192

Date & Time of Miss America 2023 Events & Special Events Along with Ticket URLs

PRELIM 1: Mon, Dec 12th @ 7:00 PM EST…

PRELIM 2: Tue, Dec 13th @ 7:00 PM ET…

FINALS: Thu, Dec 15th @ 8:00 PM EST…

List of Detailed Programs & Special Events

How to buy 2023 Miss America Competition Credentials? The special form to purchase Competition Credentials URL is which allows you to have exclusive access to Talent Rehearsals And Candidate Visitation after each preliminary competition.

Mon, Dec 12th, 2022
1:00 PM to 6:30 PM: Miss America Merchandise
7:00 PM: Preliminary Night 1
9:00 PM: Visitation* 
*Credential Required

Tue, Dec 13th, 2022
9:00 AM to 6: 30 PM: Miss America Merchandise & Trade Show
7:00 PM: Preliminary Night 2
9:00 PM: Visitation* 
*Credential Required

Wed, Dec 14th, 2022
8:00 AM: Miss America Foundation Scholarship Competition
9:00 AM to 6: 30 PM: Miss America Merchandise & Trade Show
10:30 AM to 11: 30 AM: Self-Defense Workshop With Morgan Greco, Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2023
12:00 PM to 5:00 PM: Empower Academy Day 1
1:00 PM–2:00 PM: State Executive Director Meeting
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM: Candidate Parent Meeting

4:00 PM: Miss America Sorority Reception: FREE Registration

8:00 PM: Miss America Talent Showcase at The Cabaret Theatre Mohegan Sun… at Price $45

Thu, Dec 15th, 2022

9:00 AM: Forever Miss America Breakfast @ Price $65

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM: Miss America Merchandise & Trade Show
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM: Empower Academy Day 2
11:00 AM: Forever Miss America Autograph Session
6:00 PM: Red Carpet
6:00 PM: Doors Open
7:00 PM: Pre-Show
8:00 PM: Grand Finale & Coronation Night Of Competition
10: 30 PM: Post-Show Press Conference

10: 15 PM: Official After Party… at Price $75.00

Send-off Parties Are Ringing Bell for 95TH Miss America 2023 Contestants’ Journey to Mohegan Sun Uncasville

Miss Arkansas Ebony Mitchell off to Miss America 2023: Send Off on Sat, Dec 3th at The City Center Little Rock

Miss South Hunter Widvey’s Miss America Send-off Pary at Calvary Lutheran Church Rapid City on Nov 19th, 2022 at 1 PM to 4 PM PST!

Miss America 2023 Contestants Share The Group No and Schedule, Grand Finale on Thu, Dec 15, 2022

Miss America Lottery concluded with All Candidates getting their order of appearance. Some of Miss America 2023 Candidates shared their Group Name and Number along with Full Schedule of Miss America 2023 Competitions.

Thu, Oct 13, 2022: Grace Stanke Miss Wisconsin 2022 is looking very happy when announcing her Miss America 2023 Stage Order as "Coming to you from the dairy state filled with cows, I am your candidate #23 of the Mu group!"

Hazel Homer-Wambeam Miss Wyoming 2022 has posted Black & White headshot telling her (Miss America 2023) MU Group Candidate No. #5.

Elizabeth Lynch Miss West Virginia 2022 feels "I'm on cloud 9, I am so excited to announce that I am candidate #9 in the Mu group for the 2023 Miss America competition!

Abby Mansolillo Miss Rhode Islands 2022 has shared her joyful words full of gratefulness and aspiration "God is so good. I’m thrilled to be stepping on the Miss America stage as (Miss America 2023) MU Group Candidate No. #17, I’m not doing this by myself- it takes a TEAM of angels and we’re heading to Miss America TOGETHER. Let’s go."

Alexina Federhen Miss Vermont 2022 has a lot to share, some lines here "My Official Candidate Number for Miss America 2023 is Candidate No. #18 MU Group!! But let’s talk about how I feel… bc feelings! I’ve dreamed of this day since I was a little girl, never realizing it would actually become a reality… I didn’t believe this would happen to me… but I wanted it to."

MU Group Schedule:

Mon, Dec 12, 2022
Preliminary Day 1:

- Private Job Interview
- Social Impact Initiative / Pitch
- Red Carpet
- Evening Wear

Tue, Dec 13, 2022
Preliminary Night 2:

- Talent Performance

Thu, Dec 15, 2022 - Finals

Savannah Cavanaugh Miss Colorado 2022 tells you her On Stage Performance Number "ALPHA 25!!! Today we had our competition placement lottery and I’m one step closer to competing for the title of Miss America 2023!!!"

Melissa Beyrand Miss Michigan 2022 was on the go when she shared "Coming to you live from the back of a minivan in the middle of Texas, I am SO excited to announce that I am your Miss America 2023 Candidate #1 in the Alpha group!!! For context, I am currently representing the University of Michigan at the 2022 National Collegiate Waterski competition, so the wild hair and body paint just come with the territory A huge thank you to the Miss Michigan Board, especially Jodi, for helping me with the lottery selection while I am here at nationals!"

"Lucky Number 13, The Miss America Lottery is complete and I am officially candidate #13 in the Alpha group
I can’t believe how quickly Miss America is approaching. This moment was surreal and one that I will never forget! I am so excited and honored  to represent New Hampshire at Mohegan Sun in just a few short months"

Alpha Group Schedule:

Talent on Mon, Dec 12, 2022

Job Interview, Social Impact & Red Carpet / OSQ on Tue, Dec 13, 2022

Grand Finale: Thu, Dec 15, 2022

The Most Exciting Reaction on Miss America 2023 Lineup Lottery came from Augostina Mallous Miss New Jersey 2022

Miss America Group Numbers

Alpha Group Candidate No. Mu Group Candidate No.

#1 Melissa Beyrand Miss Michigan 2022
#2 Lauren Teruya Miss Hawaii 2022
#5 Hunter Widvey Miss South Dakota 2022
#6 Grace Otley Miss Delaware 2022
#8 Sarah Jensen Miss Idaho 2022
#10 Ebony Mitchell Miss Arkansas 2022
#12 Heather Renner Miss Nevada 2022
#13 Sarah White Miss New Hampshire 2022
#17 Elizabetta Nies Miss Ohio 2022
#22 Madison Leslie Miss Maine 2022
#25 Savannah Cavanaugh Miss Colorado 2022
#26 Augostina Mallous Miss New Jersey 2022

#1 Sidni Kast Miss North Dakota 2022
#2 Katrina Kincade Miss Massachusetts 2022
#6 Taryn Smith Miss New York 2022
#7 Emmie Perkins Miss Mississippi 2022
#9 Elizabeth Lynch West Virginia 2022
#10 Ayanna Hensley Miss Kansas 2022
#11 Alexa Baisch Miss Montana 2022
#13 Karolyn Martin Miss North Carolina 2022
#14 Jill Dudley Miss South Carolina 2022
#15 Alysa Bainbridge Miss Pennsylvania 2022
#16 Catherine Liang Miss California 2022
#17 Abby Mansolillo Miss Rhode Islands 2022
#18 Alexina Federhen Miss Vermont 2022
#19 Megan Gold Miss Oklahoma 2022
#22 Rachel Evangelisto Miss Minnesota 2022
#23 Grace Stanke Miss Wisconsin 2022

Check 51 Contestants Vying for Miss America 2023 Crown

  1. Abby Mansolillo
  2. Alexa Baisch Miss Montana 2022, Fundraiser & Vote Online
  3. Alexina Federhen
  4. Alivia Roberts
  5. Alysa Bainbridge Miss Pennsylvania 2022, Online Vote Here
  6. Augostina Mallous
  7. Averie Bishop
  8. Ayanna Hensley
  9. Bailey Hodson
  10. Catherine Liang
  11. Clare Marie Kuebler
  12. Ebony Mitchell
  13. Elizabeth Hallal
  14. Elizabeth Lynch Miss West Virginia 2022 Vote for America's Choice
  15. Elizabetta Nies
  16. Emmie Perkins
  17. Grace Otley
  18. Grace Stanke
  19. Gracie Reichman
  20. Hannah Edelen
  21. Hazel Homer-Wambeam
  22. Heather Renner
  23. Hunter Widvey Miss South Dakota 2022, Online Vote
  24. Jessica Reisinger
  25. Jill Dudley
  26. Kaitlin Kerl
  27. Karolyn Martin
  28. Katrina Kincade
  29. Kayla Willing Miss Maryland 2022, Choice Vote Online at
  30. Kelsey Hollis
  31. Lauren Dickson Miss Hawaii 2022
  32. Lauren Teruya
  33. Lindsay Bettis
  34. Lindsay Fincher
  35. Lindsey Larsen
  36. Madison Leslie
  37. Megan Gold
  38. Melissa Beyrand
  39. Melody Pierce
  40. Monica Nia Jones Miss Illinois 2022, Vote @
  41. Rachel Evangelisto
  42. Regan Gallo
  43. Sarah Jensen
  44. Sarah White
  45. Savannah Cavanaugh
  46. Sidni Kast
  47. Sophia Takla
  48. Steffany Lien
  49. Sylvana González
  50. Taryn Smith
  51. Victoria Chuah

List of Miss America 2023 Special Scholarships

Eligibility requirements for each of the scholarships offered. 
Scholarships ONLY available to this year's 51 candidates competing for Miss America 2023: 
- Women in Business
- Women in STEM
- Women Who Brand 
- Social Impact Initiative 
- Military Awareness 
- Equity and Justice 
Scholarship available to ANY candidate who competed at the local, state, or national level for Miss America 2023 regardless of whether a title was won: 
- Forever Miss America Scholarship 
Scholarship available to ANY woman who competed in local, state, or national competition in 2013 and later regardless of whether a title was won: 
- Allman Medical Scholarship

Women in Business
Winner Gets $10,000
Runner-up Gets $5,000

Women in STEM
Winner Gets $10,000
Runner-up Gets $5,000

Forever Miss America Scholarship
Winner Gets $5,000

Women Who Brand Scholarship
Winner Gets $5,000

The Jean Bartel Social Impact Initiative Award
Winner Gets $10,000
Runner-up Gets $5,000

Jean Bartel Military Awareness
Winner Gets $3,000

Allman Medical: Dr. & Mrs. Allman Medical Scholarship
Winner Gets $10,000
Runner-up Gets $5,000

Equity and Justice Scholarship
Winner Gets $3,000

Tickets on Sale for The Miss America Competition on December 15th at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT

Uncasville, CT. (October 31, 2022) – The Miss America Organization, the nation’s oldest women’s competition and a leading provider of scholarships for women in the United States, is excited to announce that tickets are on sale for the upcoming Miss America Competition. The next Miss America will be crowned on Thursday, December 15th at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut.

The 51 outstanding young women vying for the job of Miss America will begin their competition week on Monday, December 12 with the first evening of preliminary competition followed by round two of preliminary competition on Tuesday, December 13. On Wednesday, December 14 there will be a celebration event in the evening and the competition will culminate with the crowning of Miss America 2023 on Thursday, December 15.

“We’re delighted to be returning to our home at Mohegan Sun as we prepare to crown our next Miss America,” said Shantel Krebs, Miss America Organization Board Chair. “For over 100 years, we have been committed to empowering the advocates and leaders of tomorrow. Our program provides young women the opportunity to earn scholarships, grow their networks, learn valuable life and career skills, and make a difference in their communities.”

Reinforcing the motto of “top scholarship provider for women,” the organization is proud to announce it will award over $500,000 in scholarships during its Miss America competition week December 12-15. The Miss America Organization awards more than $5 million in cash scholarships each year and millions more in-kind per year to the thousands of participants through national, state and local programs. In December 2021 alone, the total cash bestowed to the 51 candidates at the Miss America competition reached a historic high, totaling $435,500.

“With nearly two-thirds of student loan debt in the United States carried by women, the Miss America Organization is proud to continue its long-standing tradition of providing scholarships for young women to further their education.” continued Krebs. 

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Since its founding in 1921, The Miss America Organization continues to be one of the most recognizable household names in America empowering young women through education, professional development, advocacy, and community service. The Organization awards more than five million dollars in cash scholarships and millions more in-kind per year through its Teen and College divisions at the local, state, and national levels. The Organization is made up of over 1,200 licensed local programs under its 50 state organizations and the District of Columbia.

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Image: Who will be 95TH America 2023? Showing Emma Broyles 94TH Miss America 2022 @ 100th Anniversary, Just after crowning!!!

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