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Result WINNER:  Adriana Yanca Miss Grand Brasil 2023

  1. Cinthya Moura Escavadeira 1st Runner-up
  2. Luciana Gomes 2nd Runner-up
  3. Ana Finkler 3rd Runner-up
  4. Júlia de Castro Rodrigues 4th Runner-up

Luciana Gomes Miss Photogenic
Yasmin Resende Miss Popular

TOP 11 Miss Grand Brasil (Brazil) 2023

  1. Caroline Valentino
  2. Cinthya Moura
  3. Victoria Melo
  4. Júlia de Castro Rodrigues
  5. Yasmin Alcântara Resende
  6. Ana Finkler
  7. Natália Seipel Nikolić
  8. Bárbara David Vázquez
  9. Esthefane Souza
  10. Adriana Yanca
  11. Luciana Gomes

TOP 20

  1. Fernanda Lupato
  2. Hélen Gonçalves Larocca
  3. Kelry Fernandes
  4. Nathália Acácia da Cruz Costa
  5. Amanda Bernardo Brasil Macedo
  6. Rebeca Amorim
  7. Carina Manzi
  8. Bruna Sartori
  9. Nathália Salema

28 Miss Grand Brazil 2023 Contestants in National Crown Race, Final June 10th Starting at 10pm / 7pm EDT LIVE from Foz do Iguaçu

Wed, Jun 7, 2023 Hollywood and Foz do Iguaçu: This Year Brazilian Beauty Pageant The 5TH Miss Grand Brazil 2023 is scheduled at the city near Iguazú Falls (Iguaçu Falls) where 28 Contestants will perform their best to win the national crown which puts her on the Road to Miss Grand 2023 Stage.

The Grand Finale and Coronation Night of The Miss Grand Brazil 2023 is set on Saturday June 10th, 2023 starting at 10pm at the pageant venue Recanto Cataratas Thermas Resort, Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná.

The LIVE Stream Anywhere Broadcaster is selected as the Video Social Network Youtube and can be watched right from here. Juliano Crema and Gabrielle Vilela will Host the Crowning Night.

The Reigning Queen Isabella Menin is The First Ever Brazilian Woman who won Miss Grand International 2022. Menin from Alto Cafezal is Miss Grand Brazil 2022 too and in this capacity she will crown her successor the winner in 28 Miss Grand Brazil 2023 Contestants as the new queen.

Minin is Member of Jury Panel, the organization has revealed in great details why she is assigned the double task, read:  
Miss Grand Brasil's in-person judges will be responsible for up to 85% of the candidates' scores, and must always act with great impartiality and attention in their evaluations. Therefore, they were chosen with great care.  
After 51 long years, Isabella Menin has won a Grand Slam title for Brazil again. Now, as Miss Grand International 2022 , she travels the world carrying the name of our country in an extremely positive light. When asked about focusing on her national farewell or being a judge, Isabella didn't hesitate: “I want to be a judge. Brazil is coming off a sequence of excellent results and I don't want that to stop with me. I want to help choose the most complete candidate to be my successor.” 

Check The LIST of 28 Miss Grand Brazil 2023 Contestants

  1. Adriana Yanca
  2. Amanda Bernardo Brasil Macedo
  3. Ana Finkler
  4. Bárbara David Vázquez
  5. Brooke Shields Assunção
  6. Bruna Sartori
  7. Carina Manzi
  8. Carol Tibery
  9. Caroline Valentino
  10. Cinthya Moura
  11. Elen Guedes
  12. Esthefane Souza
  13. Fernanda Lupato
  14. Hélen Gonçalves Larocca
  15. Júlia de Castro Rodrigues
  16. Kalline Zins
  17. Kelry Fernandes
  18. Luciana Gomes
  19. Maria Veloso
  20. Natália Seipel Nikolić
  21. Nathália Acácia da Cruz Costa
  22. Nathália Salema
  23. Rebeca Amorim
  24. Roberta Carvalho
  25. Sarah Cristinny
  26. Suan Magnone
  27. Victoria Melo
  28. Yasmin Alcântara Resende

Thu, Apr 3, 2023: Today the organization announced Miss Grand International, Isabella Menin will join the Coronation Gala and Grand Fine of Miss Grand Brasil 2023, an event that will take place at Recanto Cataratas Thermas Resort, in Foz do Iguaçu, on June 10th and She will personally crown her successor!!!

Who will New Grand Queen of Brazil in 2023? Come n Know, New Miss Grand Brazil 2023, The Successor of Miss Grand Brazil 20222, Isabella N. Menin Miss Grand International ‘22

Thu, Mar 16, 2023: The election of the eleventh Miss Grand Brasil, the successor of @isanmenin , will take place at the spectacular Recanto Cataratas Thermas Resort @recantocataratasresort , in Foz do Iguaçu. Young people from all over Brazil will compete for the most coveted national beauty title of the moment after discovering one of the wonders of the modern world: the Iguaçu Falls! All candidates will be dressed by @helciocouture in a breathtaking opening! Swimsuits will be another @samteshy novelty! The incredible production of this year's pageant will be co-signed by @edhielder, coordinator of the year and best state pageant of 2022.

Recanto Cataratas Thermas Resort & Convention is a complete resort, with surprising architecture, integrated with exuberant nature and a spectacular and complete area for holding large events.

It has leisure areas, entertainment square, relaxing Spa, fun for all ages with high quality services. It has 501 units between apartments and suites, different categories and Premium for the most demanding guest.

Have you packed your bags yet? We are waiting for you between the 7th and 11th of June. Who will be Miss Grand Brazil 2023??

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