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This Year 18 Ungfrú Ísland 2023 aka Miss Iceland 2023 Delegates in Crown Race for Two International Stages

The Pageant will go live at Stöð tvö  and

Wed, Aug 16, 2023: Today Icelandic Beauties representing 18 regions have gathered to compete at Ungfru Island 2023 National Finals of Miss Iceland 2023 Pageant. The 18 Miss Iceland Contestants have opportunity to win two crowns, Miss Universe Iceland 2023 and Miss Supranational Iceland 2023 at the coronation venue Gamla Bíó today on Wednesday, August 16th, 2023 starting at 8pm. The Judges are Chloe Parsons, Ross Walters, Angela Hardin, Eduardo Gutierrez, and Dr. Michaela Abelgas Olson.

The candidates arrived on Aug 14th and went through private interview with judges and swimsuit preview on Augu 15th.

Today at the end of coronation night, the Reigning Queens Hrafnhildur Haralds dóttir Miss Universe Iceland 2022 and Isabella þorvaldsdóttir Miss Supranational Iceland 2020 are competing 358 days of their reign, from the start date Wednesday, August 24th, 2022 to the end date Wednesday, August 16th, 2023, end date included Or 11 months, 24 days.

The organizer Ungfrú Ísland Organization has set-up The Online People’s Choice Voting with 19 Contestants, which is available to support the favorite contestant by anyone at official website home page for Vote prices €1 for one vote or 100 Votes for €99.99.

The tickets are for sale online at for ISK 7,499 to join in-person. The pageant venue Gamla Bíó is located at Ingólfsstræti 2a, 101, Reykjavík, Iceland, which is is one of the most significant buildings in Reykjavík from the period of concrete classics and one of Einar Erlendsson's most important works from an artistic point of view. The Host Hotel is Hotel Múli at Hallarmúli 1, 108 Reykjavík, which is a three-star hotel.

The Ungfrú Ísland Organization is run by President Jorge Esteban and Manuela Ósk Harðardóttir which is national licensee to elect Icelandic Representative to Miss Universe and Miss Supranational pageant.

Results WINNER: Lilja Sif Pétursdóttir is CROWNED Ungfrú Ísland 2023 / Miss Universe Iceland 2023

2nd place: Reykjavik - Helena Hafþórsdóttir O'Connor Miss Supranational Iceland 2024 (1st Runner-up)

  • 3rd place: Husavik - Kolfinna Mist Austfjord 2nd Runner-up
  • 4th place: Midnight Sun - Dagny Ósk Garðarsdóttir 3rd Runner-up
  • 5th place: Northern Lights - Borghildur Birta Einarsdóttir 4th Runner-up

Check The LIST of 19 Ungfrú Ísland 2023 Delegates / Miss Universe Iceland Contestants / Miss Supranational Iceland 2024 Contestants

  1. Daníela Dís Jörundsdóttir, 101 Reykjavik, @danieladiis
  2. Erla Dís Guðmundsdóttir, Akranes, @erladisgudmunds
  3. Embla Ýr Pétursdóttir, Akureyri, @embla.yr
  4. Helga Rós Arnarsdóttir, Blue Mountains, @helgarosarnars
  5. Lilja Sif Pétursdóttir, Capital Region, @liljapetursd
  6. Dimmey Ros Ludviksdóttir, Central Reykjavik, @dimmeyros
  7. Tinna Lind Helgadóttir, Diamond Beach @tinnaxlind
  8. Svava Rós Bernhöft, Gardabaer, @svavabernhoft
  9. Ástrún Birta Atladóttir, Glacier Lagoon, @astrun_birta
  10. Kolfinna Mist Austfjord, Husavik, @mistyaustfjord
  11. Maria Monica Luisa Gísladóttir, Kopavogur, @mariamonicaluisa
  12. Bahía Aurelie Ferro, Land Of Fire And Ice, @paeja_kanum
  13. Dagný Ósk Garðarsdóttir, Midnight Sun, @dagnygardars
  14. Mina Fanney Boskovic, North Reykjavik, @minafanney
  15. Kolbrún Bjarkey Matthíasdóttir, Northern Iceland, @kolbrun_bjarkey
  16. Borghildur Birta Einarsdóttir, Northern Lights, @birta.einars
  17. Helena O'Connor, Reykjavik, @helenaoc, Helena Hafþórsdóttir O'Connor
  18. Valgerður Gunnarsdóttir, Southern Iceland, @_valaa_
  19. Salbjörg Ragnarsdóttir, Miss Geysir (Voting Page active but not contesting final)

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