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Result WINNER: Jasmin Selberg Miss International 2022, Germany

Reigning Queen Miss International 2019 Sireethorn Leearamwat is taking her last walk with New Crown!!!

Stephany Amado 1ST Runner-Up
Tatiana Calmell 2ND Runner-Up
Natalia López 3RD Runner-Up
Celinee Santos 4TH Runner-Up

Continental Queens

Stephany Amado Miss International Africa of Cape Verde
Corrin Stellakis Miss International America of United States
Kiko Matsuo Miss International Asia of Japan
Anna Merimää Miss International Europe of Finland
Lydia Smit Miss International Oceania, New Zealand

Special Award Winners

Valeria Gutiérrez Miss Photogenic, Ecuador
Miss People's Choice
Nigina Fakhriddinova Best National Costume, Uzbekistan
Tatiana Calmell Best in Evening Gown, Peru
Evanjelin Elchmanar Best in Swimsuit, United Kingdom
Julianna Ro Miss Visit Japan Tourism

TOP 8 Miss International 2022

  1. Madison Kvaltin
  2. Stephany Amado
  3. Natalia López
  4. Celinee Santos
  5. Jasmin Selberg
  6. Israel Harrison
  7. Tatiana Calmell
  8. Julianna Ro

TOP 15 Miss International 2022

Canada’s Madison Kvaltin
Cape Verde’s Stephany Amado
Colombia’s Natalia López
Costa Rica’s Mahyla Roth
Dominican Republic’s Celinee Santos
Finland’s Anna Merimää
France’s Maya Albert
Germany’s Jasmin Selberg
Jamaica’s Israel Harrison
New Zealand’s Lydia Smit
Northern Mariana Islands’ Savannah Delos Santos
Peru’s Tatiana Calmell
Philippines’ Hannah Arnold
Spain’s Julianna Ro
United Kingdom’s Evanjelin Elchmanar

The Exciting Swimsuit Round is going on with all the contestants in swimwear in different designs and shades of green along with their sash.

The Entertainer Miyavi is now performing live, he also has to accompany Kodō.

The Second On Stage Parade of 66 Contestants is Evening Gown Presentation Miss International 2022.

The Jury Panel / Judges Introduced to audiences after introductory remarks by hosts Tetsuya Bessho and Rachel Chan.

The First Parade on Spectacular MI22 Stage is National Costume Show Miss International 2022

Know The LARANTUKA Indonesian Evening Gown Costume Presented by Cindy May McGuire Miss International Indonesia in Tokyo Arena:
Indonesian is the largest archipelago country in the world and is rich in high-quality natural resources. One of them is a sea pearl that comes from a group of islands around Larantuka in East Flores. Larantuka sea pearls are one of the best and most expensive pearls in the world.
The beauty of the Larantuka pearls is ANAZ's main inspiration in creating an evening dress to be worn by Cindy May McGuire at the Miss International pageant with the mission of displaying the beauty and diversity of Indonesia's natural resources to the international forum.

Miss International United Kingdom 2022 Evanjelin Elchmanar presented Ekaj National Costume.

Hannah Arnold Miss International Philippines 2022 / Binibining Pilipinas International 2021 shows PAMANA Heritage: This national costume was Inspired by Hannah’s favorite toy (gifted by her mother) as a child: a Barbie wearing a Maria Clara Filipiniana, which Manny Halasan took inspiration from and mixed it with his own fond childhood memories of his grandfather’s antique tambourine. Designer Manny Halasan wants everyone to remember their childhood experiences and look back on our past through this classic traditional Filipiniana.

66 Contestants Vying for Miss International 2022 Crown at Tokyo Dome City Hall Grand Finale on Tue, Dec 13, 2022

Enjoy Miss International 2022 LIVE Online Get Streaming Ticket Now Here

Mon, Dec 12, 2022 Hollywood, Tue Dec 13th, Tokyo: Rush to URL at price ¥1,000 from Tue Dec 13, 2022 at 1:30 PM to 6:00 PM JST, sale until Dec 13, 2022, 8:00:00 PM, (For Japan local) Combini / ATM payment will be closed at the end of Dec 12, 2022

Sat, Dec 10, 2022 Hollywood: Miss U.S. International Corrin Stellakis along with 65 Miss International Contestants today participated in Prelim Swimsuit Competition at Tokyo, the Visuals care available here
Corrin has shared her emotions while moving to the event "Thank you all for your continued love and support! Your prayers and encouragement mean the world to me! Today we have preliminary swimsuit competition and “smart casual.” I’m on the bus heading to the prelims and I am praising God for the wonderful individuals He has placed in my life and for all of you who have been in my corner! My heart is so full!"

The 66 Contestants of the 60th Miss International 2022 competed in the Preliminary Swimsuit Evaluation Round at the soon-to-open Professional University of Beauty & Wellness, Tokyo, Japan.

Reigning Queen Sireethorn Leearamwat Miss International 2019 is all set to crown her successor the winner in 66 Contestants as 60TH Miss International 2022 at the end of Grand Finale in the Tokyo Dome City Hall, Tokyo, Japan on Tue, Dec 13, 2022 commencing from 14:00 GMT+9 Tokyo Time / 12:00 AM EST Midnight New York / 8:00 PM PST on Mon, Dec 12th Hollywood Time.

International Cultural Association presented Miss International 2022 is ultimately happening in Tokyo with arrivals of candidate who will pass through national costume, swimsuit, long gown and final speech phases.

Samurai Guitarist”, MIYAVI will be performing in a rare collaboration with world-famous Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble Kodo for a breathtaking presentation to be showcased only on Miss International 2022 Arena!

Book Tickets Online to enjoy Miss International 2022 in-person in Tokyo

URL : General sale on first come, first served basis commenced on Fri, Oct 14, 2022 with Payment Method Credit card (including debit card and prepaid card), PayPay, convenience store
* If you select a convenience store, the payment deadline is 2 days including the application date.
* Payment methods will be credit card (including debit card and prepaid card) and PayPay from 6 days before each performance date.
Restrictions on application Up to 8 tickets per Application Sales will end once all available tickets have been sold out.
Admission ticket for the "60th Miss International World Tournament 2022" will be issued electronically.
One mobile phone is required for each ticket to enter, so please check before applying.
Age Restriction: Preschoolers are not admitted

Ticket prices:
S seat (arena): ¥33,000 (tax included) (ticket fee ¥30,000 + tax)
Customers arriving in S seats are requested to comply with the dress code.
The dress code will be semi-formal. *Men wear jackets
A seat (1st floor balcony): ¥22,000 (tax included) (ticket fee ¥20,000 + tax)
B seat (2nd floor balcony): ¥13,200 (tax included) (ticket fee ¥12,000 + tax)
C seat (3rd floor balcony): ¥8,800 (tax included) (ticket fee ¥8,000 + tax)

Vote for your favorite into the TOP 15!

Miss International 2022 Online Vote is LIVE @ OR Download the voting app for smart phones

The leading delegate with the highest number of votes from these clusters: Asia & Oceania, Europe & Africa, and the Americas will be included in the Top 15. Not just one, but three will be fast tracked through your votes!
You need to Buy Vote Online at Price 1 VOTE €1, after clicking your favorite contestant headshot, Voting has no limit and discount price applicable with more votes like:
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2022 Miss International Judges Panel

Pawel Milewski Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Poland to Japan
Ryohei Miyata Chairman of the Public Interest Incorporated Association, Nitten
Dewi Sukarno Socialite, former First Lady of Indonesia
Junko Koshino Fashion designer
Norika Fujiwara Miss Nippon 1992, model, and actress
Supapan Pichaironarongsongkram Chairwoman of Chao Phraya Express Boat
Senko Ikenobo Headmaster designate at Ikenobō
Soujitsu Kobori Head of Kobori Enshu school of tea
Sireethorn Leearamwat Miss International 2019 from Thailand
Akemi Shimomura President of the Miss International Organization

Check 68 Contestants Vying for Miss International 2022 Crown

  1. Ada-Maria Ileana Miss International Romania 2022
  2. Adela Maderycova Miss International Czech Republic 2022
  3. Angelique Francois Miss International Haiti 2022
  4. Anjelica Whitelaw Miss International Australia 2022
  5. Anna Merimaa Miss International Finland 2022
  6. Anna Pavlidou Miss International Greece 2022
  7. Ariane Maciel Miss International Paraguay 2022
  8. Beatrice Nardi Miss International Italy 2022
  9. Carolina Fernández Miss International Bolivia 2022
  10. Caroline Naa Nunoo Miss International Ghana 2022
  11. Catalina Huenulao Miss International Chile 2022
  12. Celinee Santos Frias Miss International Dominican Republic 2022
  13. Charany Chea Miss International Cambodia 2022
  14. Cindy Isendi Miss International Kenya 2022
  15. Cindy May Mc Guire Miss International Indonesia 2022
  16. Corrin Stellakis Miss International United States 2022
  17. Dana Myrvig Miss International Denmark 2022
  18. Dinelle Wong Miss International Macau 2022
  19. Dulce Lopez Villatoro Miss International Guatemala 2022
  20. Erika Kazombaruru Miss International Namibia 2022
  21. Evanjelin Elchmanar Miss International United Kingdom 2022
  22. Fatu Rugiatu Kamara Miss International Fatu Rugiatu Kamara 2022
  23. Ferini Dayal Miss International South Africa 2022
  24. Fernanda Salazar Miss International Nicaragua 2022
  25. Genesis Fuentes Miss International El Salvador 2022
  26. Giselle Tay Miss International Malaysia 2022
  27. Hannah Arnold Miss International Philippines 2022
  28. Isabella De Oliveira Lima Miss International Brazil 2022
  29. Isbel Parra Miss International Venezuela 2022
  30. Israel Harrison Miss International Jamaica 2022
  31. Ivis Nicole Snyder Miss International Panama 2022
  32. Jasmin Selberg Miss International Germany 2022
  33. Julianna Ro Miss International Spain 2022
  34. Karyna Kisialiova Miss International Belarus 2022
  35. Kiko Matsuo Miss International Japan 2022
  36. Lore Ven Miss International Belgium 2022
  37. Lydia Smit Miss International New Zealand 2022
  38. Madison Kvaltin Miss International Canada 2022
  39. Mahyla Roth Miss International Costa Rica 2022
  40. Marie Gilberte Ava Memero Miss International Mauritius 2022
  41. Maya Albert Miss International France 2022
  42. Nancy Khadka Miss International Nepal 2022
  43. Natalia Lopez Cardona Miss International Colombia 2022
  44. Nigina Fakhriddinova Miss International Uzbekistan 2022
  45. Nina Puangtip Malichanh Miss International Laos 2022
  46. Nomin-Erdene Bayarkhuu Miss International Mongolia 2022
  47. Oceane Bellow Miss International Togo 2022
  48. Paola Gonzalez Torres Miss International Puerto Rico 2022
  49. Phạm Ngọc Phương Anh Miss International Vietnam 2022
  50. Precious Obisoso Miss International Nigeria 2022
  51. Priscilla Wang Miss International Hawaii 2022
  52. Rachel Martin Miss International Cuba 2022
  53. Rita Reis Miss International Portugal 2022
  54. Romée Dahlen Miss International Norway 2022
  55. Rosemary Ling Miss International Hong Kong 2022
  56. Ruechanok Meesang Miss International Thailand 2022
  57. Savannah Delos Santos Miss International Northern Marianas 2022
  58. Scarlett Sim Miss International Singapore 2022
  59. Stephany Amado Miss International Cabo Verde 2022
  60. Sujin Kim Miss International Korea 2022
  61. Sylwia Stasinska Miss International Poland 2022
  62. Tatiana Calmell Miss International Peru 2022
  63. Ting-Yi Cheng Miss International Taiwan 2022
  64. Valeria Gutiérrez Miss International Ecuador 2022
  65. Viktória Podmanická Miss International Slovakia 2022
  66. Yuridia Duran Miss International Mexico 2022
  67. Zoya Afroz Miss International India 2022
  68. Zully Paz Miss International Honduras 2022

The List of Crowned Queens and Withdraws

Yana Stoyanova Miss International Bulgaria 2022
Mona Ammar Miss International Tunisia 2022
Kisakye Margaret Miss International Uganda 2022
Olya Shamrai Miss International Ukraine 2022
Betina Margni Miss International Uruguay 2022
Marisol Soliana Miss International Netherlands 2022

New Crowns Revealed for Miss International 2022 & Miss International Japan 2023 on Nov 5th in Ho Chi Minh City

Miss Thailand Sireethorn Leearamwat is the Miss International 2019 winner!

About "Miss International"
Miss International, officially called "Miss International Beauty Pageant", was born in the United States in 1960.
It was held in the United States for seven years after its birth, but the hosting rights were transferred to Japan in commemoration of the Japan World Exposition (1970/ Osaka).
The goal of Miss International is not only to compete for external beauty, but also to realize world peace by promoting mutual understanding between countries through international exchange, friendship and social contribution activities in the host country.
We hope that the actions of the women who challenged the global competition will lead to their own growth and the courage and challenge of many women. I'm here.
At the world convention, where representatives of each country and region gather together as “goodwill ambassadors of beauty and peace,” the purpose is to send out “prayers for peace” to the world and to appeal to the splendor of Japan, the host country. It is held every year.
In addition, Miss International conducts international exchange activities on an individual level.
Through social contribution activities such as the Greening Promotion Campaign, the Miss International Forum, and charity events, we are deepening friendship and goodwill between Japan and countries around the world.

“Miss International” official website:

About "International Cultural Association"
The International Cultural Association was established in April 1969 as an affiliated organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Cultural Exchange Department) for the purpose of "friendship and goodwill with countries around the world" through the exchange of world culture and arts. Approved and launched. Since then, under the slogans of "realization of world peace through mutual understanding" and "correct understanding of Japan in the international community", we have been developing a wide range of people-to-people exchanges as part of our international contribution projects.

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