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Sun, Jan 29, 2023: Today is Coronation Day, The Grand Finale Begins at 6:00 PM in Koh Pich Theater សាលមហោស្រពកោះពេជ្រ, Phnom Penh. The LIVE Stream Online is set as Facebook LIVE at URL at and

The MPI Grand Finale Hosts are Meleah Mae Moreno | Miss Ecology Philippines 2022 and the other one is Jarida.

Results WINNER: Maria Luisa Varela Miss Planet International 2023 
Just Announced Next Miss Planet International 2024 will be hosted in Cambodia!!!

Zimbabwe: Jemima Mandemwa 1st Runner-up Miss Planet International 2023 
Japan: Ono Aya Miss 2nd Runner-up Miss Planet International 2023 
Vietnam: Tiffany Ha 3rd Runner-up Miss Planet International 2023 
Finland: 4th Katariina Juselius 4th Runner-up Miss Planet International 2023 
Latvia: Alina Safronova 5th Runner-up Miss Planet International 2023 
Cambodia: Pok Sreyleak 6th Runner-up Miss Planet International 2023

TOP 7 Finalists are called at MPI Stage just before the final results anouncement.

Results TOP 3 Miss Planet International 2023

Ono Aya Miss Planet International Japan 
Jemima Mandemwa Miss Planet Zimbabwe 
Maria Luisa Varela Miss Planet Philippines

Results: TOP 7 Miss Planet International 2023

  1. Maria Luisa Varela Miss Planet Philippines
  2. Pok Sreyleak Miss Planet Cambodia
  3. Ono Aya Miss Planet International Japan
  4. Katariina Juselius Miss Planet Finland
  5. Tiffany Ha Miss Planet Vietnam
  6. Jemima Mandemwa Miss Planet Zimbabwe
  7. Alina Safronova Miss Planet Latvia

Special Awards

Miss Humanity is Pakistan: Shafaq Akhtar Miss Planet Pakistan 
Miss Natural Beauty is Tanzania: Renee Kisoka Miss Planet Tanzania 
Miss Perfect Evening Gown is Latvia: Alina Safronova Miss Planet Latvia 
Miss Popularity is India: Rakshya Manohar Miss Planet India 
Miss Planet Social media is Philippines: Maria Luisa Varela Miss Planet Philippines

Miss Tourism ambassador is Laos: Vongchanpenhbormey Soeng Miss Planet Laos 2023 
Best National Costume is Cambodia: Pok Sreyleak Miss Planet Cambodia 
Miss Friendship is Latvia: Alina Safronova Miss Planet Latvia 
Miss Photogenic is Zimbabwe: Jemima Mandemwa Miss Planet Zimbabwe

Sat, Jan 28, 2023: The Uganda Debacle has drastically reduced The Number of Contestant, Only 14 Contestants are Vying for Miss Planet International 2023 Crown, as per Online Voting announced today.

VOTE FOR “ MPI - PLANET CHOICE AWARD “ | Vote for your favorite contestants now 

Like = 2 point 
Share = 5 points

The winner will get the tittle “ MPI - PLANET CHOICE “ and The beautiful sash from Kim Park Sash Company.

The vote will close on 29th January 2023, Time : 7:00am ( Cambodia Time )

Check The List of 14 Contestants are Vying for Miss Planet International 2023 Crown

Some New National Contestants are introduced too.

  1. Cyrielle Feumetio Miss Planet Belgium
  2. Onameditse Botumile Miss Planet Botswana
  3. Pok Sreyleak Miss Planet Cambodia
  4. 樂翊榆 Yick-Yu Annalise LOK Miss PLanet China / Miss Intercontinental Hong Kong
  5. Katariina Juselius Miss Planet Finland 2023
  6. Rakshya Manohar Miss Planet India
  7. Ono Aya Miss Planet International Japan 2022
  8. Vongchanpenhbormey Soeng Miss Planet Laos 2023
  9. Alina Safronova Miss Planet Latvia
  10. Shafaq Akhtar Miss Planet Pakistan
  11. Maria Luisa Varela Miss Planet Philippines
  12. Renee Kisoka Miss Planet Tanzania
  13. Tiffany Ha Miss Planet Vietnam
  14. Jemima Mandemwa Miss Planet Zimbabwe

Schedule of Miss Planet International 2022 in Cambodia:

- January 22&23 : Candidates arrival  
- January 24 : Press Conference, Orientation, Sash Ceremony at Amigos  
- January 25 : Visit Sponsor Site and Phnom Penh Tour 
- January 26 : Visit Sombor Preikuk Temple and Departure to Siem Reap, Catwalk at Pubstreet and Dinner at Black Forest Restaurant 
- January 27 : Visit to Angkor Wild Life and Aquaium at Morning, Tranditional photoshoot at Angkor Wat, Show the cake made from rice ( Khmer Cake ) and show at Royal Garden, Preliminary Show at Memoire Palace Resort & Spa - Siem Reap  
- January 28 : Departure to Phnom Penh and Rehearsal at Koh Pich Theatre  
- January 29 : Final Coronation

Fri, Jan 27, 2023: Preliminary Competition Miss Planet International 2023 is scheduled today at 6:00PM at Memoire Palace Resort & Spa, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia.

Today Charity Gala Dinner at Miss Planet International 2023 is organized at Memories Palace Resort & Spa to Support Angkor Hospital for children Participated by Miss Planet International Organization.

Miss Planet International 2023 Contestants are busy today for Official Photoshoot of National Costumes today on Jan 27th at Angkor Wat temple, Siem Reap province.

The Sponsor Hotel of Miss Planet International 2023 Final Competition is Siem Reap Memoire Palace Resort & Spa which is the best place to stay in Siem Reap.

hmer Kitchen Restaurant hosted diner for all contestants today on 26th night.

Miss Planet International 2022 Contestants made Official Visit to Temple Zone of Sambor Prei Kuk, Kampong Thom Province to know the Cambodian Culture live on Thu, Jan 26, 2023.

Tue, Jan 24, 2023: Today MPIO organized Press Conference to elaborate Miss Planet International 2023 at LSi Business School which coupled by and Sash Ceremony.

Tue, Ja 17, 2023: Today LSi Business School made very special announcement, read here:

Environment-Education Scholarship Fund jointly by Miss Planet International and LSi Business School which offers 20 100% scholarship opportunities to students who are seeking to study Bachelor's Degree in International Durability Management (SME Management) at LSi Institute Business School. 
Venue: Press Conference, LSi Business School 
Time and Date: January 24, 2023 from 8:00 A.M – 12:00 P.M 
Offering for students to join free! 
Register via the Link: 
Opportunity to meet Miss Planet International from 30 countries around the world 
Program details, please contact: 
Mr Mok Kompheak, Tel: 096 6000 303 
Mr. Kinn Minea, Tel: 012 679 615

Sat, Dec 3, 2022: Miss Planet International Organization today announced "We are glad to announce that Miss Planet International 2022 finale will be held on January 29th, 2023 starting from 6pm UTC+7 at the Koh Pich Theater in Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia."

Contestants Arrival Dates: January 22-23, 2023 
Grand Finale: Sun, January 29, 2023 at 6:00 PM - 10PM GMT+7 
Departure: January 30, 2023

Miss Planet International 2022 Postponed, Shifted to Cambodia in Jan 2023

  • The Organization of Miss Planet International says on rescheduling "Uganda's Host Organizers failed"
  • Reigning Queen is South African Model and Actress Monique Best Miss Planet International 2019
  • Contestants from all over already reached Kampala, Uganda Miss Planet International 2022 scheduled on Sat, Nov 19, 2022
  • This is 3rd Postponement after Inaugural Miss Planet International 2019

Sat, Nov, 12, 2022: On behalf of our Miss Planet International Organization we are announcing the postponement of our worldwide competition that would be held in Uganda on Sat, Nov 19th, 2022.

We regret to inform that the Finals and Preliminary competitions won't be held due to the Host Organizers failed to comply and meet the requirements for the realization of the events.

Miss Planet International 2022 moves forward and it will be held in the Kingdom of Cambodia in Jan 2023.

We would like to express our sincere apologies for all the inconvenience caused.

Miss Planet International 2022 Arrivals completed on Sat, Nov 5th and Sun, 6th, 2022 and departure was due on on Sun, Nov 20th, @ local Airport code EBB.

The first edition of Miss Planet International 2019 Pageant was held at the Diamond Island Theater on Fri, Mar 1st, 2019 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Monique Best from South Africa was crowned as Miss Planet International 2019.

Miss Planet International 2019 titleholder was awarded as Youth Ambassador by the Business Chamber of her city and she was recognized with a membership by the Seattle Latino Chamber of Commerce because of her international humanitarian labor.

2020 and 2021 Pageant was Postponed due of Global Pandemic.

1st Runner Up- Thailand 
Marisa Phonthirat

2nd Runner Up- Malaysia 
Viviana Lin Winston

3rd Runner Up- Paraguay 
Nicole Cano

4th Runner Up -Philippines 
Krizia Nicole Apao Vargas

Check The LIST of 68 Miss Planet International 2022 Crown

  1. Adama Ceesay Miss Planet Gambia
  2. Adji Awa Sidibe Miss Planet Senegal
  3. Alina Garaeva Miss Planet Russia
  4. Amadou Zoulahatou Miss Planet Niger
  5. Amina Antonova Miss Planet Ireland
  6. Arianna D’Urso Miss Planet Italy
  7. Barbara Ruiz Miss Planet Chile
  8. Benedicta Amoah Miss Planet Ghana
  9. Bethelhem Nigatu Miss Planet Ethiopia
  10. Chanel Nilsen Miss Planet Norway
  11. Cindy Verkaik Miss Planet Netherlands
  12. Cynthia Achieng Miss Planet Uganda
  13. Cynthia Uwimbabazi Miss Planet Rwanda
  14. Daisy Isiaho Miss Planet Kenya
  15. Darya Sibirtseva Miss Planet Kazakhstan
  16. Dasha Valderrama Miss Planet Spain
  17. Elena Mateo Miss Planet Argentina
  18. Fatu Rugiatu Kamara Miss Planet Sierra Leone
  19. Gabrielyn B. Kamara Miss Planet Liberia
  20. Gloire Ishimwe Miss Planet Burundi
  21. Hailey Rose Miss Planet Sweden
  22. Hazel Zúñiga Miss Planet Colombia
  23. Helene Skovsgaard Miss Planet Denmark
  24. Helya Zandy Miss Planet Iraq
  25. Herlene Nicole Budol Miss Planet Philippines
  26. Hosana Gomes Miss Planet Brazil
  27. Hristina Vujinovic Miss Planet Serbia
  28. Iman Cader Miss Planet Sri Lanka
  29. Jade Pyndiah Miss Planet Mauritius
  30. Janice Jimenez Miss Planet United States
  31. Jaruien Khongsit Miss Planet India
  32. Jassica Centeio Miss Planet Cabo Verde
  33. Jemima Mandemwa Miss Planet Zimbabwe
  34. Julia Kapinga Miss Planet Democratic Republic of the Congo
  35. Kendal Hirschfeld Miss Planet Paraguay
  36. Larissa Priscilla Miss Planet Peru
  37. Laure Emmanuelle Marion Miss Planet France
  38. Leticia Bwanausi Miss Planet Malawi
  39. Leyhangel Valbuena Miss Planet Venezuela
  40. Lok Yick Yu Miss Planet China
  41. Loulou Starou Miss Planet Madagascar
  42. Magdalena Nangenda Miss Planet Namibia
  43. Mamounata Nikiema Miss Planet Burkina Faso
  44. Manshu Pradhan Miss Planet Nepal
  45. Marang Phuthegelo Miss Planet Botswana
  46. Maria Fernanda Martinez Miss Planet Mexico
  47. Maryam Siddiq Miss Planet Bahrain
  48. Meghan Pearl Miss Planet South Africa
  49. Mihaela Alexandra Grigore Miss Planet Romania
  50. Naima Mohammed Miss Planet Somalia
  51. Petria Haigh Miss Planet New Zealand
  52. Rebecca Agente Miss Planet Lesotho
  53. Renee Kisoka Miss Planet Tanzania
  54. Renée Renita Veronica Pagano Miss Planet Thailand
  55. Sandra N’guessan Miss Planet Cote D’Ivoire
  56. Sofia Mota Miss Planet Portugal
  57. Sophia Perle Miss Planet Belgium
  58. Soravattey Pon Miss Planet Cambodia
  59. Souadou Camara Miss Planet Guinea
  60. Stephanie Chukwuemeka Miss Planet Nigeria
  61. Stephanie Oben Ebob Miss Planet Germany
  62. Syafiqah Ibrahim Miss Planet Malaysia
  63. Tamila Khodjaeva Miss Planet Czech Republic
  64. Tayseer Kheir Miss Planet Sudan
  65. Tonille Simone Watkis Miss Planet Jamaica
  66. Winta Russom Miss Planet Eritrea
  67. Zalka Danho Miss Planet Syria
  68. Zarina Ginatullina Miss Planet Uzbekistan

About: We are the first sustainable beauty pageant and our mission is the compliance of the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations members, Each candidate through their social projects will propose the creation of the Goal #18 in order to enrich the 2030 Agenda for Saving the Planet and Humanity on Earth.

Miss Planet International Contest Overview: 
- This Miss Earth International is the only program created by Khmer and established in 2019 
- Creator of Miss Planet International Pageant: CEO Ms. HALLEY AMIN is a Khmer producer and founder of MISS PLANET INTERNATIONAL PAGEANT together with Mr. PEDRO FRANCISCO is the CEO. 
Pedro Francisco Marquez is one of the famous producers who worked in Miss Universe in 2007. He is a dedicated philanthropist and head of the non-governmental organization "Ruyalar" which initiated projects together with the United Nations Refugee Agency in the Middle East. He has received awards in various countries due to his contributions in cultural sector. In this picture he was awarded Global Fashion Award by Sandeep Marwah. Director of Asian film and television academy and founder of film city Noida India. 
-Miss Earth International has a mission as: To find the perfect woman to represent our mission to preserve our beautiful planet. A beautiful woman who truly believes in and supports all issues related to conservation efforts carried out by Champions of the Planet. Our candidates will spread a message of hope for planet-conservation efforts through the support of corporate sponsors and government ministries around the world. 
-Miss Planet International Examination Program aims to be 
Conservation of nature and environment,end poverty and promotion of ethics,economic process,let's make peace together,conservation of culture,let's clean the world together and promote education. 
-In 2019, Miss Earth International Competition was found and the winner was Monique Best from South Africa, 1st winner was Marisa Phonthirat from Thailand, 2nd winner was Vivian Lin from Malaysia, 3rd winner was Nicole Cano from Paraguay and 4th winner was Krizia Nicole Apao Vargas. 
Philippines and 5th runner up Guzaliya Izmailova from Russia. 
-Because of too many Covid disease, the program has been suspended for 2 years (2020-2021) but now the Miss Earth event has come back in June 2022 soon at Koh Pich, our capital Phnom Penh.

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Miss World Cayman Islands 2022, Leanni Tibbetts will represents at Miss World in 2024

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Miss World China, Arabella Xu aka Kexin Xu will compete at Miss World in 2024, February 18th to March 9th

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