Lalela Mswane in Crown Headshot Wearing White

Miss Supranational 2023 was streamed live on July 14th from Strzelecki Park Amphitheater, Nowy Sącz: Check Results

Sat, Jul 14, 2023: The Coronation Gala Hosts are Jo-Ann Strauss, model, television host, and entrepreneur; and Martin Fitch, presenter and actor along with Ivan Podrez covering backstage who was presenter of the Miss Supranational challenges.

The Judges are Srinidhi Shetty Miss Supranational 2016 from India and Luis Daniel Gálvez Mister Supranational 2022 from Cuba
Marcelina Zawadzka Television Host, model and Miss Polonia 2011 along with Monika Lewczuk Singer and Miss Supranational 2011 from Poland are only final telecast judges
Adinda Cresheilla 3rd Runner-up Miss Supranational 2022 from Indonesia who only judged preliminary competition
Andre Sleigh Creative Director of the Miss and Mister Supranational, the preliminary judge
Lalela Mswane Miss Supranational 2022 from South Africa (only as preliminary judge

Polsat and TeleRadyo Serbisyo are broadcasting the grand finale live and Streaming Here LIVE at URL

Sat, Jul 8, 2023: Today The Results of Miss SupraChat SemiFinal 1 Voting is announced which was LIVE at with 10 Contestants Semi-finalists Brazil, Canada, Haiti, India, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, Romania, South Africa, United Kingdom. At 5pm CET Poland time, the Suprachat Semi-Final was air featuring all 10 contestants at URL The the Evaluators nominations counted 70% and the public vote added 30% to final score.
The Five Winners are Canada, India, Peru, Philippines and South Africa. The Winner of this final round will directly TOP 24 Finalists LIST.

Result WINNER: Andrea Aguilera Miss Supranational 2023, Ecuador

TOP 5 / Runner-ups Miss Supranational 2023

  • 1st Runner-up Pauline Amelinckx, Philippines (Fast Track Winner)
  • 2nd Runner-up Sancler Frantz, Brazil (Fast Track Winner)
  • 3rd Runner-up Emma Rose Collingridge, United Kingdom
  • 4th Runner-up Ngân Đặng Thanh, Vietnam (Supra Fan-Vote Winner)

Continental Queens of Beauty

  • Miss Africa Sakhile Dube, Zimbabwe
  • Miss Americas Valeria Flórez, Peru
  • Miss Asia Pragnya Ayyagari, India
  • Miss Caribbean Andreina Pereira, Curacao
  • Miss Europe Michelle Lopez Desoisa, Gibraltar

The First Ever Supra Icon Award: Srinidhi Shetty Miss Supranational 2016 from India

TOP 12 Miss Supranational 2023

  1. Luna-Isabella Stienstra, Netherlands
  2. Valeria Flórez, Peru
  3. Crystal Matos, Dominican Republic
  4. Pragnya Ayyagari, India
  5. Vanessa López, Mexico
  6. Camille Fabery, Puerto Rico
  7. Michelle Lopez Desoisa, Gibraltar

TOP 24 Miss Supranational 2023

  1. Curaçao
  2. Zimbabwe
  3. Columbia
  4. Malaysia
  5. Spain
  6. Botswana
  7. Poland
  8. Indonesia
  9. South Africa
  10. Venezuela
  11. Thailand
  12. El Salvador

Special Awards

  1. Best National Costume: Patraporn Wang, Thailand
  2. Miss Congeniality: Ayanda Thabethe, South Africa
  3. Miss Photogenic: Luciana Martínez, El Salvador
  4. Miss Talent: Jenna Roh, South Korea
  5. Supra Chat: Pauline Amelinckx, Philippines
  6. Supra Influencer: Sancler Frantz, Brazil
  7. Supra Fan-Vote: Vietnam
  8. Supra Model: Sakhile Dube, Zimbabwe
  9. Contestants’ Choice: Andreina Pereira, Curacao

Supra Model of the Year

Africa: Sakhile Dube
Americas: Valentina Mora
Asia: Patraporn Wang
Caribbean: Maliqué Maranda
Europe: Marie Jedličková

The Supra Fan-Vote began on 29 June, Check Results

  1. Alexa Marie Grant
  2. Yasmine Wognin
  3. Pragnya Ayyagari
  4. Yasinta Aurellia
  5. Mayuko Hanawa
  6. Deidre Walker
  7. Suema Abdul Rachid
  8. Valeria Flórez
  9. Pauline Amelinckx
  10. Ngân Đặng Thanh

Miss SupraChat SemiFinal 1 Online Results are out with TOP 5 Canada, India, Peru, Philippines and South Africa

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Wed, Jun 28, 2023 Hollywood and Nowy Sącz: The Miss Supranational 2023 Online Vote commences at Official Choicely Powered Miss Supranational App today on Wednesday June 28th 2023 allowing fans and public around world to support their favorite contestants DIRECTLY ENTER TOP 12 LIST. The App is FREE and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store. Some of contestants, all national organizations and Supra-FANS have strted flooding Internet and Social Media appealing for votes. The FIRST IS FREE according to the organizer but to cast more votes you need to pay some amount.

Results Miss Supranational 2023 Pageant

Result: TOP 5 Miss SupraChat SemiFinal 1

  1. Canada, Alexa Marie Grant
  2. India, Pragnya Ayyagari
  3. Peru, Valeria Flórez
  4. Philippines, Pauline Amelinckx
  5. South Africa, Ayanda Thabethe

Result: TOP 10 Miss SupraChat SemiFinal 1

  1. Brazil, Sancler Frantz
  2. Haiti, Merlie Fleurizard
  3. Nicaragua, Katherine Burgos Reyes
  4. Romania, Ioana-Izabela Hotăran
  5. United Kingdom, Emma Rose Collingridge

TOP 8 Miss Talent: Non-fast Track Events

  1. Vinci Yuk Yu Chan, Hong Kong
  2. Ísabella Þorvaldsdóttir, Iceland
  3. Pragnya Ayyagari, India
  4. Mayuko Hanawa, Japan
  5. Jenna Roh, South Korea
  6. Deidre Walker, Malaysia
  7. Malique Maranda, The Bahamas
  8. Alexa Marie Grant, Canada

Now LIVE Watch 14TH Miss Supranational 2023 Commencement Ceremony

14TH Miss Supranational 2023 Commences with SupraChat Series of Episodes

Tue, Jun 27, 2023: The Opening Ceremony of Miss Supranational 2023 is Now Streaming LIVE to Watch Anywhere Around The World from Hotel Czarny Potok Resort SPA & Conference, Malopolska at 9pm CET / 6pm EDT Today on Tuesday June 27th, 2023

All The Contestants are being called in Alphabetical Order starting from Albania On Stage and introducing themselves.

Check The LIST of Miss Supranational 2023 Contestants

  1. Klara Musabelliu Miss Supranational Albania 2023
  2. Jana Meskens Miss Supranational Belgium 2023
  3. Stephanie Terrazas Miss Supranational Bolivia 2023, Miss Cochabamba 2022, Top 10 Miss Bolivia Orb international
  4. Dabilo Moses Miss Supranational Botswana 2023
  5. Sancler Frantz Miss Supranational Brazil 2023
  6. Chily Tevy Miss Supranational Cambodia 2023,
  7. Kevine Ghomba Miss Supranational Cameroon 2023
  8. Alexa Marie Grant Miss Supranational Canada 2023
  9. Melissa Bridgemohan Miss Supranational Cayman Islands 2023
  10. Valentina Mora Miss Supranational Colombia 2023
  11. Margaret Gray Miss Supranational Costa Rica 2023
  12. Yasmine Wognin Miss Supranational Côte d’Ivoire 2023
  13. Anetta Rajkovic Miss Supranational Croatia 2023
  14. Monica Aguilar Miss Supranational Cuba 2023
  15. Andreina Pereira Miss Supranational Curaçao 2023
  16. Marie Jedličková Miss Supranational Czech Republic 2023
  17. Crystal Matos Miss Supranational Dominican Republic 2023
  18. Andrea Aguilera Miss Supranational Ecuador 2023
  19. Luciana Martínez Miss Supranational El Salvador 2023
  20. Anita Mikue Miss Supranational Equatorial Guinea 2023
  21. Linda Heinonen Miss Supranational Finland 2023
  22. Maria Ignat Miss Supranational Germany 2023
  23. Helen Demey Matey Miss Supranational Ghana 2023
  24. Michelle Lopez Desoisa Miss Supranational Gibraltar 2023
  25. Maria Cholidou Miss Supranational Greece 2023
  26. Naida Estubier Miss Supranational Guatemala 2023
  27. Merlie Fleurizard Miss Supranational Haiti 2023
  28. Vinci Chan Miss Supranational Hong Kong 2023
  29. Ísabella Þorvaldsdóttir Miss Supranational Iceland 2023
  30. Pragnya Ayyagari Miss Supranational India 2023
  31. Yasinta Aurellia Miss Supranational Indonesia 2023
  32. Miss Supranational Japan 2023 Miss Supranational Jamaica 2023
  33. Mayuko Hanawa Miss Supranational Japan 2023
  34. Phidelia Mutunga Miss Supranational Kenya 2023
  35. Juhyeon Roh Miss Supranational Korea 2023
  36. Deidre Walker Miss Supranational Malaysia 2023
  37. Nilmani Devi Hurlall Miss Supranational Mauritius 2023
  38. Vanessa López Miss Supranational Mexico 2023
  39. Suema Abdul Rachid Miss Supranational Mozambique 2023
  40. Romiley Hoffmann Miss Supranational Namibia 2023
  41. Sama Parajuli Miss Supranational Nepal 2023
  42. Luna-Isabella Stienstra Miss Supranational Netherlands 2023
  43. Katherine Burgos Reyes Miss Supranational Nicaragua 2023
  44. Genevieve Ukatu Miss Supranational Nigeria 2023, @genevieve.edwin, MBGN Pageant, Model, Actress, Brand influencer at Vixen
  45. Fabiola Martínez
  46. Valeria Flórez
  47. Pauline Amelinckx
  48. Aleksandra Klepaczka
  49. Elodie Lopes
  50. Camille Fabery
  51. Ioana-Izabela Hotăran
  52. Simona Leskovská
  53. Fowzia Abdirashid Abdihakin
  54. Ayanda Thabethe
  55. Lola Wilson
  56. Patraporn Wang aka First Wang @firstwang, Miss Supranational Thailand 2023
  57. Mathilde Honyiglo
  58. Cadiesha Joseph
  59. Selin Erberk Gürdikyan
  60. Alina Liashuk
  61. Emma Rose Collingridge
  62. Sofia Acosta
  63. Selene Delgado
  64. Ngân Đặng Thanh
  65. Mercy Mukwiza Miss Supranational Zambia 2023
  66. Sakhile Zie Dube Miss Supranational Zimbabwe 2023