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Result WINNER: Chonnikarn Supittayaporn Miss World Thailand 2023, Chiang Mai

Marisa Phonthirat 1st Runner-up Miss Thailand 2023
Arabella Sitanan Gregory 2nd Runner-up Miss Thailand 2023
Kanokporn Payungwong 3rd Runner-up Miss Thailand 2023
Supansa Wattananusit 4th Runner-up Miss Thailand 2023

TOP 11 Miss Thailand 2023

Nadaphan Gamngern
Suratchawadee Chakkit (Fast Track Winner)
Athitiya Benjapak
Surarak Kiatsungnoen
Kanyawee Nukaew
Areeya Sansuriwong

TOP 20 Miss Thailand 2023

Switta Khamfoi
Rungthiwa Benjathikun
Thannaphat Mongkol
Passanan Tadam
Woranuch Chansuwan
Nichaphat Rodsaveek
Phawita Thammachoti
Wasunan Sawekwihari
Sirinapha Moonpla

Special Awards @ Miss Thailand 2023

  • Miss Lovely Sweetie Winner: Kanyawee Nukaew
  • Miss Healthy Beauty By, ltd    Winner: Chonnikarn Supittayaporn
  • Miss Hospitality by Centara Winner: Suratchawadee Chakkit
  • Miss Thai Beauty by Aotura Winner: Supansa Wattananusit
  • Miss Beautiful Skin Winner: Nawaporn Arukan
  • Miss Beauty Face Winner: Suwimon Phuanglam
  • Best of Stage Performance Winner: Baibua Switta Khamfoi
  • Miss Confidentiality Winner: Phachara Krisanaseranee
  • Smart Lady Winner: Nichaphat Rodsaveek
  • Best of Spirit Winner: Warisara Angkitanont
  • Best Publication of Thai Fabrics Winner: Areeya Sansuriwong
  • Face of Elegance Winner: Nattharika Nuengwongsa
  • Best Charisma Winner: Supansa Wattananusit
  • Best Charming Winner: Passanan Tadam
  • Best of Thai Rama6 Costume Winner: Pimphatra Phak Bua
  • Best of Thai Night Dress Winner: Marisa Phonthirat
  • Best of Debutante Dress Winner: Areeya Sansuriwong
  • Best of Landmark Winner: Sirinapha Moonpla, Supansa Wattananusit, Marisa Phonthirat, Areeya Sansuriwong,  Sasi Suriyachantrathong and Chonnikarn Supittayaporn
  • Best of The Ultimate Precious Winner: Areeya Sansuriwong
  • Photographer and Media Favorite Winner: Chonnikarn Supittayaporn
  • Vincent Clinic Fast Track Winner: Suratchawadee Chakkit

Sun, Mar 19, 2023: TPN Global and Tero Entertainment Venture 54TH Miss Thailand 2023 (นางสาวไทย 2566) Grand Coronation Gala, Final Competition and Crowning is Set Today LIVE from Bangkok, Chaeng Watthana Hall, Central Chaeng Watthana, Nonthaburi Starting at 7pm GMT+7 / 8am EDT
Reigning Queen Manita Farmer Miss Thailand 2022 will crown her successor at the end of Grand Finale, as new Miss Thailand 2023 / Miss Thailand World 2023!!!

Hurry up and grab a card for Miss Thailand 2023 Final Competition
at Chaengwattana Hall, Central Chaengwattana, 5th floor
Sunday March 19, 2023, The show time is 7:00 p.m.
Card Prices 500 | 1,000 | 1,500 | 2,000| 2,200 | 2,500 Baht, Buy tickets at:

Enjoy Antytime Anywhere Miss Thailand 2023 Pageant Shows at, The Latest Available Streams are:

  • Miss Thailand 2023 Preliminary Competition Round
  • Miss Thailand 2023, in-depth attitude interview round
  • Workshop of Miss Thai contestants practicing dancing for the year 2023

Vote Your Favorite Contestant WIN at Miss Thailand 2023 Pageant

Fri, Mar 3, 2023: The TPN Global and Miss Thai Organization announced during Orientation activities for Miss Thailand 2023 / Miss World Thailand 2023, THE VOTING, NOW OPEN on FACEBOOK and BITKUB NFT with 36 Contestants Images. Thai Version is after the post, Read fill details here in English

You are the judge! "20+1 Fast Track"
Let's open the way for you to shine. By voting for the beautiful Miss Thailand 2023 contestant you love to be one of the contestants 20 + 1 Fast Track to float into the final 21 automatically. Send encouragement to the beauty queen you like. closer to destination faster By voting her to be number one in every competition.
Vote for your favorite beauty queen with Upmesh - Thailand and NFT Bitkub - Thailand.

There are two forms of voting for contestants.
Pattern 1
1 Vote = 1 Point = 4 Baht
via Facebook channel Miss Thailand - Miss Thailand Organization

Pattern 2
Buy 1 NFT card = 90 points = 360 baht
Via Bitkub NFT Thailand
special!! Whoever is abroad can also have the right to vote for your favorite MT girls as well.

How to vote using the Upmesh system via Facebook, type under the comment of this post.
1. Type your favorite contestant code. followed by the number of votes you want, for example MT00=100
2. Wait for a message in Inbox with a payment link.
3. Complete address and phone number information. (Fill only once in case of using the Upmesh system for the first time)
4. Choose to pay as you want, support QR PromptPay and VISA Mastercard credit card.

How to vote by buying NFT cards via Bitkub NFT
How to buy NFT Miss Thailand 2023 Collection via:
Voting through the NFT card will come with the following exclusive benefits from Crownex:
1. 10% discount on beverages at Crownex Cafe, 5 glasses per 1 NFT.
2. Win a ticket to see Miss Thailand in the Preliminary and Final rounds, 1 ticket per round.
3. Get the right to buy an Exclusive Fanmeet card with Miss Thailand 2022.

For more information, please visit the Crownex Facebook page.
The Upmesh channel will start voting from February 28 to March 19, 2023 for the Final Competition and the Bitkub NFT channel from March 3 until the Final Competition as well.

The LIST of 47 Contestants Vying for Miss World Thailand 2023 / Miss Thailand Crown

  1. Kawoat Nadaphan Gamngern
  2. Baibua Switta Khamfoi
  3. Grace Dustia Intharak
  4. Suratchawadee Chakkit
  5. Nawaporn Arukan
  6. Thanittha Uthit
  7. Athitiya Benjapak
  8. Sirintip Phongen
  9. Chonnikarn Supittayaporn
  10. Rungthiwa Benjathikun
  11. Empecha Sujarit
  12. Sasi Suriyachantrathong
  13. Surarak Kiatsungnoen
  14. Anchittha Suksong
  15. Kanokphit Sawantranon
  16. Thanaporn Supakosol
  17. Achiraya Tomyangkun
  18. Nattharika Nuengwongsa
  19. Thannaphat Mongkol
  20. Phachara Krisanaseranee
  21. Kanokporn Payungwong
  22. Warisara Angkitanont
  23. Arabella Sitanan Gregory
  24. Zhanita Aueboonmisiri
  25. Paphatsorn Raksanoi
  26. Passanan Tadam
  27. Sathanaporn Sukunwisan
  28. Woranuch Chansuwan
  29. Natchayakarn Pakwan
  30. Mantima Supapichai
  31. Sirinthip Tiapao
  32. Nichaphat Rodsaveek
  33. Suwimon Phuanglam
  34. Ploychompoo Turapat
  35. Marisa Phonthirat
  36. Phawita Thammachoti
  37. Wasunan Sawekwihari
  38. Chananchida Jittrong
  39. Pimphatra Phak Bua
  40. Nannaphat Kluang
  41. Natthawan Khongphet
  42. Nattrada Phaphiranon
  43. Ranida Thanik Korkarnkul
  44. Sirinapha Moonpla
  45. Kanyawee Nukaew
  46. Areeya Sansuriwong
  47. Supansa Wattananusit

Mon, Feb 6, 2023: In Spectacular Press Meet at Paragon Cineplex, Movie theater in Bangkok, Thailand at Siam Paragon Shopping mall, the New Beginning Announced saying "A new era has opened for Miss Thai of the Year 2023!!!

One of the greatest beauty contests in Thailand This year's contest will take place from February to March 2023 under the management of TPN Global Company Limited, the leader in organizing international beauty pageants. to create a new phenomenon for the beauty queen industry in Thailand again

The Miss Thailand 2023 contest also cooperates with leading national organizations, including the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Ministry of Culture, Thai Airways, Central Group and CP Group who are supporters in cutting beautiful diamonds. and drive the Thai economy towards the goal together through contest activities that glorifies Thainess To promote and co-drive creative cultural industries with the potential of 5F to become a strong "Soft Power" of Thailand, including food (Food), movies and videos (Film), Thai fabrics and fashion design (Fashion), Muay Thai (Fighting) and festivals. Tradition (Festival) to the world to add economic value. Including drawing representatives of beautiful women from each province across the country to participate in the contest in response to the campaign "Thai way of life" that encourages participation of local people and builds a strong cultural network across the country. Continuing the cultural heritage of Thailand for people around the world to admire

For the host province in this year's contest is "Phatthalung Province", which will be the area for the retention activities of the Miss Thai 2023 contestants from March 5-7, 2023. Throughout the retention, there will be a campaign to promote Thai tourism. The propagation of the beauty of Thai art and culture local food culture and tourist attractions to help generate income for the community Including celebrating the occasion that the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) announced the registration of "Nora", a folk performing art that is closely related to life and is very popular with Thai people in the south. Beauty contest activities will focus on “Learning the way of life of the Muang Lung people”, whether it is the identity of Phatthalung, such as the history of Manohra and Nang Talung. Phatthalung lifestyle show learning about foods that have medicinal properties with ingredients of herbs such as Khao Yam and Gaeng Liang, which are local foods Conservation of herbal values such as herbal compress, balm, soap and tourism in Phatthalung. A land rich with nature, including forests, rice fields, and mangrove forests, culminating in a visit to natural and cultural attractions that are unique to Phatthalung.

Ms. Piyaporn Sankosik, the executive of TPN Global Co., Ltd., said, “We are very pleased to open the curtain of the Miss Thailand 2023 contest once again. To use our expertise to transform the Miss Thailand pageant stage to be equivalent to the world class. The Miss Thailand contest, in addition to finding the beautiful gems of Thailand who is a true Thai woman who is valuable and able to join and make good contributions to Thailand It also helps to drive the Thai economy as well. 5 F SOFT POWER pushing creative industries with local identity to be seen around the world. And grow sustainably as well. Therefore, the person who receives the title of the 54th Miss Thailand must have "beauty" and "beauty" as the basis. Dare to change, be compassionate, be generous, be able to represent the Thai woman of the modern era as the wisdom of the future. Be a voice for society, promote and raise the level of education for all Thai people to receive basic education. Through a focus on public charities, support scholarships for underprivileged children. as well as being a cultural and tourism ambassador.”

Mr. Chaiyawut Pungthong, chairman of the competition working group and committee The Vajiravudh College Alumni Association under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King said, “The important thing that will make the contest successful and be accepted by all sectors is the organizer. Has given the right to organize the Miss Thailand pageant to TPN Global, which has received a great response from the beauty queen fans. media from all sectors, with the highest rating of the live broadcast of the final round contest Compare with other shows on the same date and time. And there are still people who follow the activities of the contestants continuously. For this year 2023, know that TPN Global has organized a contest to make it even bigger. From having representatives of Miss Thailand selected from 77 provinces as participants in the contest until the final round of live broadcasting Miss Thai in each province will join in the activities. Including presenting interesting things in each province to viewers who follow and encourage from all provinces across the country. And this year, the person who received the title of Miss Thailand will have the opportunity to represent Thailand in the Miss World contest under the cooperation with Tero Entertainment Co., Ltd. We sincerely hope that The Miss Thailand 2023 pageant will be a stage with greatness to follow. Throughout the period of activities until the contest decision date To get representatives of Thai women who are beautiful, capable and perform the duties of cultural ambassadors. travel and activities that are beneficial to the country in the future.”

Fri, Feb 3, 2023: Today The Official Miss Thailand 2023 / Miss World Thailand 2023 Press Conference on Mon, Feb 6, 2023 at Paragon Cineplex announced (ปักหมุดแถลงข่าวนางสาวไทย 2566, วันจันทร์ที่ 6 กุมภาพันธ์ 2566 รายละเอียดเพิ่มเติม เร็ว ๆ นี้)

Sun, Jan 29, 2023: Today The Miss Thailand 2022 group returned to fulfill its promise. They are seen to Worship Phra Mongkhon Ming Mueang for the year 2023, the 8th year at Phra Mongkhon Ming Mueang Buddhist Park, Amnat Charoen Province


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