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Result WINNER: Shantel Lorraine Caba Miss Ultra Universe 2023

Yuliana Hidalgo 1st Runner-up Miss Ultra Universe 2023, Caribbean Islands

Lola Loraine Lumatelli 2nd Runner-up Miss Ultra Universe 2023, Brazil


Indonesia’s Nathania Cantika Rajagukguk
Mexico’s Ximenα Muñoz
Peru’s Claudia Sobenes Rivera

11 Contestants Vying for Miss Ultra Universe 2023 Crown at Grand Finale on Feb 9th in Bristol International Airport Hotel Guarulhos

The 3RD Miss Ultra Universe 2023 Pageant is all set with 11 Contestants will take place at the facilities of the Bristol International Airport Hotel Guarulhos The 3-Star Hotel in São Paulo Brazil in 5-Day Event starting with arrivals at Guarulhos International Airport in São Paulo Brazil on Mon, Feb 6th to Departures on Fri, Feb 10th, 2023.

Wed, Feb 8, 2023: Reigning Queen CNB Uruguay, Analia Artigas Miss Ultra Universe 2022 will crown her successor, the winner in 11 Contestants as 3RD Miss Ultra Universe 2023 and 2ND Reina Internacional Del Samba 2023 at the end of Grand Finale on Thu, Feb 9, 2023 which will be hosted by The Brazilian beauty queen Vitoria Brodt and Model Marcio Camargos. The presentation of the candidates in typical dress will be recorded and broadcast during the show.

The Brainn Child of Miss Ultra Universe Dream commenced in 2018  and crowning of Chilean Beauty Queen Paula Henríquez as The 1st Miss Ultra Universe 2020 marked the Debut Edition. (Check her secret tips at the end of this news.)

Vote for your favorite Contestants to Win Miss Ultra Universe 2023 Crown at URL

National Costume Contest is scheduled for February 9, 2023 commencing at 10:00AM in Hotel Bluee Tree Analia Franco which will be recorded and then broadcast in conjunction with Miss Ultra Universe 2023  Final Gala Broadcast! The Culture and Creativity is available to join by contact at

Check The List of 11 Contestants Vying for Miss Ultra Universe 2023 and Reina Internacional Del Samba 2023 Crowns in Guarulhos, São Paulo, Brazil

  1. Evangelina Monchiero Miss Ultra Universe Argentina 2022, @monchieroeva, Miss Latina Argentina 2016-2017
  2. Ximena Bertinat Miss Ultra Universe Uruguay 2022, @ximenabtt, Miss Uruguay Supranational 2022, Reina Nac. de la Vendimia Uruguay 2029, Public accountant
  3. Jennifer Monreal Miss Ultra Universe Germany 2022, @jenmonreal, Miss Rio Grande do Sul 2022
  4. Lola Loraine Lumatelli Miss Ultra Universe Brazil 2022, @lolalumatelli,
  5. Ximenα Muñoz G / Ximena Munoz Miss Ultra Universe Mexico 2022 @ximemunno,
  6. Gisella Flores Miss Ultra Universe Riviera Maya 2022 @gisella_flores, Embajadora México Líder 2022
  7. Chantel CabaMiss Miss Ultra Universe Dominican Republic, @lorraine_caba_, Miss Belleza del Caribe
  8. Yuliana Hidalgo Miss Ultra Universe Caribbean Island, @yulianahidalgo2
  9. Nathania Cantika Miss Ultra Universe Indonesia, @nathania_cr, Nathania Cantika Rajagukguk, Medical Student, Puteri Indonesia Lampung 2022, Putri Remaja Maluku 2021
  10. Claudia Sobenes Miss Ultra Universe Peru 2022, @claudiasobenesrivera, Mɪss Lᴀᴛɪɴᴏᴀᴍéʀɪᴄᴀ Aʀᴇǫᴜɪᴘᴀ 2021
  11. Esmeralda Garcia Miss Ultra Universe Venezuela, @esmeraldagcg

Check The Grand Finale of Miss Ultra Universe 2022 here which was held of Feb 27, 2022.

About: The Beginning ReVieweD

The Miss Ultra Universe Pageant is led by Franklin Negrin Castro, Executive Director, Audiovisual Jornalis and Runway Coach at Miss Universo Brasil and President Karol Morais, Mrs . São Paulo de las Américas 2022 and Bailarina do Ratinho at Programa do Ratinho TV show.

The First Instagram Post @ Miss Ultra Universe Pageant

The 1st Miss Ultra Universe 2020 Paula Henríquez

Many girls every day ask me the secrets of how to succeed in contests, how to choose the right dress or which shoes to occupy among other things, but beyond that I want to tell you:
That the road is difficult and full of discipline, perseverance and resilience. Every morning I wake up with a huge and very heavy bag to go to the gym, shower and run to runway classes, makeup, learn nutrition, and besides not to look tired, have perfect skin, etc. I left many things aside for my goals. I didn't have time but I wasn't afraid either! my friends and family could barely see me but i hoped they would understand.
I broke my feet from practicing so much in heels (15 cm minimum), my whole body was aching from training so much and it was hard for me to sleep at night from thinking so much, asking myself if I had everything ready or if I had forgotten something.
A lot of people were harmful because they didn't want me to achieve the goals, cry, but he was brave. First goal achieved was miss universe stgo (june 2019), then 2nd runner up in national (sept 2019) after that represent my country 🇨🇱 abroad 🇧🇷 achieving to bring the international crown 👑.
Each of these photos bring me very strong emotions and I wanted to share them so that when you decide to look back just do it to be clear that every day you are going to be better than yesterday and if you are wrong DO NOT GIVE UP! No matter what they say and just compete with yourself to be better until one day you ask yourself this question.... the girl you were at age 10 would you cry with excitement to see what she would become? And yes, I would cry with emotion because my childhood was very difficult and complicated, I suffered a lot, but this is what fills me with never giving up.
So as an answer to all those who ask me: preparation is the fundamental fight hard and even though the body is tired your mind will help you if you really want it ♥️ 🙏 ✨
This is just the beginning surprises come and give the heart.
grateful @insomnia_media @jrrosal
@andruwdiaz @m23memo @romanticbeautycl @homerosote @erik.alexanderrr @santiagomodel


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