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The Miss Universe Event Updates As It Happens>>>

Mexico's Andrea Meza is New Miss Universe, Zozi Crowns Andrea: @ 11.0pm @ Miss Universe Hollywood

Final results    Contestant
Miss Universe 2020:  Mexico's Andrea Meza
Miss Universe 2020 1st Runner-Up: Brazil's Julia Gama
Miss Universe 2020 2nd Runner-Up: Peru's Janick Maceta
Miss Universe 2020 3rd Runner-Up: India;s Adline Castelino
Miss Universe 2020 4th Runner-Up: Dominican Republic's Kimberly Jiménez

Hold back tears as Zozi Tunzi  takes the stage one last time as Miss Universe! @ 10.56pm @ Miss Universe Hollywood

New Miss Universe Crowning Moments are very near

Louis Fonsi Entertaining The Universe's Top 5 Queens with All of Universe seen LIVE @ 10.50pm @ Miss Universe Hollywood

FINAL STATEMENT: Peru's Janick Maceta  @ 10.38pm @ Miss Universe Hollywood

FINAL STATEMENT: Dominican Republic's Kimberly Jimenez

FINAL STATEMENT: Brazil's Julia Gama

FINAL STATEMENT: India's Adline Castelino

FINAL STATEMENT: Mexico's Andrea Meza

New Miss Universe Moments are very near @ 10.30pm @ Miss Universe Hollywood

Last up for the final question is Peru, with a powerful message. @ 10.28pm @ Miss Universe Hollywood

What an answer, Dominican Republic.  @ 10.27pm @ Miss Universe Hollywood

What an answer, Dominican Republic.  @ 10.26pm @ Miss Universe Hollywood

A strong message from Brazil. @ 10.25pm @ Miss Universe Hollywood

What a powerful final answer from India. @ 10.24pm @ Miss Universe Hollywood

10.20pm @ Miss Universe Hollywood: Final questions are here! The first to go is Mexico.

9.40pm @ Miss Universe Hollywood: 

Top 5 List Announced Online LIVE, Mexico, India, Brazil, Dominican Republic & Peru Wins Spots

9.40pm @ Miss Universe Hollywood: This year's National Costume winner is...Myanmar! 

Myanmar's Miss Myanmar Thuzar Wint Lwin is National Costume Winner

9pm @ Miss Universe Hollywood: Top 10 Announcement Commences Online LIVE

The Results of The Top 10 Miss Universe Contestants List is Announced LIVE Online

  • 10TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Jamaica's Miss Jamaica Miqueal-Symone Williams
  • 09TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Dominican Republic's Kimberly Jimenez, 24, La Romana
  • 08TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is India's Adline Castelino, 22, Mangalore, Karnataka
  • 07TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Peru's Miss Peru Janick Maceta Del Castillo, 27, Lima
  • 06TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Australia's Miss Australia Maria Thattil, 28, Melbourne
  • 05TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Puerto Rico's Estefania Soto Torres, 29, Puerto Rico
  • 04TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Thailand's Amanda  Obdam, 27, Phuket
  • 03TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Costa Rica's Ivonne Cerdas, 28, San Jose
  • 02TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Mexico's Miss Mexico Andrea Meza
  • 01TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Brazil's Julia  Gama, 27, Porto Alegre

9pm @ Miss Universe Hollywood: Miss Universe Stage is Glittering With Top 21 Semifinalists Ema Savahl Swimsuit Round starting from Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines, Great Britain, 

No Youtube LIVE for 2021 69TH Miss Universe, As stated by many but whole lot of Unofficial Miss Universe Coronation Night are seen claiming "Today is the grand coronation night of our Miss Universe 2020, please hold and standby for the live feed."

The Results of The Top 21 Miss Universe Contestants List is Announced LIVE Online

  • 21ST Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Colombia's Miss Colombia Laura Olascuaga
  •  20TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Peru's Miss Peru Janick Maceta
  • 19TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Australia's Miss Australia Maria Thattil
  • 18TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is France's Miss France Amandine Petit
  • 17TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Myanmar's Miss Myanmar Thuzar Wint Lwin
  • 16TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Jamaica's Miss Jamaica Miqueal-Symone Williams
  • 15TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Mexico's Miss Mexico Andrea Meza
  • 14TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Dominican Republic's Kimberly   Jimenez   24     La Romana
  • 13TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is USA, America's Miss USA Asya Branch
  • 12TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Indonesia's Ayu Maulida    Putri, 23, Surabaya
  • 11TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Argentina's Alina Luz Akselrad, 23, Cordoba
  • 10TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is India's Adline Castelino, 22, Mangalore, Karnataka
  • 10TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Curaçao's Chantal    Wiertz    22            Willemstad
  • 09TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Puerto Rico's Estefania    Soto    Torres    29    Puerto Rico
  • 08TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Philippines's Rabiya   Mateo   24       Iloilo City
  • 06TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Brazil's Julia   Gama, 27, Porto Alegre
  • 05TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Great Britain's Jeanette   Akua   29     London
  • 04TH Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Nicaragua's Ana   Marcelo   24       Estelí
  • 03RD Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Thailand's Amanda   Obdam, 27, Phuket
  • 02ND Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Costa Rica's Ivonne Cerdas, 28, San Jose
  • 01ST Miss Universe Hollywood Contestant is Vietnam's  Khanh   Van   Nguyen   Tran   26   Ho Chi Minh City


8.01pm: And The Grand Coronation Night Go LIVE To Crown News Miss Universe 2020 in 2021
Contestants are entering in MU 2021 Hollywood State in Mega Fire Exploding in Back Ground Looks Like A Large Flock of Butterflies The Kaleidoscope entering from Universe on Hollywood Stage
Paulina in Pinkish Shine, Cheslie White Shining an Demi-Leigh in Dark Golden Sparkling Gown, The Queens on Stage


7.40pm: 10 Minutes To Go LIVE

7.40pm Fully Sold Out Event: Hard Rock Notice says "Due to the limited event capacity for the 69th Miss Universe Competition and high demand for these packages, VIP Packages are sold out at this time. For issues with the order you placed, please contact our support team. For any questions regarding the event, please CLICK HERE to refer to our FAQ. Please CLICK HERE to review the COVID-19 policies for this event. Ticketholders must comply with these policies to attend the event." 

Backstage Contestants Makeup LIVE from Event Venue


Sunday May 16, 2021 Hollywood, Florida, United States & Monday 17 May 2021, Chhattisgarh, India: At the moment Universe is Rocking, Dancing, Clapping and Chearing up with sequential announcement of Miss Universe 2021 Results Online in LIVE Streams from Hollywood.
Here is Miss Universe 2021 Results Online as it’s announced LIVE: The Results declared in reverse order from 21st Contestant to sequentially graduating to The First 1ST Miss Universe in Top 21 i.e. New Miss Universe 2021.

All Other 53 Miss Universe Contestants are unplaced but We call them One of 74 Miss Universe Contestants.

LIVE from Hollywood: 

Miss Universe 2021 (but officially 69th Miss Universe 2020) has commenced in Hollywood. The 69th edition of the Miss Universe competition is being held today on May 16, 2021 at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida, United States starting from 8pm ET and Current Miss Universe South Africa's Zozibini Tunzi has to CROWN her NEW Successor at the end of the event.

Contestants from 74 countries and territories are competing in Hollywood.

The competition Miss Universe 2021 is hosted by Mario Lopez and Olivia Culpo; Lopez last served as host during Miss Universe 2007, while Culpo was crowned Miss Universe 2012.

Paulina Vega and Demi-Leigh Tebow are serving as expert analysts, and Cheslie Kryst as a backstage correspondent; they had previously been crowned as Miss Universe 2014, Miss Universe 2017, and Miss USA 2019, respectively.

Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi ready to perform.

Those in Not Top 21 can be checked in following list: Miss Universe Announces Online LIVE The Names of Contestants Who Are NOT in Top 21 List!

These 53 Miss Universe Contestants are not placed in Top 21 List but They are Now Global Celebrity on Their Own!!! The Placed Their Countries in A Proud Position in Universe.

COUNTRY First Name Last Name AGE (ON MAY 16) Hometown

Albania    Paula    Mehmetukaj    23            Tirana

Armenia    Monika    Grigoryan    21            Vanadzor
Aruba    Helen    Hernandez    20            Oranjestad

Bahamas    Shauntae    Miller    28            Nassau
Barbados    Hillary-Ann    Williams    25            Christ Church
Belgium    Dhenia    Covens    23            Antwerp
Belize    Iris    Salguero    24            San Pedro
Bolivia    Lenka    Nemer    24            La Paz

British    Virgin    Islands    Shabree    Frett    24    Tortola
Bulgaria    Radinela    Chusheva    25            Sofia
Cambodia    Sarita    Reth    26            Phnom Penh
Cameroon    Angele    Kossinda    28            Douala
Canada    Nova    Stevens    26            Vancouver
Cayman    Islands    Mariah    Tibbetts    27        Grand Cayman
Chile    Daniela    Nicolas    28            Copiapo
China    Jiaxin    Sun    23            Beijing

Croatia    Mirna    Naiia    Maric    22        Zadar

Czech    Republic    Klára    Vavrušková    21        Rychnov nad Knežnou
Denmark    Amanda    Petri    23            Copenhagen

Ecuador    Leyla    Espinoza    Calvache    24        Quevedo
El    Salvador    Vanessa    Velásquez    25        San Salvador
Finland    Viivi    Altonen    24            Tampere

Ghana    Chelsea    Tayui    25            Keta, Volta Region

Haiti    Eden    Berandoive    24            Aquin
Honduras    Cecilia    Rossell    25            Copan
Iceland    Elísabet    Hulda    Snorradóttir    22        Mosfellsbaer

Ireland    Nadia    Sayers    26            Omagh
Israel    Tehila    Levi    19            Yavne
Italy    Viviana    Vizzini    27            Caltanissetta

Japan    Aisha    Harumi    Tochigi    25        Tokyo
Kazakhstan    Kamila    Serikbai    18            Kizylorda
Korea    Hari    Park    21            Korea
Kosovo    Blerta    Veseli    23            Gjilan
Laos    Christina    Lasasimma    27            Laos
Malaysia    Francisca    Luhong    James    25        Kuching, Sarawak
Malta    Anthea    Zammit    26            Zebbug
Mauritius    Vandana    Jeetah    29            Central Flacq

Nepal    Anshika    Sharma    24            Jhapa
Netherlands    Denise    Speelman    24            Netherlands

Norway    Sunniva    Frigstad    21            Vennesla
Panama    Carmen    Jaramillo    26            Panamá
Paraguay    Vanessa    Castro    Guillén    28        Caacupé

Poland    Natalia    Pigula    27            Lódz
Portugal    Cristiana    Silva    19            Paços de Ferreira

Romania    Bianca    Lorena    Tirsin    22        Arad, Romania
Russia    Alina    Sanko    22            Moscow
Singapore    Bernadette    Belle    Ong    26        Upper Bukit Timah
Slovak    Republic    Natália    Hoštáková    26        Považská Bystrica
South    Africa    Natasha    Joubert    23        Pretoria
Spain    Andrea    Martínez    27            León

Ukraine    Yelyzaveta    Yastremska    28            Kyiv
Uruguay    Lola    De    los    Santos    23    Paysandú

Venezuela    Mariangel    Villasmil    25            Ciudad Ojeda


HOLLYWOOD, FL (May 17, 2021) – Miss Universe Mexico Andrea Meza was crowned Miss Universe live on FYI™ and Telemundo last night from the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. Andrea will use her year as Miss Universe to advocate for women’s rights and against gender-based violence. 

After a beautiful National Costume Competition, rounds of interviews, a preliminary competition and the live Finals, Andrea was crowned with the beautiful Mouawad Power of Unity Crown, presented to her by outgoing Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi, who now holds the title for the longest-ever reigning Miss Universe.

“I am so honored to have been selected among the 73 other amazing women I stood with tonight,” said Miss Universe Andrea Meza. “It is a dream come true to wear the Miss Universe crown, and I hope to
serve the world through my advocacy for equality in the year to come and beyond.”

Check More with Pictures @ Mexico's Andrea Meza is New Miss Universe: Miss Universe 2021 Hollywood Results Online

Andrea Meza, 26, is from Chihuahua City, and represented her home country, Mexico, as Miss Universe Mexico, in the 69th annual Miss Universe competition. Andrea has a degree in software engineering, and
is an activist, and currently works closely with the Municipal Institute for Women, which aims to end gender-based violence. She is also a certified make-up artist and model, who is passionate about being active and living a healthy lifestyle. She is also vegan, and enjoys extreme sports in her free time, including rappelling and sand boarding. Andrea is also the official Tourism Brand Ambassador for her hometown, Chihuahua, promoting the best tourist attractions and rich culture her beautiful home offers.

“It is certainly emotional to see the crown begin a new journey tonight with Andrea,” said Paula M. Shugart, president of the Miss Universe Organization. “After a year unlike any other, I am so grateful for the extra months we got to spend with Zozi, and I know Andrea will reign with strength, ambition and grace.”

The inspiring show was hosted by Access Hollywood’s Mario Lopez and actress and model Olivia Culpo, with an electrifying performance by Grammy-nominated artist Luis Fonsi. Miss Universe 2017 DemiLeigh Tebow, Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst, and Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the show throughout the night. If fans missed the live show on FYI or Telemundo, they can still catch the action streaming beginning Monday on Roku.

At this year’s Miss Universe competition, women representing 74 countries competed in multiple categories. The show aired in over 190 countries and territories across the globe. Andrea will move to New York City today to represent the brand and various philanthropic organizations during her reign.

This year’s Miss Universe Selection Committee was comprised of Miss Universe 1997 Brook Lee; Miss Universe 2006 Zuleyka Rivera; president of Carnival Cruise Line Christine Duffy, CMO of Mary Kay Cosmetics Sheryl Adkins-Green; actor and activist Arden Cho; CEO of Live Tinted Deepica Mutyala; television host Keltie Knight; and CEO of Arena del Rio Tatyana Orozco.

During the telecast, Miss Universe Myanmar Thuzar Wint Lwin was announced as the winner of the National Costume Competition, following her emotional display on Thursday to “Pray for Myanmar” amidst the political climate in her country. Additionally, Miss Universe Bolivia Lenka Nemer was announced as the first-ever winner of the Miss Universe Impact Award, presented by Invisi Smart. CEO of Invisi Smart Saba Yussouff presented the award to Nemer for her work advancing urban cultivation to eradicate hunger and food insecurity. The president of Carnival Cruise Line, Christine Duffy, presented Miss Universe Dominican Republic Kimberly Jimenez “The Carnival Spirit Award.” Jimenez was named the godmother of the Mardi Gras liner for exhibiting the spirit of friendship.

Taking its inspiration from the universal themes of nature, strength, beauty, femininity and fairness, the Mouawad MISS UNIVERSE® Power of Unity Crown is crafted from 18-karat gold and handset with more than 1,725 white diamonds and 3 golden canary diamonds. These hundreds of diamonds are set in intricate interplays of motifs of petals, leaves and vines, representing communities across the seven continents whose bonds unite them in the same purpose of empowering one another. The crown’s centerpiece, a shield cut golden canary diamond weighing a magnificent 62.83ct, and its harmony with the diamonds surrounding it, inspires the crown’s name, the Power of Unity.

Mouawad Co-Guardian Pascal Mouawad said, “It is inspiring to see the Mouawad MISS UNIVERSE® Power of Unity Crown begin a new chapter with a new reigning Miss Universe. We look forward to seeing its powerful message of beauty, unity and being a force for good be embodied and carried forward by Andrea.”

For more information on the Miss Universe Organization, please follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

Image: MUO Photographer: TRACY NGYUEN: Andrea Meza, Miss Universe Mexico 2020 is crowned Miss Universe at the conclusion of the 69th Miss Universe Competition® on May 16, 2021 at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. The new winner will move to New York City where she will live during her reign and become a spokesperson for various causes alongside The Miss Universe Organization.
Keywords: Key Words: Miss Universe, 69th Miss Universe, Winner

About The Miss Universe Organization (MUO)
The Miss Universe Organization (MUO) is a global community that empowers women to realize their goals through experiences that build self-confidence and create opportunities for success. MISS UNIVERSE®, MISS USA®, and MISS TEEN USA® programs provide the 10,000 women who participate annually an international platform to affect positive change through influential humanitarian and professional efforts. The contestants and titleholders are leaders and role models in their communities, develop personal and professional goals, and inspire others to do the same. The Miss Universe Organization is an IMG company.

For more information, visit

About FYI
FYI,TM inspires the ‘enthusiast’ in us all by highlighting those who live life to the fullest and pursue their passions and interests. Bringing together in one place a range of enthusiast lifestyle genres – from cars to all things home, the great outdoors to the amazing stories behind collectibles and much more – FYI, takes viewers inside the worlds of passionate enthusiasts who live their lives on their own terms. FYI is an A+E Networks’ brand.

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