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Result WINNER: Maria Brechane Miss Universo Brasil 2023, Rio Grande do Sul @mari_brechane

TOP 2 Finalists

TOP 7 Finalists

  1. Pará @milenajgomes
  2. Mato Grosso @missbarbarareis
  3. Sergipe @gabrielabotelho
  4. Amazonas @alicecasanova.-
  5. Goiás @renataguerraotoni
  6. São Paulo @vibrodt
  7. Rio Grande do Sul @mari_brechane

Sat, Jul 8, 2023 Hollywood and Sao Paolo: The Tickets to join in-person the Miss Universo Brasil 2023 Grand Finale and Coronation Night on Saturday July 8th 2023 starting at 9pm in Pátio Welucci São Paulo are available to book online at URL. The Doors Open at 7pm and will be closed at 8:30pm. The Coronation Show Stream can be watched FREE here:

Now LIVE The Biquini Prelim, Swimsuit Competition with 27 Miss Universe Brazil 2023 Contestants

The National Costume Competition, Traje típico will be on Friday, July 7th 2023. The Pageant Venue Pátio Welucci is located at Address: Texas Street, 243 - Brooklin, São Paulo - SP, 04557-000, Brazil.

The Interview session is conducted by Judges Paulo Filho a Coach, Bianca Aydos a Speech Therapist and Voice Specialist, Fábio Paula  a journalist, missologist, podcaster and juror; National Director Marthina Brandt and Leonardo Gaspar Psychiatric Doctor, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.

Today Organização Miss Brasil run by National director Marthina Brandt is conducting the Swimsuit Competition called Preliminar do Biquini which is Streaming LIVE. The Judges are Doug Catwalk, Coach, Juror and Missologist; Franklin Negrin Castro Audiovisual Jornalist, International Director of Miss Ultra Universe and Runway Coach; Namie Wihby, Catwalk and Behavior Instructor and Director of Namie Wihby School & Events; Juliana Borges Interior Designer Art Color Designer at

It can be watched here

Tue, Jul 4, 2023: Today all contestants visited the official sponsor NUBELLE Prevenção e Rejuvenescimento, at its unit in Brás. The Misses had the opportunity to get to know the history of Nubelle up close, which aims to prevent and rejuvenate, in addition to being known as the Misses brand. Check Visuals here.

Check The LIST of 27 Miss Universe Brazil 2023 Contestants

Voting Online To Support The Contestant of Choice to Top 7 is Open for Public Here

Name of Contestant, Regional Title, Age, Heaight, Hometown, Other Details

  1. Ludimila Souza Pereira, Miss Universe Acre, 21, 1.68, Xapuri, Biology Student
  2. Alessandra Ohana Nery Barcellos, Miss Universe Amapá, 25, 1.68, Macapá, medical student
  3. Alice de Lima Casanova, Miss Universe Amazonas, 25, 1.70, Coari, Interior designer
  4. Raíssa Dutra Rodrigues, Miss Universe Bahia, 22, 1.68, Barra da Estiva, Dentistry Student
  5. Beatriz Moreira Militão, Miss Universe Ceará, 25, 1.72, Trairi, Financial Management Academic
  6. Thayná Souza de Lima, Miss Universe Distrito Federal, 27, 1.75, Setor Noroeste, Academic of Veterinary Medicine
  7. Anna Beatriz Pereira de Souza, Miss Universe Espírito Santo, 19, 1.75, Vitória, Model, makeup artist
  8. Renata Guerra Otoni de Abreu, Miss Universe Goiás, 27, 1.73, Alto Paraíso de Goiás,, Mother,  Model, Singer and Actress
  9. Lorena Caroline Maia e Silva, Miss Universe Maranhão, 27, 1.70, São Luís, Mother, Model, Businesswoman
  10. Bárbara Ciríaco dos Reis, Miss Universe Mato Grosso, 26, 1.80, Norte Mato-Grossense, Model, Digital Influencer
  11. Rebeca Campos Vianna, Miss Universe Mato Grosso do Sul, 24, 1.84, Campo Grande, Model, Businesswoman
  12. Isadora Lúcia de Souza Silva, Miss Universe Minas Gerais, 21, 1.73, Ouro Preto, Model, Academic of Journalism
  13. Milena Gomes de Jesus, Miss Universe Pará, 25, 1.70, Salvaterra, Biologist and Entrepreneur
  14. Ana Vitória Jacinto Araújo, Miss Universe Paraíba, 24, 1.79, Pocinhos, Nursing Student
  15. Mariana Becker Bonetti, Miss Universe Paraná, 26, 1.68, Francisco Beltrão, Administrator and Model
  16. Maria Erivânia Izídio Souza, Miss Universe Pernambuco, 24, 1.66, Santa Cruz do Capibaribe, Biologist and Model
  17. Gabriela Reis Menezes, Miss Universe Piauí, 26, 1.64, Parnaíba, Mother, Attorney and Model
  18. Giovanna Maria França, Miss Universe Rio Grande do Norte, 22, 1.77, Natal, Nutritionist and Model
  19. Maria Eduarda Ribeiro Brechane, Miss Universe Rio Grande do Sul, 19, 1.75, Rio Grande, Model, Actress, and Academic of Journalism
  20. Vitória Ribeiro de Brito, Miss Universe Rondônia, 19, 1.70, Vilhena, Model, Writer and Entrepreneur
  21. Manoela Figueira Salcides, Miss Universe Roraima, 23, 1.70, Boa Vista, Fashion Designer and Ballet dancer
  22. Sasha Benner Bauer, Miss Universe Santa Catarina, 24, 1.76, Blumenau, Attorney and Model
  23. Vitória Zenobini Brodt, Miss Universe São Paulo, 24, 1.72, Campinas, Model and Actress
  24. Gabriela Botelho Campos Serrano, Miss Universe Sergipe, 22, 1.73, Aracaju, Fashion Designer and Model
  25. Victória Guarda Schneider, Miss Universe Tocantins, 23, 1.75, Palmas, Businesswoman and Model
  26. Erivânia Izídio, Miss Universo Pernambuco 2023, Biologist - UFPE, Master's student in Geosciences, Model
  27. Paula Cardoso, Miss Universe Rio de Janeiro 2023, Marketing and Fashion


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