Out Going Queen Sofia Depassier Miss Universe Chile 2022)

Miss Universe Chile 2023 Prelim Aug 11th and Grand Finale Aug 13 @ Free LIVE Stream

María Fernanda Aristizabal Miss Universe Colombia 2022 will Host Belleza Chilena Miss Universo Chile 2023

Tue, May 16, 2023: Today Miss Universe Chile Organization revealed “For the first time in the history of Miss Universe Pageant, it is announced that the Chilean national final can be seen exclusively, on the official Miss Universe YouTube channel on Sunday August 13, 2023 Starting at 7:00PM GMT-4.” This August 13 Universe will meet the successor to Sofia Depassier Miss Universe Chile 2022, in a 2-hour event, to be held from the capital of Chile, Santiago!

The organization has expressed gratitude to the Dr. Anne Jakrajutatip owned Miss Universe Organization saying “Thanks MUO for your trust! We will do our best!”

Streaming Now: Miss Universe Chile 2023 Grand Finale & Coronation

The organization further adds “The candidates of Belleza Chilena Miss Universo Chile 2023 2023 will surely deliver a great show in terms of catwalk, some of them working hard in their preparation as shown in this video.”

Result WINNER: Celeste Viel, Miss Chile 2023 / Miss Universe Chile 2023

TOP 5 / Runners-up

  • 1ST Runner-up / Primera finalista: Puerto Varas, Kristina Lie
  • 2ND Runner-up / Segunda finalista: Santiago, Magdalena Landshut
  • 3RD Runner-up / Tercera finalista: Rancagua, Amaya Butrón, People Choice Winner
  • 4TH Runner-up / Cuarta finalista: Antofagasta, Carla Sánchez

TOP 11

  1. Antofagasta, Carla Sánchez
  2. Chicureo, Camila Santander
  3. Chiloé, Natia Tirachini
  4. Colina, Gabriela Vásquez
  5. La Reina, Karol Eberl, People’s Choice Winner
  6. Providencia, Anais Godoy
  7. San Bernardo, Magdalena Cid

Final Casting May 20th

All Chilean Women Aspiring to National Crown The Road to Miss Universe 2023 Crown have last chance, as This May 20, from 5 to 7 pm at Ciro’s / Comida Chilena y de Ultramar @cirosbar.cl the last casting of Miss Universe Chile 2023 edition is scheduled. A never miss opportunity is just waiting around the corner to grad.

The LIST of 20 Miss Universe Chile 2023 Contestants Confirmed So Far

  1. Amaya Butrón Miss Rancagua 2023 @amayabutronc is 20 years old, is a design student at the Catholic University and from a very young age she practices dance. Amaya will represent Rancagua in the grand final of Miss Universe Chile 2023 on Aug 13th LIVE.
  2. Arantza Bori aka Arantza Bori Heyne Miss Universo Iquique 2023 @arantzabrh is 21, a law student, a debate and critical thinking aide and co-founder of a social volunteering project. Arantza will represent Iquique.
  3. Celeste Viel @celeviel is 23 years old, is a public relations student, model, health coach and loves healthy cooking. Celeste will represent the Chilean Community Abroad. She is holistic health coach @ IIN, The world’s leading health education platform @nutritionschool.
  4. Valeria González Miss Universo Alto Hospicio 2023 and Miss Grand IQUIQUE 2022 @valee_fernandaa is 22 years old, is a model, technician in business management and psychologist in training. Valeria will represent Alto Hospicio.
  5. Kristina Lie @kristinanlie is 26, a model, studies management and is the first mother to participate in our pageant, achieving inclusive history in our country. Kristina will represent Puerto Varas.
  6. Macarena Quinteros Miss Universo Patagonia 2023, @macarenaquinteros_ is 24 years old, is a model, lover of reading and specializing in the beauty and personal care industry. Macarena is passionate about sustainable fashion and caring for the planet. The year 2020 represented Chile in the Miss Earth pageant, and this year will represent Patagonia
  7. Carla Sanchez Miss Universe Antofagasta, @crl.sanchez, is 24 years old, risk preventionist and dedicated to being an entrepreneur, host and model. Carla defines herself as an influencer, as she loves to inspire other women through her personal story of struggle and effort. @crl.sanchez will represent Antofagasta.
  8. Karol Eberl Miss Universo La Reina 2023, is 21 years old, is a PE pedagogy student, personal trainer and yoga teacher. She loves sports and teaching. He wants to help women achieve their goals without restriction. @_karoleberl will represent La Reina.
  9. Magdalena Cid Miss Universe San Bernardo, @magiraffee, 19-year-old, will represent San Bernardo in the final of Miss Universe Chile 2023. Magdalena is a professional model and passionate about the gym and healthy living. She currently has a family business and next year she plans to start studying law.
  10. Catalina Pradenas Miss Universo Chicureo, @cataapradenas, 21, will be the representative of Chicureo in the grand finale of Miss Universe Chile 2023. Catalina is a veterinary medicine student at PUC since her greatest passion is animals. In her spare time she works as a hostess and model.
  11. Anais Godoy Miss Universo Providencia @anaiis.gm, is 19 years old and will represent the Providencia commune in the final of Miss Universe Chile 2023.

    Anais is a model and works as a hostess at events. Today she is studying a theater workshop, and among her closest plans is traveling to study English abroad. She plays professional volleyball and has a glass candle business.

  12. Carla Ossandon Miss Universe Ovalle 23, @calliossandon, 27 years old and is a dentist by profession. She loves sports and healthy life. She has a pet clothing business and one of her favorite hobbies is uploading content on social networks and thus influencing youth.
  13. Gabriela Vásquez Miss Universe Colina ​​​​​​​@_gabrielavasquezdavila, 23 years old and is studying to be a veterinarian. She is a professional model and is passionate about painting and horse riding. She currently works as a veterinary assistant and volunteers at a children’s cancer foundation.
  14. Constanza Núñez Miss Universo Peñaflor @coni.nunezr, 26 years old and will represent Peñaflor in the grand finale of Miss Universe Chile 2023. Constanza is a student of psychology and an entrepreneur, since she has an importer of American clothing. In her entrepreneurship, she seeks to provide a source of work for the women of the country. In 2015 she participated in the Miss Chile 2017 contest.
  15. Camila Santander Miss Universo Huechuraba, @camilasantanderv, 25 years old, she is a commercial engineer and has an accessories and beauty venture. She loves to paint pictures, especially of animals and she also practices Easter, Arabic and flamenco dancing. Camila comes from a family of queens, her mother was 4th Miss Chile in 1985. She is Miss Europa Continental Chile 2023 and Miss Cosmos Chile 2022.
  16. Francisca Sembler Miss Las Condes, @fisemb, 26 years old and lives in Las Condes. She is a psychologist by profession and her favorite hobby is pole dancing. She would like to make visible issues related to mental health, such as bipolarity… that is why she is currently studying for a diploma in personality disorders.
  17. Natia Tirachini, Miss Isla de Chiloé, @natia_tirachini, 1st Runner-up Miss Santiago Chile 2022, Natia Juliette Tirachini Lincoleo, a dental surgeon in the city of Ancud and she really likes discovering new sports. He is currently learning paddle and basketball.
  18. Magdalena Landshut, Miss Santiago Chile @magdalandshut, 20, an occupational therapy student at San Sebastian University
  19. Indira Bravo, Miss Universo Arica, a freelance model, saxophonist and passionate about art, 22 years old, is Chilean-Bolivian and will represent the city of Arica in Miss Chile Universe 2023. Indira is a freelance model, saxophonist and passionate about art in general, through her work and social networks she seeks to contribute to the empowerment and self-esteem of people, especially women, carrying the message that it is possible to achieve dreams after being mothers.
  20. Martina Gaete, Miss Universo Viña del Mar 2023, a law student at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, 18 years old and a law student at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Within her passions is dancing, and she is currently a dancer of the Florida Municipal Theater Folk Ballet. Martina was second runner-up of @misssantiagochile in its 2022 version and this year she will represent the beautiful city of Jardín, she is Viña del Mar in Miss Universe Chile 2023.

Miss Universe Chile 2023 Casting Today on March 19th at Bombero Núñez 130 includes Minis, Teens and Ladies

Sofia Depassier Miss Universe Chile 2022 calls you to The General Casting Today

Sun, Mar 19, 2023: Don’t miss the big casting this March 19th! You can arrive between 15:00 and 17:00 hours at Bombero Núñez 130 located at Address: 8420478 Santiago, Recoleta, Región Metropolitana, Chile!

Miss Universe Chile Organization will include in casting minis, teens and ladies, our own contests under our guise. All ages and nationalities are welcome to attend.

You can now enter the competition @missminichile for girls aged 5-13. It will be performed in Santiago and it will be spectacular. Don’t miss this great experience by requesting the bases to WhatsApp that appears on the poster or by contacting @kimybruja.