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Results Winner: Diana Silva Miss Universe Venezuela 2023
Andrea Rubio Miss Venezuela International 2023

Daniela Malavé Primera finalista (1st Runner-Up)
Andrea Romero Segunda finalista (2nd Runner-Up)
Katheryne Bello Tercera finalista (3rd Runner-Up)

Special: Must Check The elegance and glamor of Parade in Gala Dress The Evening Gown Walk by 24 Contestants in Specially Designed Dress Separately with Each Designer: one of the most anticipated moments of the night!

The Latest Miss Venezuela Result with Updated International Pageant Representation

  • Diana Silva Miss Venezuela Universe 2022 for Miss Universe 2023, Represents Distrito Capital
  • Andrea Rubio Miss Venezuela International 2022 for Miss International 2023, Represents Portuguesa
  • Daniela Malavé 1st Runner-Up    Miss Venezuela 2022 for Miss Supranational 2023, Representing Delta Amacuro
  • Andrea Romero 2nd Runner-Up Miss Venezuela 2022 for    Miss Intercontinental 2023, Represents La Guaira
  • Katheryne Bello 3rd Runner-Up    Miss Venezuela 2022 for Miss United Continents 2023, Represents Amazonas
  • TOP 5

Andrea Rubio
Katheryne Bello
Daniela Malavé
Diana Silva
Andrea Romero

TOP 10

  1. Katheryne Bello
  2. Mariángel del Valle
  3. Ana Erazo
  4. Lorena Bodenski
  5. Daniela Malavé
  6. Diana Silva
  7. Andrea Romero
  8. Litzy Sarahí
  9. Sharon Frontado
  10. Andrea Rubio

Results: Special Award Winners

Miss Congeniality: Luisana Siso
Miss Photogenic: Diana Silva Miss Fotogénica
Miss Elegance Daniela Malavé Miss Elegancia
Miss Integral Beauty: Linamar Nadaf Miss Belleza Integral
Miss Extreme Beauty: Alessandra Marubini Miss Belleza Extrema
Miss Glamour: Daniela Malavé
Miss Smile: Daniela Malavé Miss Sonrisa
Miss Catwalk Hands: Andrea Rubio Miss Manos de pasarela
Miss Influencer: Andrea Rubio
Best Figure: Katheryne Bello Miss Figura
Best Hair: Katheryne Bello Miss Pelo Lindo
Miss Technology: Diana Silva Miss Tecnología
Best Face: Diana Silva El Rostro Más Bello
Best Skin: Andrea Romero Miss Piel linda y saludable
Best Designer Carabobo – Lorena Bodenski (designed by Wilfredo Camacho), Mejor Diseño
Miss Personality: Jessica Alaimo Miss Personalidad

Rush to Official URLs Miss Venezuela 2022 Grand Finale OR OR Venevisión TV

Miss Venezuela Coronation Gala / En Vivo Miss Venezuela Belleza Que Inspira is scheduled in Poliedro de Caracas Sports arena today on Wed, Nov 16, 2022 at 7:00 PM UTC-4 / 6:00 PM EST

Reigning Queen 2021 Miss Venezuela Amanda Dudamel Miss Universe Venezuela 2022 and Isbel Parra Miss International Venezuela 2020 will crown their successor, the winner in 24 Contestants as Miss Venezuela 2022 along with Miss Universe Venezuela 2023 and Miss Venezuela International 2023 Crowns at the end of Grand Finale on Wed, Nov 16, 2022!!!

You can check Past LIVE Streams too along with tons of video updates, including:

  • Interview With The Miss Venezuela 2022 Jury
  • Official Press Conference Miss Venezuela 2022
  • Official Press Conference Miss Venezuela 2022
  • Interactive Gala 2022
  • Official Presentation of the Candidates for Miss Venezuela 2022

Katheryne Saharaí Bello Guevara aka Miss Amazonas 2022 is winner Miss Pelo Lindo 2022 aka Miss Cute Hair 2022 and Miss Best Figure!!!,

The Final Hosts are Maite Delgado, Henrys Silva, José Andrés Padrón and Luis Olavar

Meet the entainers who will add spice in the most enjoyable night, Silvestre Dangond, Víctor Muñoz, Sixto Rein, Juan Miguel, Víctor Drija and Huáscar Barradas

Now LIVE Online Miss Venezuela 2022 Contestants Interview by Jury Panel

Just reach the LIVE Interview Session with Judges / Juries @ Miss Venezuela 2022 LIVE Here and available Globally Online commencing from 10 AM (UTC-4) / 9 AM EST on Thu, Nov 10, 2022!!!

Thu, Nov 10, 2022: New sovereign of Venezuelan beauty is just knocking the door but today is the Judges / Jury Panel Interview of All 24 Contestants Vying for Miss Venezuela 2022 Crowns. The Organization has maintained highest standard of transparency by allowing LIVE Online Session when each contestants is being interviewed evaluating the qualities that will lead them to the crown of Miss Venezuela, Miss Venezuela Universe and Miss Venezuela International 2022. The whole LIVE Judges Interview is now streaming LIVE for all world in Spanish Language.

Miss Venezuela Organization has shared "One of the most awaited days in this beauty season is here The much awaited judging jury interview! Each of the guest personalities will have the responsibility of interviewing our beautiful 24 candidates to evaluate their performance, intelligence, safety, confidence and stage mastery, heading to the most beautiful night of the year."

The Organization further welcomed "We are so pleased that you guys are also part of one of the most crucial days for our candidates."

The List of 11 Judges @ Miss Venezuela 2022 forming The Jury Panel

The leading figures in the area of ​​entertainment, journalism and the business sector of Venezuela is meeting for the first time today with the applicants for the great titles of national beauty Miss Venezuela, Miss Venezuela Universe and Miss Venezuela International 2022.

Angel Sanchez @angelsanchezusa, architect and fashion designer with 36 years of experience. He has made his name an international recognition, thanks to his outstanding and iconic work on the world's great catwalks.

Ly Jonaitis @lyjonaitis actress, entertainer, model and winner of Miss Venezuela 2006 and Miss Interamericana 2008. She has 13 years of artistic career, acting in soap operas and animating different television programs in Venezuela 🇻🇪.

María Elena de Olivares General Director of Brucen Venezuela @brucen_ve, official sponsor of Miss Venezuela 2022. Brucen is a cream brand with six years in the Venezuelan market, specializing in the design of dermocosmetic lines.

Mariem Velazco @mariemvelazco our Miss International 2018. Mariem is not only a model and beauty queen, but also an entertainer, content creator, pianist and storyteller. She is currently training as a professional in Liberal Studies at the Metropolitan University of Venezuela.

Mario Aranaga @marioaranaga, journalist and fashion consultant. He was editor of “Estampas” magazine for 20 years. His specialization in image, fashion and luxury marketing issues have allowed him to write books and work as a teacher in professional training institutions.

Maritza Pineda @maritzahirt Miss Nueva Esparta 1975. She is a lawyer, she trained as a modeling teacher in France and Spain, creating her own academy called Maritza High Fashion. He was a jury at Miss Venezuela 2002.

Sócrates Serrano @socratesserrano actor, psychologist and lecturer. He has extensive experience in film and on stage. Recognized for his participation in "Blue and not so pink", a Venezuelan film 🇻🇪 winner of the Goya Award; as well as by the most recent characterization of him by Doctor José Gregorio Hernández, the fourth Venezuelan blessed.

Valerie Frangie @valeriefrangie designer and lawyer, notable for being a celebrity stylist, content creator and creator of fashion, communication and marketing courses. SHOPVF is her clothing brand, an enterprise in which she works as creative director.

Sybil Caballero is a speaker, teacher, researcher and director of the Venture and Fellowship program for Ashoka Region Andina @ashokaregionandina, an international organization that promotes social entrepreneurship in areas related to health, gender, economic development, education and services.

Arianna Casadiego marketing director of Samsung Venezuela, official sponsor of Miss Venezuela 2022. Samsung Electronics has more than 30 years of operations in Latin America, being a benchmark in the world of technology and communication business.

Toto Aguerrevere @totoaguerrevere lawyer and graduate in liberal studies. He is a university professor, writer, content creator, humorist and announcer on the Circuito Onda. He is currently a narrative teacher for the Miss Venezuela 2022 candidates.

Now LIVE Watch FREE Gala Interactiva 2022 @ Miss Venezuela 2022 / Miss Universe Venezuela 2023

This is how the 24 candidates welcome each of the fans who are joining us tonight at the LIVE Gala Interactiva 2022 #GalaInteractiva2022. Dancing, smiling and hoping to be the winners of the 12 bands that you will deliver today with your votes, so prepare your favorite list for the misses.
Vestidos: @andartuoficial, Pestañas: @mariayanezusa, Tacones: @sanchezsierra_co

Gala Interactiva @ Miss Venezuela 2022 / Miss Universe Venezuela 2023 is scheduled on Sat, Oct 22, 2022 LIVE Online from 7:00 PM

Check 24 Contestants Vying for Miss Venezuela 2022 / Miss Universe Venezuela 2023 / Miss Venezuela International 2023 Crowns

  1. Katheryne Saharaí Bello Guevara
  2. Mariángel del Valle Barrios Tovar
  3. Luisana Siso Castillo
  4. Jessica Antonella Alaimo Barreto
  5. Jenyfeer Narleth Baudin Peña
  6. Ana Elena Erazo Torres
  7. Lorena Marian Bodenski Barrios
  8. Linamar Nadaf Wahbi
  9. Daniela Alejandra Malavé González
  10. Diana Carolina Silva Francisco 
  11. Yulibeth María Sánchez Bracho
  12. Alessandra Chiquinquirá Marubini Helmeyer
  13. María Andrea Romero Morelo
  14. Zaren Belén Loyo Perdomo
  15. Litzy Sarahí González Suárez
  16. Victoria Higinia Cruz Gygax
  17. Alejandra Carolina Chacín Maza
  18. Sharon Frontado Canelón
  19. Andrea Valentina Rubio Armas
  20. Katiuska Nazareth Andrade Rivero
  21. Martha Juddit Rodríguez Rincón
  22. Alessandra Combatti Rinaldi
  23. María Eugenia Jiménez Freitez
  24. Carla Valeria Romero Chirinos

Caracas, September 10, 2022.- The beauty season continues and this time, with the official imposition of bands on the 24 candidates for Miss Venezuela 2022 . In a program hosted by Henrys Silva for the open signal of Venevisión and broadcast via online to Venezuela and the rest of the world through, it was revealed how the representation of the states for this edition of the contest has been distributed.

During the first part of the meeting, the bands of the young women who were winners in the regional contests were formalized: Anzoátegui, Bolívar, Carabobo, Monagas and Zulia. Subsequently, the bands from their home states were given to the candidates from Aragua, Falcón, Lara, Mérida, Miranda, Trujillo and Yaracuy.

The remaining 12 bands were assigned in two different ways; according to the proximity of the young people with each locality and finally, randomly. Outstanding personalities from each state were in charge of announcing, through a video, which state they would represent for this 70th edition of Miss Venezuela.

Voting for the special bands of the 2022 interactive gala will be open at starting September 11. From Tuesday the 13th, the candidates will be visiting Portada's so that the public can get to know them more closely.

The bands were delivered by Amanda Dudamel, Miss Venezuela 2021; Ariagny Daboin, Miss Venezuela World 2021; and Isbel Parra, Miss International Venezuela 2020. Hugo Carregal was in charge of the production and Erik "El Pollo" Simonato of the direction.

The special broadcast ended with the 24 candidates together on the stage of Venevisión's studio one with a choreography by Brian Urea Fajardo, already practicing what will be their stage projection during the final night of Miss Venezuela 2022 that will take place on Thursday, November 16. in the facilities of the Poliedro de Caracas.


Miss Venezuela is an empowerment movement recognized worldwide as one of the most important beauty pageant franchises in the country. After 70 years of history (1952), Miss Venezuela enjoys a wide reputation for the integrity, authenticity and commitment of its winners, a success that has been evidenced in the countless triumphs achieved by Venezuela, thanks to the performance of its representatives in each one. of the international competitions that have participated. The queens of Miss Venezuela have obtained seven Miss Universe crowns, six Miss World crowns and eight Miss International crowns, thus becoming one of the countries with the largest number of titles. Miss VenezuelaIt is the first and only representation that has achieved the back to back in the 2009 Miss Universe coronation, a historical fact that is part of the Guinness record.

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