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Friday, February 4, 2022, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States, San Juan, Puerto Rico and London, United Kingdom: Now Top 12 Miss World Winner Selection is Based on Contestants Website at Official Portal, Post Pandemic Miss World 2.0 has now adopted Social Media Promotion of Each of Top 40 Contestants Website based People’s Choice Online Voting System, known as Digital Media Challenge. Earlier it was Online Vote @ MobStar App
The Digital Media Challenge Winners to qualify for the Miss World Top 12 List!
Top 40 Contestants’ Websites are LIVE and Fans required to share and promote the favorite contestant more and more in All Possible Social Media Platforms, Check Details Here:

VOTE Online for Top 12 Miss World Digital Media Challenge @ Top 40 Contestants' Website

2021 Miss World Top 40 Contestants Announced Including Top 25 Judges Choices

New Dates Announced, Miss World 2021 on Wed, March 16, 2022 with Global LIVE Broadcast from Puerto Rico

Miss World Grand Finale Temporarily Postponed on Thur, Dec 16, 2021 Just Before Grand Finale Due To Some Contestants Tested Covid-19 Positive

Miss World MobStar Online Voting Ends Today

Vote Closing DAY is Knocking The Door, Dec 16 is The Last Date

Miss World 2021 Online Vote Live Now @ MobStar

The WINNER of the Miss World Multi-Media Award Advances to the FINAL stages of Miss World 2021

Miss World 2021 Voting is open NOW As Per Official MWO Announcement! Check Here The Video Demo and Act Fast To Mark Your Favorite Contestant To Win!!!
Who will be the 70th Miss World?
Don't Forge You can place your vote with MOBSTAR for FREE!

Tuesday Sept. 28, 2021, London, UK: Today Miss World Organization announced Miss World Global Vote Online code named Miss World Multi-Media Award is a Gate Pass Direct for Winner Finals. You need to Download the MobStar app on iOS and Android to see profiles of The National Winners from over 100 Countries and make your choice!

Note: Visit National Winner Profile @ MobStar of All 100 Nations to Cast The Miss World 2021 Online FREE Vote to support your choice delegate to push in the finals.

The highly anticipated 70th Miss World Final will be held at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico Jose Miguel Agrelot in San Juan on December 16th. 

The winner of the Miss World Multi-Media Award advances to the final stages of Miss World 2021.

How to VOTE for Miss World 2021 Contestants?

  • Download MobStar App The Official Miss World Global Online Voting Partner
  • After Installation in Your Smartphone Open MobSatar App
  • Login MobSatar App with Google or Facebook Account
  • Click Search and Type 2021 Miss World Contestant Name To Go To Miss World 2021 Contestant Profile Page @MobStar, Check The Look Below
  • Mow You NEED To LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE All Posts by The Miss World 2021 Contestants To WINNER MULTIMEDIA CHALLENGE 2021 in Semi-Finals @ Puerto Rico Stage
  • iF YOU can write Something UNIQUE on 2021 Miss World Contestants, Please contact us at to get your Fanship Published in Our Network of Websites!!! Happy Miss World Voting
  • Don't Stop Reacting Just Once Keep Following Your Miss World 2021 Contestants with LIKE-COMMENT-SHARE-WRITE Formula!!!

Vote For Your Favorite 2021 Miss World Contestants from Following LIST:

The Names are given here so that you can search MobStar App for Your Choice Miss World Delegate:

  1. Miss World Albania 2021 Amela Agastra is 18 , from Tirana
  2. Miss World Angola 2021 Ruth Carlos is 24 , from Huambo
  3. Miss World Argentina 2021 Amira Hidalgo is 23 , from Buenos Aires
  4. Miss World Armenia 2021 Mirna Bzdigian is 19 , from Yerevan
  5. Miss World Bahamas 2021 Sienna Evans is 24 , from Nassau
  6. Miss World Belarus 2021 Daria Goncharevich is 20 , from Grodno
  7. Miss World Belgium 2021 Céline Van Ouytsel is 25 , from Herentals Miss World Belize
  8. 2021 Marke isha Young is 21 , from Santa Elena
  9. Miss World Bolivia 2021 Alondra Mercado is 19 , from Trinidad
  10. Miss World Bosnia and Herzegovina 2021 Adna Biber is 19 , from Sarajevo
  11. Miss World Botswana 2021 Palesa Molefe is 25 , from Gaborone
  12. Miss World Brazil 2021 Caroline Teixeira is 23 , from Brasília
  13. Miss World British Virgin islands 2021 Kathlyn Archibald-Drew is 20 , from Tortola
  14. Miss World Bulgaria 2021 Eva Dobreva is 21 , from Varna
  15. Miss World Cambodia 2021 PhuMSophorn is 19 , from PhnomPenh
  16. Miss World Cameroon 2021 Audrey MonkaM is 24 , from Bali Nyonga
  17. Miss World Canada 2021 Svetlana Mamaeva is 21 , from Maple
  18. Miss World Cayman islands 2021 Rashana Hydes is 24 , from West Bay
  19. Miss World Chile 2021 Carol Drpic is 21, from Punta Arenas
  20. Miss World China 2021 Jiang Siqi, 21 from Beijing
  21. Miss World Colombia 2021 Andrea Aguilera is 23 , from Medellín
  22. Miss World Costa Rica 2021 Tamara Dal Maso is 23 , from Puntarenas
  23. Miss World Cote d'Ivoire 2021 Olivia Yacé is 23 , from Yamoussoukro
  24. Miss World Curaçao 2021 Alvinette Soliana is 20 , from Willemstad
  25. Miss World Czech Republic 2021 Karolína Kopíncová is 22 , from Brno
  26. Miss World Dominican Republic 2021 Emmy Pena is 24 , from Duarte
  27. Miss World Ecuador 2021 Ámar Pacheco is 24 , from Guayaquil
  28. Miss World El Salvador 2021 Nicole Álvarez is 27 , from San Salvador
  29. Miss World England 2021 Rehema Muthamia is 25 , from Mill Hill
  30. Miss World Equatorial Guinea 2021 Lucila Benita is 21 , from Malabo
  31. Miss World Estonia 2021 Karolin Kippasto is 24 , from Tartu
  32. Miss World Ethiopia 2021 Rediet Berhanu is , from Hawassa
  33. Miss World Finland 2021 Emilia Lepomäki is 23 , from Vantaa
  34. Miss World France 2021 April BenayouM is 22 , from Éguilles
  35. Miss World Ghana 2021 Monique Mawulawe is 20 Accra
  36. Miss World Gibraltar 2021 Janice Sampere is 23 , from Gibraltar
  37. Miss World Greece 2021 Anna Pavlidou is 22 from Thessaloniki
  38. Miss World Guadeloupe 2021 Prescilla Larose is 22 , from Le Moule
  39. Miss World Guatemala 2021 Michelle Calderón is 20 , from Guatemala City
  40. Miss World Guinea 2021 Nene Bah is 24 , from Conakry
  41. Miss World Guinea-B issau 2021 Itchacénia Da Costa is 21 , from B issau
  42. Miss World Haiti 2021 Erlande Berger is 24 , from Port-au-Prince
  43. Miss World Honduras 2021 Dayana Bordas is 24 , from Ahuas
  44. Miss World Hungary 2021 Lili Tótpeti is 20 , from Nagykanizsa
  45. Miss World India 2021 Manasa Varanasi is 24 , from Hyderabad
  46. Miss World Indonesia 2021 Carla Yules is 25 , from Surabaya
  47. Miss World Iraq 2021 Maria Farhad is 20 , from Mosul
  48. Miss World Ireland 2021 Pamela Uba is 25 , from Galway
  49. Miss World Italy 2021 Claudia Motta is 21 , from Velletri
  50. Miss World Jamaica 2021 Khalia Hall is 25 , from Saint Ann
  51. Miss World Japan 2021 Tamaki Hoshi is 20 , from Tokyo
  52. Miss World Kenya 2021 Sharon Obara is 19 , from , from Nairobi
  53. Miss World Korea 2021 Tara Hong is 21 , from Seoul
  54. Miss World Laos 2021 Phonvilai Luanglath is 24 , from Vientiane
  55. Miss World Luxembourg 2021 Emilie Boland is 25 , from Sandweiler
  56. Miss World Macau 2021 Jia Ni Yuan is , from Macau
  57. Miss World Madagascar 2021 Nellie Anjaratiana is 24 , from Antananarivo
  58. Miss World Malaysia 2021 Lavanya Sivaji is 25 , from Selangor
  59. Miss World Malta 2021 Naomi Dingli is 26 , from Valetta
  60. Miss World Mauritius 2021 Angélique Sanson is 25 , from Curepipe
  61. Miss World Mexico 2021 Karolina Vidales is 24 , from Jiquilpan
  62. Miss World Moldova
  63. 2021 Tatiana Ovcinicova is 23 , from Chișinău
  64. Miss World Mongolia 2021 Burte-Ujin Anu is 23 , from Ulan Bator
  65. Miss World Montenegro 2021 Natalija Labovic is 28 , from Berane
  66. Miss World Namibia 2021 Annerie Mare is 26 , from Kamanjab
  67. Miss World Nepal 2021 Namrata Shrestha is 24 , from Kathmandu
  68. Miss World Netherlands 2021 Lizzy Dobbe is 21, from Den Helder
  69. Miss World Nicaragua 2021 Sheynnis Palacios is 21, from Managua, Nicaragua, Miss Mundo Nicaragua 2020, Miss Teen Nicaragua 2016,
  70. Miss World Nigeria 2021 Oluchi Madubuike is 25 , from Abuja
  71. Miss World Northern Ireland 2021 Anna Leitch is 27 , from Cookstown
  72. Miss World Norway 2021 Amine Storrød is 21 , from Hvaler
  73. Miss World Panama 2021 Krysthelle Barretto is 25 , from Panama City
  74. Miss World Paraguay 2021 Bethania Borba is 20 , from Franco
  75. Miss World Peru 2021 Paula Montes is 25 , from Lima
  76. Miss World Philippines 2021 Tracy Perez is 28 , from Cebu City Miss World Poland
  77. 2021 Karolina Bielawska is 21 , from Łódź
  78. Miss World Portugal 2021 Lidy Alves is 25 , from Vila Real
  79. Miss World Puerto Rico 2021 AryaMDíaz is 23 , from Naranjito
  80. Miss World Rwanda 2021 Naomie Nishimwe is 22, from Kigali, Nishimwe Naomie Mäckenzie
  81. Miss World Scotland 2021 Claudia Todd is 25 , from Bothwell
  82. Miss World Senegal 2021 Penda Sy is 24 , from Tambacounda
  83. Miss World Serbia 2021 Andrijana Savic is 21 , from Belgrade
  84. Miss World Singapore 2021 Khai Ling Ho is 18 , from Singapore
  85. Miss World Sint Maarten 2021 Lara Mateo is 24 from Philipsburg
  86. Miss World Slovakia 2021 Leona Novoberdaliu is 25 , from Brat islava
  87. Miss World Slovenia 2021 Maja Colic is 21 , from Ribnica
  88. Miss World South Africa 2021 Shudufhadzo Musida is 25 , from Limpopo Miss World South Sudan 2021 Bakhita Nhial is 20 , from Juba
  89. Miss World St. Lucia 2021 Tyler Theophane is 23 , from Cho iseul
  90. Miss World Spain 2021 Ana García is 23 , from Almería
  91. Miss World Sri Lanka 2021 Sadé Greenwood is 18 , from Colombo
  92. Miss World Sweden 2021 Gabriella LomMMann is 26 , from Stockholm
  93. Miss World Tanzania 2021 Julianna RuguMisa is 23 , from Kilimanjaro
  94. Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2021 Jeanine Brandt is 25 , from San Fernando
  95. Miss World Tun isia 2021 Amani Layouni is 22 , from Mahdia
  96. Miss World Turkey 2021 Dílara Korkmaz is 23 , from Ankara
  97. Miss World Uganda 2021 Elizabeth Bagaya is 26 , from Bombo
  98. Miss World Ukraine 2021 Aleksandra Yaremchuk is 22 , from Vinnytsia
  99. Miss World United States 2021 Shree Saini is 25 , from Seattle
  100. Miss World US Virgin islands 2021 Ad isha Penn is 27 , from Charlotte Amalie
  101. Miss World Uruguay 2021 Valentina Camejo is 24 , from Montevideo
  102. Miss World Venezuela 2021 Alejandra Conde is 24 , from Villa de Cura
  103. Miss World VietnaM2021 Đỗ Thị Hà is 20 , from Thanh Hóa
  104. Miss World Wales 2021 Olivia Harr is is 18 , from Magor
  105. Miss World Zambia 2021 Vanessa Chinyemba is 23 , from Lusaka



    Miss World 2021 team

    • Julia Morley
    • Vanessa Ponce De Leon
    • Toni Ann Singh
    • Stephanie Del Valle
    • Paco Lopez - Stage Producer
    • Nereida Amador
    • Director of Sales and Marketing Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve

    Head to Head Challenge Episode 16 - Group 16
    Phoenix Island Resort
    Norway, Nicaragua, Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka, Scotland, Mexico 

    There are three ways to vote for your favourite contestant...

    1. Click "Vote For Me" on the contestant's page of the Miss World Website -
    2. Like their Official Miss World Contestant Facebook Page
    3. Follow and Vote for them on their official contestant account on the MobStar App at The Individual Geographic Location Based Pages given below:

    Check Official Website and Social Media handle for Further Updates and Comment: and Social Media Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

    What are Miss World MobStar Voting Rules?

    Let's Check Back from Past:

    Hello NEPAL and the entire WORLD, My journey for MISS WORLD has already begun. MOBSTAR is the multimedia partner for Miss World. All of your votes will be counted from now itself. It is for the fast track event for top 40I request you all to download the app from the playstore, start following me and to like and comment on my posts there. Keep LOVING, SUPPORTING and VOTING as you have always done. I AM VERY GRATEFUL. Nikita Chandak


    The contestant with the most 'YES' votes will win Miss World Talent 2016.
    Voting on MobStar to find our talent winner 2016 has begun! 
    Download the App and find our profile 'Miss World'. There you can view the top 10 talent finalists, swipe right if you like it and left if you don't. 

    Tuesday, December 6, 2016: Happy to announce we will be working in partnership with MobStar to conduct our public vote and find the winner of the Talent competition. The winner of talent will gain an automatic place in the Top 20.
    MobStar will also link into our Multimedia award for the best online presence. The winner of Multimedia is also guaranteed a place in the Top 20.
    The People's Choice award is being assessed through the official Miss World App. The winner of this will progress to the Top 10.
    We are working hard to get ticket information available and are hoping to have this before the weekend. Sincere apologies for this delay.


    How To vote for Miss Botswana at Miss World?
    The Miss World Competition has begun and time to show your support and rally behind our queen Palesa Molefe
    To vote for Miss Botswana at Miss World, please download the MOBSTAR application, on play store or Apple store, create a profile, follow @Miss World Botswana, or just search for Palesa Molefe and like all of her content.
    Click follow and then swipe from left to right on each pic to like the posts.
    1 like = 1 vote

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