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Result: WINNER: Rebecca Arnone Miss World Italy 2022, from Valle d’Aosta

Many days of rehearsals and challenges are today culminating in Crowning of Miss World Italy 2022 by Ꮯlaudia Ꮇotta Miss World Italy 2021 at the end of the Grand Finale Evening on Saturday June, 18 2022 at 20:00 H in the splendid setting of the Teatro delle Feste @ Villa dei Fiori Eventi Restaurant
Miss World Italy 2022 Grand Finale Time & Date Sat, June, 18 2022 at 08:00 PM and Venue Teatro delle Feste @ Villa dei Fiori Eventi

The Special Awards @ Miss World Italy 2022 are

  • Sport
  • Outfit
  • Talent
  • Social media
  • People’s choice
  • Top model
  • Photo set / Set fotografico
  • Agricultural / Agricola
  • Make Up
  • Miss of the Web / La Miss del Web

Since 2017 Miss World has launched the Head to Head challenge which consists of asking competitors two questions in order to get to know them better.
The top 25 have been divided into 5 groups, The First, Group is:

  • Manuela Noaro - Piemonte
  • Elisa Scaricaciottoli - Abruzzo
  • Yvonne Di Francia - Campania
  • Sara Dal Molin - Veneto
  • Marika Nardozi - Lazio

Second Group

  • Francesca Mamè - Lombardy
  • Vanessa Spoto - Tuscany
  • Turkish Letizia - Piedmont
  • Andrew Messina - Sicily
  • Santoro Giada - Friuli Venice Giulia

Third Group

  • 11 Erika De Marino - Campania
  • 12 Alexander Baggio - Veneto
  • 13 Chiara Helg - Emilia Romagna
  • 14 Federica Ciacci - Tuscany
  • 15 Arianna Galli - Lazio

Fourth Group

  • 16 Sara Pagano - Apulia
  • 17 Maria Carmen Crescenzi - Abruzzo
  • 18 Emanuela Sorrentino - Campania
  • 19 Martina Marinelli - Friuli Venice Giulia
  • 20 Sofia Tourism - Emilia Romagna

Fifth Group

  • 21 Rebecca Arnone - Aosta Valley
  • 22 Dalicia Agnes Kalala - Piedmont
  • 23 Greta Narcissus - Umbria
  • 24 Marks Florida - Sicily
  • 25 Geneva Morganti - Lazio

Amazingly Brilliant Hosts of The Special Evening are Simone Rugiati Chef, Italian Chef TV presenter, and many guests Emanuela Aureli, Fabio Fulco, Rossella Izzo, Luca Abete and Edson d’Alessandro.

"Regardless of who will be the new Miss World, know that you have already won them all, you have won a challenge with yourself ... enjoy every moment on that stage, smile, have fun and always dream!"
Ꮯlaudia Ꮇotta @_Claudiamotta_, Miss World Italy 2021, wishes to all the contestants!

Honored to present my traditional dress: dedicated to my city, stylistically recalls the costume of the gladiators of Ancient Rome.
This wonderful creation was designed and created for me by @maddalenatriggianiofficial ❤️
The splendid Colosseum you see was entirely hand painted by my mom 😍
The chaplet I'm wearing is the iconic symbol of the coat of arms of the Italian Republic: an olive branch and an oak branch

My heart still beats to see the colors of our flag and our anthem on Italian TV @tiki_taka_real .
A few hours after my victory on Sunday night at Gallipoli of Miss World Italy, I can promise that I will not disappoint you and I will bring our country up in Puerto Rico.

With Love,

Claudia Motta
Miss World Italy 2021

TOP 25 Finalists Miss World Italy 2022 / Miss Mondo Italia Announced The Names and Regions on Thurs, June 9, 2022

  1. Andrea Messina, Sicilia,
  2. Francesca Mamè, Lombardia,
  3. Ginevra Morganti, Lazio,
  4. Manuela Noaro, Piemonte,
  5. Sofia Turrisi, Emilia-Romagna,
  6. Arianna Galli, Lazio,
  7. Greta Narcisi, Umbria,
  8. Rebecca Arnone, Valle d’Aosta,
  9. Chiara Helg, Emilia-Romagna,
  10. Elisa Scaricaciottoli Abruzzo,
  11. Alessandra Baggio, Veneto,
  12. Erika De Marino Campania,
  13. Letizia Turco Piemonte,
  14. Federica Ciacci Toscana,
  15. Sara Pagano Puglia,
  16. Emanuela Sorrentino Campania,
  17. Marika Floridia Sicilia,
  18. Giada Santoro Friuli Venezia Giulia,
  19. Daliscia Agnes Kalala Piemonte,
  20. Maria Carmen Crescenzi Abruzzo,
  21. Vanessa Spoto Toscana,
  22. Marika Nardozi Lazio,
  23. Sara Dal Molin Veneto,
  24. Martina Marinelli Friuli Venezia Giulia,
  25. Yvonne Di Francia Campania

TOP 50 Finalists Miss World Italy 2022 / Miss Mondo Italia Announced The Names, Numbering and Regions on Sun, June 5, 2022

  1. Andrea Messina, Sicilia
  2. Francesca Mamè, Lombardia
  3. Ginevra Morganti, Lazio
  4. Manuela Noaro, Piemonte
  5. Sofi Tandin, Veneto
  6. Sofia Turrisi, Emilia Romagna
  7. Ilaria D’Ambrosio, Campania
  8. Julia Fuschi, Abruzzo
  9. Valeria Meduri, Calabria
  10. Arianna Galli, Lazio
  11. Greta Narcisi, Umbria
  12. Alessia Dumbrava, Piemonte
  13. Melissa Yucel, Liguria
  14. Rebecca Arnone, Valle D’Aosta
  15. Giorgia Crispo, Campania
  16. Irene Soddu, Sardegna
  17. Asia Piro, Friuli Venezia Giulia
  18. Chiara Helg, Emilia Romagna
  19. Elisa Scaricaciottoli, Abruzzo
  20. Alessandra Baggio, Veneto
  21. Beatrice Grigoras, Campania
  22. Erika De Marino, Campania
  23. Lara Boselli, Emilia Romagna
  24. Maria Pullella, Calabria
  25. Letizia Turco, Piemonte
  26. Federica Ciacci, Toscana
  27. Sara Pagano, Puglia
  28. Alice Asti, Lombardia
  29. Sofia Monetti, Umbria
  30. Karol Bortoloni, Veneto
  31. Arianna Tarca, Lazio
  32. Emanuela Sorrentino, Campania
  33. Marika Floridia, Sicilia
  34. Giada Santoro, Friuli Venezia Giulia
  35. Daliscia Agnes Kalala, Piemonte
  36. Beatrice Bigoni, Emilia Romagna
  37. Maria Carmen Crescenzi, Abruzzo
  38. Milena Masci, Marche
  39. Federica Melica, Puglia
  40. Vanessa Spoto, Toscana
  41. Cheyenne Chiama, Piemonte
  42. Fiorenza Dri, Friuli Venezia Giulia
  43. Marika Nardozi, Lazio
  44. Sara Dal Molin, Veneto
  45. Elisa Perolini, Piemonte
  46. Irene Boschi, Marche
  47. Martina Marinelli, Friuli Venezia Giulia
  48. Yvonne Di Francia, Campania
  49. Asja Runza, Sicilia
  50. Mariangela Presicce, Puglia

The Miss World in Gallipoli is combination of beauty, One hundred and twenty Italian beauties who landed on the Ionian coast as per Thurs, June 2, 2022 News.
The national beauty contest Miss World Italy 2022 aka Miss Mondo Italia empowers with a sash, crown and the right to represent Italy at the international final of Miss World, the oldest and most prestigious event on the planet.
The 120 Italian Beauties representing all the regions, arrived in in the " Città Bella aka Beautiful City" pearl of the Ionian Sea.
The are all set for the walkway on June 3, in the natural oasis of the Eco Resort "le Sirenè" in Gallipoli - Caroli Hotel Group which selects the 50 pre-finalists , and to follow the 25 Misses Finalist for the catwalk in grand finale show scheduled for Saturday 18 June in the splendid setting of the Teatro delle Feste of Villa Dei Fiori.

Miss World Italy 2022 aka Miss Mondo Italia 2022 Grand Finale Date Announced as Sat, June 18, 2022 / Miss Mondo Italia 18 Guigno 2022 Finale Nazionale Gallipolli
The Miss World Italy 2022 aka Miss Mondo Italia 2022 Official Venue is Caroli Hotels, Gallipoli which is hosting place for various rounds of Miss Mondo Italia 2022 at par with and in format of Miss World.
As told by Miss World Italy Organization the national selection of the Italian candidate for Miss World is made by official units taking the competition, audition and casting over 300 selection evenings in a year, which involves the most renowned squares and clubs in Italy. 
This year The Miss World Italy 2022 commences with selection rounds for 150 misses from all over Italy to elect Miss World Italy 2022 as the official representative of Italy in the upcoming Miss World 2022.

The List of Partners supporting Miss World Italy 2022 / Miss Mondo Italia 2022:
Philip Martin's Official Made of Italy, The Professional Hair Care, Skin Care, Make up, by 
Gil Cagné The only Make Up that takes care of your skin by Art Director Pablo @gilcagneofficial @pablo_gilcagne
Actors Planet Accademia Cinema, The Academy of Cinema by Rossella Izzo @actors_planet
CDH, Cinema District Hub, Modeling Agency
Fashion & Events Academy, Courses acting, posture, photographic pose, make up. V. della Consolata 1 bis, Turin. @cdhtorino
Agricola by @birrasalento, BirraSalento Artisan brewery among the largest in Italy, da una storia del ‘63 #birraiperpassione
#NonCiFermaNessuno Italia Talk, Motivational speaker, @Lucaabete's motivational campaign is dedicated to Italian students! @lucaabete_noncifermanessuno
Luca Abete is the soul and body of the project NonCiFermaNessunoNonCiFermaNessuno
Villa dei Fiori Eventi Restaurant @villadeifiori_eventi



Check Video showing Conny Notarstefano Miss World Italia 2017 in Caroli Hotels: Miss Mondo Italia Conny Notarstefano al Bellavista Club

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