Marina Kamaeva Showing Her Crown in Hand

Mrs. Globe 2025 Dates with Host City & Country Announced

Who will be Mrs. Globe 2025, the successor of Queen Marina Kamaeva of Cyprus, the reigning Mrs. Globe 2024?

The Pageant for Married Women, run by President Dr. Tracy Kemble, the MRS. GLOBE® Pageant Organization has set the dates and venue for Mrs. Globe 2025 to be held in Shenzhen, China during the 11 Days from Wednesday April 2, 2025 to Saturday, April 12, 2025 full of activities by participants comming from all over world.

This is right time for aspiiring married women across whole world to check The Reign of Queen Marina Kamaeva and the activities andevents by visint the official website and its social media profiles.

The organization has also revealed the dates for following national pageants:

  • Mrs. U.S.A. Globe® on June 18-23, 2024
  • Mrs. Classique® on June 18-23, 2024
  • Mrs. Curve’ Globe® June 18-23, 2024
  • Mrs. European Nations® October 16-20, 2024
  • Mrs. Globe® April 2-12, 2025

Mrs. Globe 2024, Marina Kamaeva with her crown in hands calls “Your gateway to international fame and recognition. Join us and let your name be known around the globe.”

The aspiring candidates and fans must check & follow the official Insta Handle @mrsglobeofficial with 12.3K followers and with 17K followers where regular updates are posted regularly. The Mrs. Globe Group of Insta Handles are @mrsglobeofficial, @mrs.curve.globe, @mrsclassiqueglobe, @mrseuropeannations, @mrsusaglobe, @mrscanadaglobe, @mrscurveclassique, and @behindthecrowntv