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Height: 175 cm
Measurements: 37 in - 25 in - 36 in
Career/Education: Nutrition Consultant, Fitness Instructor, Model and Entrepreneur

"The Palestinian mountain gazelle is an endangered species. The gazelle has suffered from loss of habitat due to construction as well as predation and collisions with cars."

Growing up, I was always curious and wanted to try new experiences. If there was a talent show at my school or in my community, I always performed in it and even learned to sing. I joined the basketball team, participated in school talent shows, and joined many school clubs like the book club and creative writing club. I was always ready to try new things and loved adventures. I would also encourage my group of friends to join me and try out new experiences.

My most memorable moment is when I visited the children’s cancer treatment unit at the NNUH Hospital in Nablus, Palestine. A company called Anoud games that makes educational children’s toys sponsored this visit and we gave out toys to the children with the goal of improving their mental health. I also played and colored with them so they could take their mind off of the chemotherapy and do something different. They also bonded and made friends with the other kids.

I grew up in a very close family and we all learned to help and support each other. My brother had some medical issues growing up and at times my family had to live in hospitals to get treatments for him. This made us closer and appreciate the time we have together more. This experience also made me passionate about helping children suffering from medical issues which is why I am starting a charity foundation that helps get donations for Palestinian hospitals.

One of the most unusual things I have ever done is when I started singing next to a street guitar player in Italy. I was traveling with my friend in Florence, Italy and there was a guitarist playing a song that I really loved called “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran. When I am traveling I love to do things out of the ordinary and in general I am a very adventurous person, so I went up to him and asked if I could sing the song while he played. He agreed so I started singing and many people stopped to watch. It was a very fun and memorable experience and took me out of my comfort zone. It was exhilarating.

There are so many ways to promote ecotourism. For example, visiting natural sites and being close to nature promotes ecotourism because falling in love with the beauty of nature is one of the first steps that encourages us to protect mother nature.

Also, walking is the most basic and convenient way of touring a new place, in addition to the fact that it reduces our carbon footprints. Also, some animals in the wild are rattled by heavy sounds such as those produced by motor vehicles so it’s always best to walk, which will not disturb these animals. This also reduces air pollution and the risks of climate change.

Palestine is known to have good fertile soil, suitable climate, fair amounts of irrigation water and relatively high annual rainfall. All of these factors contribute to prosperous rain-fed farming and irrigated agriculture which helps the environment. Many Palestinians grow trees around their houses and there are many tree planting initiatives in the country. In fact, one of Palestine’s symbols is the olive tree which represents peace and friendship. Planting trees helps preserve the planet and reduces CO2 emission. Trees also purify the air and are a stress reducer for people.

I launched an environmental awareness campaign with the Palestinian ministry of environment and United Nations in Jerusalem. This campaign involves creating awareness about environmental protection, creating a recycling system in Palestine, offering reusable bags in supermarkets instead of plastic bags, and pushing for the government to enforce legislation to ban littering.

Another part of my advocacy is to work on an ecofriendly skin care line with a Palestinian woman chemist that makes organic and environmentally friendly skin and hair products derived from natural Palestinian oils.

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