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Sat Jul 8, 2023: The Reigning Queen Ona Moody Miss Universe Netherlands 2022 along with R’Bonney Nola Miss Universe 2022, has just crowned her successor, The Winner against 9 Contestants, Rikkie Valerie Kollé as new Miss Nederland / Miss Universe 2023 at the end of final competition at the pageant venue AFAS Theater at Inspiratielaan 3, Leusden, Utrecht, Netherlands.

Jury chairman Monica van Ee said about the brand new Miss Nederland Rikkie Kollé recalling the selection process “In the spring, together with six Misses, I held a casting that mainly focused on content and involvement in today's youthful culture. Rikkie remained stable, driven and focused on her mission throughout the entire process. She possesses all aspects of being Miss. Together with the organization, I look forward to a wonderful time with our brand new Miss, in which we will support her mission and passion. I am very pleased that the jury was also able to see during the final that this ambitious and spontaneous young woman is going for a unique year as Miss Netherlands 2023.

The jury report reads on choosing the winner: This finalist shined throughout the show and has also made the greatest progress along the way. She has an iron strong story with a clear mission. The jury is convinced that the organization will enjoy working with this young woman. Miss Netherlands 2023 is... RIKKIE

Kollé described her win as  "As Miss Netherlands 2023 I want to be a voice and role model for all young women and queer people. I know better than anyone what it's like to feel alone and not be surrounded by only positive thoughts. When I was little Rik and came out as transgender, it wasn't easy for everyone. I, too, went through it. Today I am stronger than ever before. Through my commitment, strength and as Miss Netherlands I hope to bring about change in society. With the organization behind me, I hope that “little Rik” will become a story that we can leave in the past and not have to repeat on the generation of today. It is never too late and help is always ready. That has always been my guiding principle and I want to pass it along and spread it with my own story and experience.”

The public was treated to another surprise, as none other than the current Miss Universe R'Bonney Nola Gabriel from New York attended the final. R'Bonney is an eco-friendly fashion designer and model. She combines her talent for design with care for the environment in her own sustainable clothing line. In addition, R'Bonney teaches sewing to women who have survived human trafficking and domestic violence. As the first Filipino-American to win Miss Universe, much of her platform is about embracing your culture. It opens the door for more diversity and representation in society. It is her mission to inspire women and young girls to achieve their goals. It is therefore a great honor that she was present at the Miss Netherlands 2023 Final.

The Forever Miss Universe Nederland Ona Moody commented "Well deserved winner who owned that stage Saturday night, with a beautiful message and a very strong mindset. I’m so proud of you! Congratulations and welcome to the family"

Miss Nederland Organisatie led by National Director Monica van Ee who is director of main sponsor Hannah, has chosen to Stream FREE The LIVE Coronation Gala for whole world, which is available here to watch Full Performance of Miss Netherlands / Miss Universe 2023 with Crowning Moment: Note Youtube LIVE Stream is now again available (shown above) with Facebook version can be watched here If interested Miss Nederland 2022 is steam is here

Newly Crowned Rikkie Valerie Kollé Miss Universe Netherland 2023 will represent her nation with national flag at the upcoming 72ND Miss Universe 2023 in El Salvador where the reigning Miss Universe 2022, R'Bonney Gabriel will crown her successor at the end of Grand Finale.

New Queen Rikkie Valerie Kollé is the 22ND Entry to Class of Miss Universe 2023 and The First Dutch Beauty Queen in the era of Dr. Anne JKN. Ricky Cole, 22 years old is living in Breda. Kollé is Moluccan and Dutch descent, surrounded by many dear friends whom she also call her self-chosen family. 

After a great show, Rikkie was elected Miss Netherlands 2023. This outcome was determined by a 7-member jury with all disciplines from the profession, consisting of William Rutten, Edsilia Rombley, Bart Ettekoven, Marvy Rieder, Awura Abena Simpe, Julia Sinning and jury chairman Monica van Ee (director of Miss Netherlands and main sponsor hannah). They see Rikkie as the most worthy successor to Miss 2022 Ona Moody. The jury report reads: “ Rikkie has beamed throughout the show and has also made the greatest progress in the process. She has a strong story with a clear mission. The jury is convinced that the organization will enjoy working with this young woman.” 

Family is important to Kollé  in support and strength, not everyone is lucky with this. With her participation in Miss Netherlands 2023 Kollé wants to be a voice and role model. Also coming back to family, that is something she wants to be right for all young women and QUEER persons. She knows better than anyone what it's like to feel alone and not be surrounded by only positive thoughts. When Kollé  was little Rik and came out as transgender, it wasn't easy for everyone and also she suffered from it.

Now years later She is stronger in her shoes today than ever before, that is something Kollé want to pass on to whoever needs it. She says "Because as long as you always remain who you are, there is no one who can stand above you." 

Kollé wants to dedicate herself only too much to all little Rikkie's who face rejection from their family, their transition to the person they desire to be. Help make their self-image and acceptance stronger, untouchable.

Through her commitment and strength she hopes to bring about change in society. In the end, it's about being able to become who you are without issues and that that can happen when YOU want it to. Not only can I help you with that, with the Miss Netherlands organization behind Kollé, she hopes that her story as little Rik will become a story that we can leave in the past and not have to repeat on the generation of now. It is never too late and help is always ready. That has always been my guiding principle and she wants to pass it along and spread it with her own story and experience.

The spectacular Miss Nederland 2023 Coronation Show has live entertainment with the crowning of Miss Netherlands 2023 at the end of the evening. In the beginning The 10 Finalists introduced themselves to the general public and several catwalk rounds take place. The Entertaining Night chilled audience when Top artists, SERA, Paul Morris and PATRICIA performed the musical accompaniment hosted by Miss Netherlands sisters Denise Speelman Miss Universe Netherlands 2020 and Zoey Ivory Miss Universe Netherlands 2016.

The Final Swimsuit Parade was highlight of the coronation show with specially crafted Golden CACDEMODE SWIM Luxury swimwear which claims to show off feminists' beautiful curves. Singer-Songwriter and Actor Paul Morris commented “You’re like a shot of pure gold!! thank you SO MUCH girls for this memorable moment!.”

The Jury Panel William Rutten, Edsilia Rombley, Bart Ettekoven, Marvy Rieder, Awura Abena, Julia Sinning and national director Monica van Ee, has evaluated the performance of the 10 Miss Nederland 2023 elect the title holder of of Miss Netherlands / Miss Universe 2023 Crown for the year.

The Beginning: The TOP 10 Miss Nederland 2023 Contestants was announced on Sunday April 29th 2023 with their Insta Handles @rikkievalerie, @habiba.kht, @rubyann__, @nazkouki, @chanilleromyy, @lena_angela_, @beateofficial, @nathalieyms, @christinacairo, @lottedirchs. The casting process is described by The Miss Nederland Organiztion as “After hundreds of registrations and many fun online challenges, the organization managed to invite 45 candidates who were allowed to present themselves to the experienced jury during the casting. After an intensive but incredibly fun casting day, they have come to a decision and have selected 10 intelligent, beautiful, young women who will take on the Miss Netherlands adventure in the coming period.”

About MONICA VAN EE, Director Hannah SIRC and National Director Miss Netherlands: To promote the importance of skin improvement and good care at a young age, Monica, as director of Hannah, has been an active mentor for years and also national director of Miss Netherlands. This business woman believes in a good, smart and healthy young lady who can be a role model for today’s youth. Her passion is to motivate young women to be strong, independent and successful in life. As the chairperson of the jury, Monica is looking forward to the right choice for the new Miss to be able to help her achieve her ambitions and dreams.

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