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Rush to WAPA.TV/EnVivo, Watch The LIVE Crowning of New Puerto Rican Beauty Queen, The Winner in 30 Contestants

Thu, Aug 24, 2023” The Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2023 Grand Finale and Coronation Night will be broadcast on WAPA TV today on Thursday, August 24 starting at 7pm LIVE from the Centro de Bellas Artes Luis A. Ferré, San Juan.

The Online Ticket Booking is available at to join the in-person extravaganza culminating The Evolution of 30 Contestants into A Queen, New Miss universe Puerto Rico at The 67TH Edition for The Reign Spanning Over 2023-24 and will represent the country in the universal arena, The 72ND Miss Universe 2023 in El Salvador with Final on Saturday November 18th, 2023.

The Enchanting Entertaining of Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Tommy Torres; the Colombian singer-songwriter and actor Carlos Vives; and the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, record producer and the tropical exponent Luis Figueroa will generate the ultimate momentum in Crowning Night both for the contestants and audience alike.

The Judges, members of Selection Panel who are responsible to choose the winner in 30 Contestants with highest score at the evolution are here:

Karla Ortiz, Model
Kiara Ortega, Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2018
Carlos Thompson, President of De La Cruz
José Raúl Montes, Oculofacial surgeon
Aixa Vázquez, the News anchor
Nilda Morales, President and chief executive of SER Puerto Rico
Leonardo Cordero Suria, Businessman, fashion designer and chief executive of Leonardo Fifth Avenue

THE LOBBY is hosting Official Viewing Celebration and After Party with Live Entertainment with Sound by Salina and Hosts David Sotoas, Yaritza Rey and Aryam Diaz.

Its unique chance to enjoy the crowning of The new Miss Universe Puerto Rico at The Lobby on the Big Screen. 

The night of excitement and anticipation is hosted by Actor, Communication Coach, Master of Ceremonies and TV Host David Sotoas along with Actress and Model Aryam Diaz and Actress, Fashion Stylist and Cosmetologist Yaritza Rey.

Online Booking is available at the OpenTable to experience on the big screen the unfolding of the thrilling pageant. After the new queen is crowned, the festivities continue with an unforgettable after-party, featuring live entertainment at THE LOBBY - Fairmont El San Juan Hotel is a 4-star hotel located at 6063 Avenida Isla Verde, Carolina, 00979, Puerto Rico.

Aryam Díaz Rosado was Miss World Puerto Rico 2021 and Miss Teen Global Beauty Internacional 2018. Soto shared “This Thursday I will be as ANIMATOR and PANELIST, If you don't have a Box for the Live Event and want to see it and have a great time, you have a special invitation with us this Thursday, August 24th starting at 7:00 p.m. at the Hotel”

Result WINNER: Karla Guilfú Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2023, Patillas

  • 1st Runner-Up Xarimar Acevedo Pabón, Rio Grande
    2nd Runner-Up Kiara Rivera Escudero, Toa Baja
    3rd Runner-Up Fiorella Medina Perez, Isabela
  • 4th Runner-Up Isarel Marielis Román Almeda, San Lorenzo

TOP 10

  1. Angela Escalera Carrasquillo, Loíza
  2. Daniela Victoria Arroyo González, Cabo Rojo
  3. Neysha Marie Mendoza Castro, Cayey
  4. Gabriela Veguilla Cotto, Salinas
  5. Natalia Elena Zayas Morales, Ponce 

TOP 15 MUPR '23

  1. Miss Isabela, Fiorella Medina Pérez
  2. Miss Hatillo, Thaiz M. Maceira Candelaria
  3. Miss Ponce, Natalia Elena Zayas Morales
  4. Miss Rio Grande, Xarimar Acevedo Pabón
  5. Miss Canóvanas, Andrea Sofia Collazo Molina
  6. Miss Patillas, Karla I. Guilfú Acevedo
  7. Miss Loíza, Angela Escalera Carrasquillo
  8. Miss Culebra, Nathalie Santa Cruz Bacardí
  9. Miss Lajas, Karina Rivera Camacho
  10. Miss Toa Baja, Kiara Rivera Escudero
  11. Miss Salinas, Gabriela Veguilla Cotto
  12. Miss Cabo Rojo, Daniela Paola Arroyo
  13. Miss Caguas, Celimar Rosario Caballero
  14. Miss San Lorenzo, Isarel Marielis Román Almeda
  15. Miss Cayey, Neysha Mendoza Castro 

The LIST of 30 Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2023 Contestant

The 38 Contestants' Name were filtered to 33 Delegates and Only 30 Contestants Competition in Final.

  1. Paola Crystal Rosa Badillo, Miss Aguadilla 2023, Paola Crystal, Miss Universe Aguadilla 2023, Teacher of special education, Founder of Belleza Sin Barreras
  2. Nemesie Naara Martínez Negron, Miss Barceloneta 2023, Nemesie Naara @nemesienaara, @missbarceloneta2023, CEO Nemesie Martinez, Married Contestant
  3. Rocío del Mar Avilés Mercado, Miss Barranquitas 2023
  4. Gabriela Paola Santiago Ortiz, Miss Bayamón 2023
  5. Daniela Victoria Arroyo González, Miss Cabo Rojo 2023
  6. Celimar Rosario Caballero, Miss Caguas 2023
  7. Andrea Sofia Collazo, Miss Canóvanas 2023
  8. Luisa Angélica Vázquez Ríos, Miss Carolina 2023
  9. Gina Lee García Colón, Miss Cataño 2023, Gina Lee @ginaleegarciacolon, Certified Make-up Artis, Winner Miss Photogenic
  10. Neysha Marie Mendoza Castro, Miss Cayey 2023
  11. Nathalie Santa Cruz Bacardi, Miss Culebra 2023
  12. Devi Michelle Alfonso Daniels, Miss Dorado 2023
  13. Camila Molina Garcia, Miss Fajardo 2023
  14. Carmen Angélica Figueroa Guzmán, Miss Guaynabo 2023
  15. Thaiz Mariel Maceira Candelaria, Miss Hatillo 2023
  16. Fiorella Medina Perez, Miss Isabela 2023
  17. Cristina Martes Lugo, Miss Jayuya 2023
  18. Karina Rivera Camacho, Miss Lajas 2023
  19. Angela Escalera Carrasquillo, Miss Loíza 2023
  20. Sachelle González Rodriguez, Miss Manatí 2023
  21. Janairi Pomales García, Miss Naguabo 2023
  22. Karla Inelisse Guilfú Acevedo, Miss Patillas 2023
  23. Mistral Cedanio Rojas, Miss Peñuelas 2023
  24. Natalia Elena Zayas Morales, Miss Ponce 2023
  25. Xarimar Acevedo Pabón, Miss Río Grande 2023
  26. Gabriela Veguilla Cotto, Miss Salinas 2023
  27. Rina Rivera Vargas, Miss San Juan 2023
  28. Isarel Marielis Román Almeda, Miss San Lorenzo 2023
  29. Kiara Rivera Escudero, Miss Toa Baja 2023
  30. Juanita Polanco Irizarry, Miss Trujillo Alto 2023

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