Sheynnis Palacios and Darío Macas

Streaming Now CNB Ecuador 2024 Final LIVE on June 8th with 26 Contestants

The 26 Contestants Announced at CNB Ecuador 2024 for The 73RD Miss Universe Pageant in Mexico

The Grand Finale & Coronation Show of Miss Universo Ecuador 2024 is happening today on Saturday, June 8, 2024 starting 8PM at the pageant venue Parque Zoila Ugarte De Landivar in Machala, Ecuador. In the Results Top 12 are announced first followed by Top 6, Top 3 and Winner.

The Singer Mar Rendon and Singer-musician Tres Dedos are Special Invited Artists. The Presenters for The Live Finals are Danilo Carrera along with Giovanna Andrade Franco while Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Content Creator Jen Young with Jesse Cabalza, the avid pageant, Singer, Comedian & Producer are the judges evaluating the performance of the 26 contestants.

Watch Free Global Live of Miss Universe Ecuador 2024 Coronation Show

The Miss Universe Sheynnis Palacios has arrived landing at José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport in Guayaquil. On June 7th she enjoyed diner with Mayor Darío Macas of  Machala,who commented “Sheynnis, Machala Is Your Home” adding I was able to share a lunch with our beautiful Miss Universe, Sheynnis Palacios in which we shared a pleasant moment in the company of the councilors of Machala and other public officials. She received all the love from our people and felt very loved since her arrival. Dear Sheynnis, Machala Bicentenaria will always receive you with open arms, you have won the hearts of all Machaleños; enjoy everything that La Gran Ciudad has to offer.”

Last year CNB Ecuador elected representatives for Miss World, Miss Supranational and Miss Grand International but this year President Tahiz Panus National Pageant is looking for Miss Universe 2024 crown.

The current title holder is Delary Stoffers aka Delary Georgette Stoffers Villón, Miss Universe Ecuador 2023 who competed at the 72nd Miss Universe pageant on Saturday, November 18th, 2023 at Gimnasio Nacional José Adolfo Pineda, San Salvador, El Salvador.

Preliminary Competition Streaming Now Live

The panel of judges of the CNB Ecuador 2024 Preliminary Competition heading to Miss Universe are Niels Olsen, Minister of Tourism of Ecuador; Alexander Gonzalez, International Asesor and Image Consultant; Fashion Designer Gustavo Moscoso, Marco Lopez-Miller, Business Person and Philanthropis.

The Prelim is streaming today Live on Tuesday, June 4, 2024 starting 8PM from Palacio de Cristal in Guayaquil which is located in Malecon 2000 at Malecón Simón Bolivar & Av Jose Joaquin de Olmedo, Guayaquil, Ecuador

The Universe is Here Episode 1 Premieres on May 28th

The Video Presentation for Learning more about CNB Ecuador 2024 candidates through El Universo Está Acá #ElUniversoEstaAca series part one Episode 1 available on Tuesday, May 28, 2024 right here:

The National Costumes @ CNB Ecuador Live on May 25th

The Concurso Nacional de Belleza® 2024 National Costume Show is Streaming Live from Pujilí in the Cotopaxi Province of Ecuador starting at 9PM. The pageant venue is the Atrium of the Municipal Palace of the Pujilí canton (Atrio del Palacio Municipal del cantón Pujilí). The Live Stream available here for Free To Watch Globally:

Results: Mara Topić, Miss Universe Ecuador 2024

  • 1ST Runner-up: Nadia Mejía of USA
  • 2ND Runner-up: Katherine Espín of Cañar

Top 6

  1. Shiomara Pico from Coast Region
  2. Karla Jiménez from Los Rios
  3. Ana Cobo from Tungurahua

Top 13

  1. Esmeraldas: Lilibeth Ortiz
  2. Guayas: Gissela Flores
  3. Manabí: Fiorella Vélez
  4. Morona Santiago: Andrea Carolina Quito
  5. Pichincha: Michelle Cobo
  6. Quito: Lorena Arguello
  7. Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas: Yomaira Torales

Special awards


Results of Sponsor Awards

Miss OM Dental: Nadia Mejía

Best National Costume Results

  1. Best National Costume: Cañar:– Katherine Espín by Emily Mantuano
  2. 2nd Place: Manabí:– Fiorella Vélez by Wenceslao Muñoz
  3. 3rd Place: Tungurahua:– Ana Cobo by Steven Vera
  4. 4th Place:  Bolívar:– Amy Gallegos by Jefferson Vera

The LIST of 26 Contestants @ Miss Universe Ecuador 2024 / CNB Ecuador 2024

CNB Ecuador informed “the in-person national casting was held on Sunday, January 14, 2024 with around 50 applicants who passed a prior filter

Four Abroad Based Contestants presented themselves remotely i.e. in Online Mode

Selection Judges are Tahiz Panus, Miguel Panus, Julian Pico Jr., Gisel Salvador, Dano Viteri, Dr Jusueth Morán, Wally Rueda, and Paulina Castillo

The Aspiring Contestants gathered at Courtyard by Marriott Guayaquil

The 26 Miss Universe Ecuador 2024 Contestants were announced on January 26th

Melanie Morales, 20 is youngest while the oldest one, Yajaira Quizhpi is 45 years of age

  1. Ámar Pacheco, Ámar Silvana Pacheco Ibarra, 27, Guayaquil
  2. Amy Gallegos, Amy Melina Gallegos Gaibor, 23, Bolívar
  3. Ana Isabel Cobo @anisabelcobov, Ana Isabel Cobo Vásquez, 24, Tungurahua,
    Home Town Ambato, A professional in Organizational Communication and Public Relations, with experience as an Audiovisual Director. She speaks fluent English and French. At 24 years old, she was queen of Ambato and now aspires to be Miss Universe Ecuador. Her motivation for this goes beyond the crown; She seeks a platform to drive positive change, advocate for social causes and contribute meaningfully to her community, aspiring to be an inspiring figure for others.
  4. Andrea Quito, Andrea Carolina Quito Torres, 30, Morona Santiago
  5. Angélica Sandoval, Angélica Sandoval García, 26, Pichincha
  6. Camila Orellana, Camila Orellana Martínez, 21, Azuay
  7. Carolina Cobo Vallejo, Carolina Cobo Vallejo, 29, Pichincha
  8. Daysi Laman Dumani, Daysi Laman Dumani, 29, Los Ríos
  9. Fiorella Vélez, Fiorella Vélez Delgado, 25, Pichincha
  10. Gissela Flores, Gissela Piedad Flores Cadena, 32, Guayas
  11. Giulliana Echeverría, Giulliana Echeverría Carrión, 23, Pichincha
  12. Karla Jiménez @karlajimenezur, Karla Paulette Jiménez Urrutia, 25, Los Ríos

    Home Town Ventanas, She has a degree in Engineering in Business Sciences with a specialization in Foreign Trade and is also a businesswoman, with an MBA in Business. Originally from Ventanas and 25 years old, she is a polyglot, speaking English and Japanese. Her motivation to aspire to be Miss Universe Ecuador lies in her perception of how beauty pageants have evolved, reflecting a significant change in the role of women in society. She wants to be remembered not only as a graceful wearer of the crown, but also as someone who would use it as a tool to inspire, change lives and promote inclusion in Ecuador for future generations.

  13. Katherine Espín @kathespin, Katherine Elizabeth Espín Gómez, 31, Cañar / Miami, Hometown La Troncal,
    A lawyer and paralegal for immigration in the United States, 31 years old, from La Troncal Canton. Aside from her proficiency in English and French, she has been Philippine Tourism Ambassador, Queen of La Troncal and Miss Earth 2016. Her aspiration to become Miss Universe Ecuador emerges from her childhood, driving her to participate in pageants since the age of 16. Her goal goes beyond the crown; she seeks to convey a message of hope and courage to women facing barriers in their lives and need that first step toward achieving their dreams.
  14. Maholy Ortiz, Lilibeth Maholy Ortiz Quintero, 26, Esmeraldas
  15. Mara Topic, Mara Štefica Topić Verduga, 29, Guayas
  16. María Cristina Polanco Salgado, María Cristina Polanco Salgado, 29, Pichincha
  17. María José Córdova Abud, María José Córdova Abud, 22, Azuay
  18. María José Córdova Guerrero, María José Córdova Guerrero, 25, Galápagos
  19. María Lorena Argüello, María Lorena Argüello, 26, Pichincha
  20. Melanie Anahí Morales Bustamante, Melanie Anahí Morales Bustamante, 21, El Oro
  21. Melany Flor, Melany Fabiana Flor Serrano, 27, Santo Domingo

    Home Town Santo Domingo de los Colorados – She is a Social Communicator specialized in Organizational Communication and has a Master’s Degree in Strategic Communication. At 27 years old, she represented Santo Domingo de los Colorados, located in the central area of ​​the country, as queen. Her desire to be Miss Universe Ecuador lies in her ambition to serve her country by managing projects of national importance and long-term sustainability. This goal has been her main motivation and passion since her reign in her hometown.

  22. Nadia Mejía, Nadia Grace Mejía Eicher, 28, USA Community
  23. Paula Chérrez González, Paula Chérrez González, 23, Cañar
  24. Shiomara Pico @shiomarapico, Shiomara Pico Mendoza, 26, Guayas

    Hometown: Quevedo, She is 27 years old and is a General Physician, speaks English and German, and is from Quevedo. She wants to be Miss Universe Ecuador to work for her country and be an inspiration for the women who admire her. Her focus would be on being a role model for youth and promoting cultural diversity and Ecuadorian values.

  25. Yajaira Quizhpi, Yajaira Paola Quizhpi Flores, 45, Cañar
  26. Yomaira Rafaela Torales Moreira, Yomaira Rafaela Torales Moreira, 25, Santo Domingo

CNB Ecuador National Casting 2024 for Miss Universe Pageant

The 11TH Concurso Nacional de Belleza Ecuador (National Beauty Contest Ecuador) commenced with Miss Universe Franchise taken by President Tahiz Panus as revealed on December 13, 2023.

Open Registration of CNB Ecuador 2024 for Miss Universe 2024 in Mexico started on December 21, 2023 for the Ecuadorians by birth or naturalized, of legal age, English Speaking, have the desire and commitment to be the first Miss Universe Ecuador at the CNB Ecuador Organization. It also called for CNB Ecuador Provincial Directors.

CNB Ecuador 2024 Online registration deadline was January 4, 2024 at URL Due to high demand application period extended till January 9th at 9pm.

Images: Insta Handles – Miss Universe Ecuador Organization @missuniverseecuadoroficial | Mara Topic Verduga @maratopic