Iván Álvarez in Blue Sash

Streaming Now: Mister Supranational 2024 Live from Nowy Sącz: Check Results & Contestants

The 8TH Mister Supranational 2024 is happening today on Thursday, July 4, 2024 starting 8PM Live from Nowy Sącz in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship hosted by Aleksander Sikora, TV presenter, Journalist & Reporter; Nico Panagio, the South African actor, host of Survivor South Africa and Kasia Kołeczek Polish & British Actress.

The Reigning King Iván Álvarez of Spain will crown his successor who emerges winner in 36 Contestants on conclusion of the prestigious male pageant Streamed Live All Over World from Amfiteatr Parku Strzeleckiego in Ogrodowa, MOSiR Nowy Sącz, Poland.

The Grand Finale & Coronation Show in-person tickets are available at Kupbilet.pl to book online for 64,40 PLN to 677,00 PLN.

Watch Here The LIVE Stream of Mister Supranational 2024 Grand Finale & Coronation

Mister Supranational Experience 2024 Final Show Streaming Live Now from Nowy Sacz, Malopolska – Start Time 2PM EDT / 8PM CET

Streaming Now: The Preliminary Competition Mister Supranational 2024

The Preliminary Evaluation is Live from Nowy Sacz, Malopolska, Poland on Monday, July 1, 2024 starting 6PM CET.

Results: Winner: Fezile Mkhize, Mister Supranational 2024 (South Africa)

  • The 1ST Runner-up: Netherlands: Casey De Vries
  • The 2ND Runner-up: Philippines: Brandon Espiritu
  • The 3RD Runner-up: Venezuela: Marcos De Freitas
  • The 4TH Runner-up: Laos: Sanonh Maniphonh

Top 10

  1. Colombia: Rafael Rapelo
  2. Dominican Republic: Bray Vargas
  3. Mexico: Zait Reza
  4. Poland: Patryk Karbowski
  5. Vietnam: Đỗ Quang Tuyển

Top 20

  1. Brazil: Matheus Maia
  2. Czech Republic: Adam Sedro
  3. Indonesia: Nathaniel Christopher
  4. Nepal: Dhiroj Kaji Basnet
  5. Peru: Joel Farach
  6. Puerto Rico: Cristian González
  7. Sierra Leone: Uthman Issa Bangura
  8. Spain: Álvaro Germes
  9. Thailand: Chonlawit Wongsriwor
  10. Trinidad and Tobago: Anderson Subero

The Continental Winners:

  1. Mister Africa: Sierra Leone, Uthman Issa Bangura
  2. Mister Americas: Colombia, Rafael Rapelo
  3. Mister Asia: Vietnam, Đỗ Quang Tuyển
  4. Mister Caribbean: Dominican Republic, Bray Vargas
  5. Mister Europe: Poland, Patryk Karbowski

The Special Awards

Supra Fan Vote Winner: Vietnam, Đỗ Quang Tuyển
Mister Influencer: Philippines, Brandon Espiritu
Supra Chat Winner: South Africa, Fezile Mkhize
Top Model Winner: Colombia, Rafael Rapelo
Mister Personality:
Mister Photogenic:
Mister Fitness:

The Supra Chat Top 7 @ Mister Supranational 2024

Winner: South Africa: Fezile Mkhize

Indonesia: Nathaniel Christopher
Jamaica: Jermaine Harris
Mexico : Zait Reza
Netherlands: Casey De Vries
Thailand: Chonlawit Wongsriwor
Venezuela: Marcos De Freitas

Mister Influencer Opportunity Top 3

Winner: Philippines: Brandon Espiritu

Brazil: Matheus Maia
Myanmar: Thet Oo Maung Maung

Mister Influencer Opportunity Top 8

Argentina: Guillermo Layus
Malaysia: Siavesh Akbari
South Africa: Fezile Mkhize
Thailand: Chonlawit Wongsriwor
Vietnam: Đỗ Quang Tuyển

The Top 10 via Supra Fan-Vote

Winner: Vietnam: Đỗ Quang Tuyển

Dominican Republic: Bray Vargas
Indonesia: Nathaniel Christopher
Laos: Sanonh Maniphonh
Mexico: Zait Reza
Myanmar: Thet Oo Maung Maung
Philippines: Brandon Espiritu
South Korea: Jo Seong Hyeon
Thailand: Chonlawit Wongsriwor
United States: Alan Hierro

Top 3 Supra Model of the Year

Winner: Colombia: Rafael Rapelo

Dominican Republic: Bray Vargas
Sierra Leone: Uthman Issa Bangura

Top 11 Supra Model of the Year

Côte d’Ivoire: Firmin Junior Yapi
Haiti: Abdias Augustin
Laos: Sanonh Maniphonh
Peru: Joel Farach
Philippines: Brandon Espiritu
South Africa: Fezile Mkhize
South Korea: Jo Seong Hyeon
Venezuela: Marcos De Freitas

Mister Talent Winner: Trinidad and Tobago: Anderson Subero

Mister Talent Top 4

Canada: Jaime Cecar
Indonesia: Nathaniel Christopher
Mexico: Zait Reza

Mister Talent Top 10

Argentina: Guillermo Layus
Brazil: Matheus Maia
Colombia: Rafael Rapelo
Haiti: Abdias Augustin
Jamaica: Jermaine Harris
Nepal: Dhiroj Kaji Basnet

The Jury Panel: The Experts in Evaluation of The 36 Contestants’ Performance

  1. Andrea Aguilera, Miss Supranational 2023 from Ecuador
  2. Andre Sleigh, Creative Director of the Miss and Mister Supranational
  3. Iván Álvarez Guedes, Mister Supranational 2023 from Spain
  4. Keisha, Polish stylist and designer
  5. Louisa, Creative producer of Miss Supernational and Mister Supernational 2024 finals shows
  6. Nguyễn Huỳnh Kim Duyên, Miss Supranational 2022 2nd runner-up from Vietnam
  7. Rick Sotelo – Supranational Stylist
  8. Robert Czepiel, General Director of Jubiler Schubert / World of Amber
  9. Katarzyna Krzeszowska, from POland, The 4TH Runner-up Miss Supranational 2014

The Competition: Check The List of Total 36 Contestants Vying Mister Supranational 2024 Title

  1. Mister Supranational Argentina, Guillermo Layus, 28 years old of San Miguel de Tucumán
  2. Mister Supranational Brazil, Matheus Maia, 26 years old of Cachoeirinha
  3. Mister Supranational Canada, Jaime Cesar, 33 years old of Toronto
  4. Mister Supranational Colombia, Rafael Rapelo, 27 years old of Santa Marta
  5. Mister Supranational Côte d’Ivoire, Firmin Junior Yapi, 28 years old of Yamoussoukro
  6. Mister Supranational Czech Republic, Adam Sedro, 29 years old of Prague
  7. Mister Supranational Dominican Republic, Bray Vargas, 32 years old of Santiago
  8. Mister Supranational Ecuador, Fernando Mendieta, 33 years old Guayaquil
  9. Mister Supranational Germany, Marc Arthur Tsanang, 34 years old of Wiesbaden
  10. Mister Supranational Guatemala, Joshua Mata, 32 years old of Guatemala City
  11. Mister Supranational Haiti, Abdias Augustin, 23 years old of Cap-Haïtien
  12. Mister Supranational India, Aman Rajesh Singh, 24 years old of Bangalore
  13. Mister Supranational Indonesia, Nathaniel Christopher, 20 years old of Banten
  14. Mister Supranational Jamaica, Jermaine Harris, 34 years old of St. Catherine
  15. Mister Supranational Laos, Sanonh Maniphonh, 26 years old of Vientiane
  16. Mister Supranational Malta, Ruben Pulido, 33 years old of Msida
  17. Mister Supranational Malaysia, Siavesh Akbari, 31 years old of Kuala Lumpur
  18. Mister Supranational Mexico, Zait Reza, 32 years old of Saltillo
  19. Mister Supranational Myanmar, Thet Oo Maung Maung, 25 years old of Yangon
  20. Mister Supranational Netherlands, Casey De Vries, 28 years old of Brielle
  21. Mister Supranational Nepal, Dhiroj Kaji Basnet, 21 years old of Kathmandu
  22. Mister Supranational Paraguay, Osvaldo Orué, 26 years old of Asunción
  23. Mister Supranational Peru, Joel Farach, 34 years old of Callao
  24. Mister Supranational Philippines, Brandon Espiritu, 29 years old of Dededo
  25. Mister Supranational Poland, Patryk Karbowski, 31 years old of Augustów
  26. Mister Supranational Puerto Rico, Cristian González, 21 years old of San Juan
  27. Mister Supranational Sierra Leone, Uthman Issa Bangura, 25 years old of Freetown
  28. Mister Supranational Slovakia, Adam Palkovič, 26 years old of Bratislava
  29. Mister Supranational South Africa, Fezile Mkhize, 33 years old of Bloemfontein
  30. Mister Supranational South Korea, Jo Seong Hyeon, 28 years old of Seoul
  31. Mister Supranational Spain, Álvaro Germes, 29 years old of Huesca
  32. Mister Supranational Thailand, Chonlawit Wongsriwor, 27 years old of Khon Kaen
  33. Mister Supranational Trinidad and Tobago, Anderson Subero, 25 years old of Sangre Grande
  34. Mister Supranational United States, Alan Hierro, 32 years old of New York City
  35. Mister Supranational Venezuela, Marcos De Freitas, 24 years old of Caracas
  36. Mister Supranational Vietnam, Đỗ Quang Tuyển, 24 years old of Nam Định