Papao Phaimany Lathsabanthao inCrown Headshot

Streaming Now Watch Here Coronation Show Miss Universe Laos 2024 Live Now on June 8th: Check Results

Who will be successor of Miss Universe Laos 2023, Papao Phaimany Lathsabanthao? Check Live on June 8th Watch The Crowning Miss Universe Laos 2024!!!

The Grand Finale, Final Judging Round and and Coronation of New Queen, who wins in 18 Contestants, is set on Saturday, June 8, 2024 doors open starting at 6:30PM, show at 7:30PM at the Saint Phila Convention Hall B in Vientiane, Laos.

Watch The Grand Finale LIVE Stream Here

The entry card prices are Zone A for: 1,500,000 kip, Zone B 1,000,000 kip, Zone C 600,000 kip, and Zone D for 300,000 kip which is available to book via Official Insta Direct Message at @themissuniverselaos and WhatApps Number +8562057517456. The 78 Creation Sole Co., LTD Laos and The National Director Themahavixay Saythilat is organizing Miss Universe Laos 2024 Pageant which says “Touch the power of the light, sound, color system of the universe. It has started. Inquire about booking a ticket today because it only happens once a year with a national event that everyone can’t miss, especially fans of the beauty queen.”

Watch The National Costume Show @ Miss Universe Laos 2024 LIVE Now

Thursday, June 6, 2024: The BraveHeart National Costume Competition is available to watch Free Globally Here from the Saint Phila Hall B in Vientiane, Laos starting at 6PM.

Streaming Now Miss Universe Laos 2024 Swimsuit Competition Presented by Srichand

Friday, May 31, 2024: All the 18 Contestants are competition the Swimwear Round which is Streaming Live starting 8PM from the pageant venue the Saint Phila Convention Hall in Vientiane, Laos. Everyone is watching the confident girls come with power in the swimsuit competition and create a new phenomenon in a way that has not been seen anywhere before.

Interesting Fact: 10 things you should know about “Rosa” Representing “Xiengkhuang province” as told at her social media, read

~01~ Definition of being yourself: being friendly, funny, having your own personality.

~02~. Special talent: singing, dancing, and modeling

~03~ Favorite food: Boiled chicken, fried fish with bong sauce

~04~ what we like most: traveling and doing what we want to do

~05~. favorite color: purple and blue

~06~ current thing to do: be a bralista

~07~ The most impressive thing in life: I have the opportunity to learn to develop myself in all aspects, including career, education, activities and stage Miss Universe Laos

~08~. . competitive mind words in your perspective: be a woman who can lead, be courageous, be true to her heart, be an inspiration to all and be a giver

~09~ What to make a difference in the future: To inspire women of all ethnicities to be brave and stand against violence against women and children.

~10~ ultimate goal in life: be the next level of beauty as an ethnic woman, remember that any ethnic woman can be beautiful.

Results: Meepooh Phiranya Thipphomvong, Miss Universe Laos 2024 (Houaphanh)

Top 3 & Runners-up

  1. The 1ST Runner-up: Xaisomboun – Linda-Phoudthasone Phimmakaisone
  2. The 2ND Runner-up: Khammouane -Tukta-Soukthida Paseuth

Top 6

  1. Salavan, Mary-Maliny Inthavong
  2. Sekong – Tatar-Phonesavanh Phimpha
  3. Savannakhet – Fon-Namfon Keomany

Special Awards

  1. Miss Best in Evening Gown & Miss Perfect Skin: Houaphanh – Meepooh-Phiranya Thipphomvong
  2. Best In Swimsuit & Miss Popular Vote: Attapue – Panin-Phoutsamay Keosuksit
  3. Miss Face of Beauty: Khammouane -Tukta-Soukthida Paseuth
  4. Miss Photogenic: Xaisomboun – Linda-Phoudthasone Phimmakaisone
  5. Miss Congeniality: Phongsaly – Noonin-Souphaphone Insixiengmay
  6. Miss Rising Star: Luangnamtha – Annie-Souksavanhphone Hansana

Top 10

  1. Champasak – Latty-Latsamee Kinnavong
  2. Vientiane – Mai-Maiyangher Herchalern
  3. Attapue – Panin-Phoutsamay Keosuksit
  4. Phongsaly – Noonin-Souphaphone Insixiengmay

Check The List of 18 Contestants Vying Miss Universe Laos 2024 Crown with Insta Handle

  1. Miss Universe Attapue, Panin-Phoutsamay Keosuksit, @panin_pa_nin_
  2. Miss Universe Bokeo, Bee Holcombe, @bee_kthc
  3. Miss Universe Bolikhamxai, Nana-Vanida Souvannavong, @nanaroulette
  4. Miss Universe Champasak, Latty-Latsamee Kinnavong, @latty.lsm
  5. Miss Universe Houaphanh, Meepooh-Phiranya Thipphomvong @phirunyatpv
  6. Miss Universe Khammouane,Tukta-Soukthida Paseuth @tukta.dada
  7. Miss Universe Luangnamtha, Annie-Souksavanhphone Hansana @an_nie_hsn
  8. Miss Universe Luangprabang, Paloy-Chanmaly Phimvongsa
  9. Miss Universe Oudomxay, Nok-Davan Siharn @davanhsiharn
  10. Miss Universe Phongsaly, Noonin-Souphaphone Insixiengmay @callme_noonin
  11. Miss Universe Saiyabuli, Somphou-Phetaloun Chittavong @som.phou_4498
  12. Miss Universe Salavan, Mary-Maliny Inthavong @malinymarii
  13. Miss Universe Savannakhet, Fon-Namfon Keomany, @namfon.fon8
  14. Miss Universe Sekong, Tatar-Phonesavanh Phimpha @tata_phimpha
  15. Miss Universe Vientiane 2024, Mai-Maiyangher Herchalern @mai_maiyangher
  16. Miss Universe Vientiane Prefecture, Nill-Phetmany Phalaphon
  17. Miss Universe Xaisomboun, Linda-Phoudthasone Phimmakaisone @linda.phimmakaisone
  18. Miss Universe Xiengkhouang, Rosa-Maxar Yathortouyongkaiy @lx.loxar