Queens of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro

The Chase in 19 Contestants to Miss Universe Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro Crowns on June 8th

This Year Miss Universe Albania 2024, Miss Universe Kosovo 2024 and Miss Universe Montenegro 2024 will be elected in The 19 Finalist Contestants. The Results are Update As Announce!

The Reigning Queens are Endi Demneri,Miss Universe Albania 2023, Arbesa Rrahmani, Miss Universe Kosovo 2023 and Anđela Vukadinović, Mis Crne Gore aka Miss Montenegro 2023. The Last Montenegrin who actually competed at the Miss Universe Stage is Maja Čukić, Miss Montenegro 2014. Cukic was one of 80 Contestants at the 64th Miss Universe 2015 Pageant on Sunday December 20, 2015 at The AXIS at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada, United States. The AXIS is now running as the Bakkt Theate.

The Miss Universe Albania & Kosovo Organization each year elects Miss Universe Albania and Miss Universe Kosovo but the year one more license to crown Miss Universe Montenegro also came in its bag.

The Official Insta Handle @missuniverse_montenegro boasts the tagline for Miss Universe Montenegro Organization that “celebrates women of all cultures and backgrounds and empowers them to realize their goals and create”

Out of 19 Misses, 13 Contestants Tesi Pulaj, Iris Memushi, Nevro Halo, Perla Manuka, Franceska Rustem, Arta Marku, Gersia Sadikaj. Vanesa Gorani, Megi Çukaj, Edona Bajrami, Megi Shehaj, Rumina Ivezaj, and Engjellushe Zhuniqi are vying Miss Universe Montenegro 2024 Crown.

Miss Universe Albania-Kosovo-Montenegro Organization has introduced the contestants in video presentation series with behind the scenes, with the emotions and stories of the competing girls which also includes various photoshoots in the most beautiful places of Albania, the life of the beauties from Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro, just head to Youtube.com/@MissuniverseAlbania to watch all 5 Episodes.

In Image: Anđela Vukadinović, Mis Crne Gore aka Miss Montenegro / Miss World Montenegro 2023 – Picture: @angeevuk
Andjela Vukadinovic in Crown

In Picture: Arbesa Rrahmani, Miss Universe Kosovo 2023 Ready To Rock Miss Universe State in El Salvador: Photo – @arbesarrahmaniiArbesa Rrahmani Golden Black
In Photo: Endi Demneri, Miss Universe Albania 2023: Image – @endidemneriEndi Demneri Black Suit in Crown


Check The List of 19 Contestants Vying Miss Universe Albania 2024, Miss Universe Kosovo 2024 and Miss Universe Montenegro 2024 Crowns

The Short BIO of Contestants Compiled from Official Social Media @missuniversealbania where Headshots and Other Images & Video Available

Sara Deliu @saradeliu16, 18 from Tirana

Deliu tells about herself “I graduated from the Artistic High School “Jordan Misja” for music. I live with my family in Tirana, my parents and sister. My little sister is the most precious treasure that I have in my life. because she is younger than me, she motivates and supports me in everything as if she were my big sister, I feel very lucky that someone like her is a part of my life.”

She adds “My parents have succeeded in my education the best. Thanks to them, my education and character always leave people wanting. As a child, my biggest dream was modeling.”

The Contestant Sara Deliu opens up “I have always been passionate about beauty, and in Miss Universe Albania I am here to prove this to the best of my ability. journey will be one of the biggest things I have achieved in my life. I am very happy that by being part of this show the audience will recognize not only my beauty but also Sara as a person. I also want to show that success always starts with slow steps and it is achieved with great victories.”

Donika Nika @donikanikaa, 25 from Drenica / Sweden

I was born and raised in Sweden but I am of Albanian origin and I come from Drenica in Kosovo. In Sweden I completed my studies in B.Sc Industrial Engineering and then M.Sc in Logistics Management at the University of Gothenburg and I work in my profession as a logistics and customs coordinator in a Scandinavian company. My studies and profession are something that have given me the opportunity to communicate with people around the world, which gives perspective that our differences are what enrich us in life. My language and my background is my pride.

From a young age, I devoted time to various sports, being engaged in football for almost 10 years, but I also play volleyball and swimming. Sports are not only good for health, but I believe that team sports especially provide social interaction that teaches you to cooperate with others to achieve a common goal, “Teamwork makes the dream work”. I believe that beauty and intelligence is seen in the strength and ability to lift not only yourself, but also others! The support of my parents has always been constant and unstoppable, I feel grateful to them that I had the opportunity to play different sports since childhood and follow the path of the Academy. This has helped me to be who I am today: Curious, brave and strong!

With this, I wish that every girl has the courage to follow her dreams, first believing in herself and feeling the full support of her family because that is where a woman’s inner strength begins and appears. The emancipation of women, girls and women is the bright future of every country in the world!

Zana Gjeloshi @zanagjeloshi, born and raised in Paris, originally from Ulcinj

I finished school for tourism. During my career, I came to Albania to work for tourist organizations that produced trips to our country for foreign tourists, where I was able to contribute by speaking French, Spanish, English.

With every step on the land of my beloved homeland, Albania, I am greeted by the warm embrace of my family, the familiar melodies of laughter and the comforting aroma of home. My visits to Albania are not just trips; they are exciting journeys that reconnect me to my roots, my culture and the essence of who I am.

My motivation to participate in Miss Universe Albania is the desire to represent the beauty and intelligence of an Albanian woman anywhere in the world but not only, I see it as a powerful platform to protect important causes and have a positive impact . Whether promoting women’s rights, education, environmental sustainability or other social issues, this experience provides a voice to make meaningful changes.

Ana Dedvukaj @anadedvukaj, 22, Michigan born, The Great Highlands Native

When my father was only a teenager, he left the war, leaving our beloved country behind. I spent every summer in the Highlands with my brothers and sister. Going back to my roots kept me closer to my language, traditions, morals and values. She says “A more beautiful smile is one that brings positive change in the world.”

Currently, I am studying to become a nurse. I believe that beauty is found everywhere, but intelligence is always the main source of success for a person’s mind and heart. My goal is to assist in eye surgeries one day and help young children facing vision challenges in the future.

A few years ago, I volunteered at a hospital to take care of the elderly and learned many wise stories. I learned to take a chance and live life to the fullest so that I don’t regret it in the future. So I am taking my chance at Miss Universe Albania to represent our beautiful country and raise awareness about the difficulties it has experienced. I am grateful for this opportunity to fulfill my childhood dreams and to motivate each person to make a positive difference to help the universe reach its full potential.

Greta Kazazi @gretakazazi, 22, born and raised in Portofino, Italy.

I graduated in economics in Italy where I currently work as an accountant. I have a passion for dancing, that’s why I attended ballet classes even as a child. I have some experience in the field of modeling. I participated in beauty events in Italy and Turkey where I represented Albania.

I have a sunny nature, I am very social and loving, but I do not lack seriousness at work and I am a girl with a very strong character.

I have returned to Albania to be a participant in Miss Universe Albania, where as always I have the greatest support from my family who are my greatest strength and support to achieve my ambitions and goals.

Klarisa Kuca @klara.kuca, 19, originally from Dibra, born and raised in Tirana

In my view, art is what gives color to life, making it magnificent. Writings, paintings, sculptures are the ways I use to bring my vision to life. This experience is so profound that sometimes I feel like I was created to experience, to express and to inspire. She says “The beauty of every person is rooted in the soul”

I live with my family, after my parents my biggest assets are my sisters and brothers. They are the motivation of every day that I start.

Like every Albanian family, traditions and customs are the main pillar of the education that my parents gave me. I am very happy that I was born and raised in a family with these virtues.

Justice is something very dear to me and apart from the fact that I always lean towards it, I set myself a goal to study law. I am in my first year at the Faculty of Law, I feel very good about myself that I am studying a branch which I like and adore.

When I was little I really liked to play with paints and colors and when I grew up I realized that this game was transmitted to me as a passion and “art” said by the people who have seen my paintings. Painting is my hidden talent which I try to improve day by day.

Miss Universe Albania is a dream that I have made come true by being part of it. This opportunity that has been given to me has made me believe in myself more and show my values ​​as well. I am very happy that by being a part of this event I realized my childhood dream.

I want to tell people that the key to any success is self-confidence and passion for what you want to achieve! The beauty of every person originates from the soul and is reflected physically!

Edona Bajrami @eedonabajrami, Prishtina Born Lives in New York

I am so happy for the opportunity to hold Miss status, I stand firm in the face of challenges, guided by an unwavering determination to carve my own path and make a positive impact on the world, although I live in the center of the world in New York for for me the center of my world is Prishtina where I was born and grew up, in the old cobbled streets and the vibrant culture, it is the source of the soundest memories and the deepest roots, the raging waves of the sea best explain life in Kosovo during the 90s, as a people from the ugly trials of the past we are testimony to the courageous and unstoppable spirit, the strong winds of war drove us from our homeland leading us to seek refuge in the host country of Belgium, in the heart of Europe between unknown sights and sounds of a new land, surrounded by a mosaic of cultures, colors and foreign languages.

As a 10-year-old girl I learned French and Flemish, I discovered a passion for sports, nature, love for animals, passion for cuisine, reading, in all this I have realized that true beauty exceeds the physical appearance, it is located in the depth of the soul, it is a beauty that shines from within, illuminating the world around us. My message is don’t be limited by the limits of circumstances but let’s be empowered by the infinite potential that lies within each of us… The past is the past we write the future, follow your dreams all possibilities are open, life is a journey every step we take towards our dreams brings us closer to their brilliance.

Gersia Sadikaj @gersia_sadikaj, originally from Dibra but living in Tirana

I am a person who likes adventures and I like to face new challenges. Modeling has been a dream since childhood. Every time fashion shows or beauty contests were shown on TV, I sat down and watched them attentively. Among them was the Miss competition. One of the fondest memories was when I would take my mom’s heels and dresses, put them on and walk around the house imagining myself on the catwalks.

I used to dance and act. I also like to spend my free time in the gym or painting.
My passion for art and beauty has also led me to design clothes.
And when passion (art) and dream (modeling) come together, a miracle is expected to happen.
And here I am!

I decided to participate in “Miss Universe Albania” for a beautiful and special experience and why not be the one who will wear the crown. At the end of this experience, I don’t want to be remembered only as a beautiful girl, but as a girl who has conveyed positive values.

Engjellushe Zhuniqi @engjellushezhuniqi, born 1998 in Kosovo

After the war we left for Germany for a better future. Starting in Germany was challenging for us as new immigrants, facing the need to integrate and learn a new culture and language. Nelson Mandela says that with dedication and passion, anyone can achieve something great. This inspires to progress beyond the limits of oneself.

As a child, I was always creative in activities such as drawing, music, dancing and sports. At school, I stood out for my paintings and engaged in activities such as choir, guitar, theater and dance, taking advantage of this to develop social skills and feel more comfortable in contact with others.

As a child I always collected little angel figurines because they connected with my character traits, my mother was the one who taught me what an angel was. Faith, love, care, protection and harmony are the qualities of an angel. These had a great influence on my character. During my adolescence I became very interested in the causes of our society. After high school, I continued the Faculty of Work and Social Welfare. Then I started working as an educator with traumatized children in difficult family circumstances. After a while I started to be contacted by several photographers about photoshoots. I soon developed a passion for photography and posing. I discovered in myself my various and creative abilities and qualities and decided to put them into action.

Last March, when I attended a festive evening in Munich for International Women’s Day, I was granted a request to run for Miss Universe Albania & Kosovo, suddenly my biggest dream came true. My inspiration to all women is to know their worth and follow their dreams. Life is like playing the piano: there are many different keys, but you decide the melody. Be the maestro of your life.

Arta Marku @missartamarku,, 21, from Mirdita, currently living in Tirana

I am studying Business Management & Marketing. My growth was marked by the values ​​of kindness, education and culture, which have supported me since childhood, thanks to my wonderful parents. Working at a young age has taught me discipline and the importance of continuous work. To be close to my dream

to represent beauty, I created an aesthetic salon, working with patience and dedication, even though the conditions were not always favorable. A dramatic turn in my life happened in 2018, when my father suffered a serious accident. This period was a difficult test for our family, but cooperation and support for each other helped us overcome every challenge. Now, preparing to participate in Miss Universe Albania, I aim to reinforce the message that women and girls are strong and successful. My advice to everyone is that if you lose in something that your heart you love it, don’t stop, but keep trying until you reach your goal. In life, nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and work with dedication to achieve what you want.

Tesi Pulaj @tesi.pulaj,18, says “Where there are Women, there is Magic”

I wanted to start my description with this sentence to show that we women are an example of strength, work and love. My biggest support in this competition is my family and for that I am grateful to you. My representation at Miss Universe is an incredible opportunity to showcase beauty in all its forms and to reveal my potential. If you ask me about the qualities that distinguish me, I would mention my courage to follow dreams and face challenges with dedication. Walking a long path of preparation and personal development, I have learned the value of dedication and hard work, I have learned to express myself through my appearance, giving importance not only to physical appearance, but also to character and inner glow.

In the big arena of Miss Universe, as a representative of beauty, I am determined to positively influence all those who follow me by showing you that age has no limit to reveal yourself and follow your dream. With a clear vision for my mission, I aim to display the best virtues a woman can have.

Vanesa Gorani @vanesagorani, 18. Born in Athens, Greece

I spent the first years of my life in Athens, then I moved to Shkodër, where I continued my education until the last year of high school. Currently in the first year of my bachelor’s degree, where I am studying for Higher Dental Technology in Tirana. I decided to live in Tirana to realize my goals in different fields, but in addition to studies, my focus is also to become a part of modeling. My family consists of my father and mother who have always supported me in every aspect of life as well as in this journey, and I am happy that they believe in me.

My strengths are intuition, self-confidence, persistence and communication. I fill my free time with reading, painting and fitness as I like to keep my body in shape. I like to work hard on myself in order to be confident and create the best version of myself both physically and mentally.

The detail that characterizes me is the smile and positivity, and I think that these are key points in adapting to everyone. I came to Miss Universe Albania to open the doors of my success, and I think that it will be precisely this spectacle, with its power and greatness, that will be the key point and success of my life. Thank you Miss Universe Albania for giving me the opportunity to be part of this experience which will be very beautiful and unforgettable.

Everything is possible and you can achieve it if you believe in yourself.

Megi Shehaj @megishehajj, 22, Oxford Born

I was born in England in the city of Oxford. I completed high school at one of the most popular universities in England, Kings College for biomedical sciences. At the same time, I have an aesthetic clinic, I am well-versed in all genres of aesthetics.

Although we have been a family of refugees and alone in England, my parents have fought hard for our integration and education in this country. My child has been very active, I have participated in swimming, dancing, ice skating and hockey competitions. I have taken piano and violin lessons since I was little and participated in concerts. I also enjoy foreign languages ​​and I can speak 4 languages ​​(English, Albanian, French and Spanish). I have always been ambitious, I started my first job when I was 13 years old while attending school and I have worked voluntarily for many years in hospitals and Asylums for the elderly.

Megi Çukaj @megicukaj, 20. Born and raised in the city of Lezha

I started this journey with a heart full of dreams and a soul burning with passion. My decision to join Miss Universe is not just a pursuit of a crown, but a testament to my belief in the power of representation and one’s ability to inspire. My journey is not just about me. I am very happy that this year I was given the opportunity to represent my city in this competition.

With every step I take, I carry with me the support of many people who have trusted and supported me.

Through grace, resilience, and unwavering determination, I walk this path, knowing that each step brings me closer to my goal—to shine a light on the beauty of authenticity and inspire others to embrace their uniqueness without fear or hesitation. .

I am ready to embrace challenges, seize opportunities and make my mark. This is a journey of endless possibilities. And I’m honored to walk this incredible journey alongside the other contestants in the race, united in our shared mission to create a world where everyone is valued for who they are, inside and out.

Rumina Ivezaj @rumina.ivezaj, 19, Born and Raised in Germany, Origin Tuzi, Malësia e Madhe

I am the eldest of 4 children. Since my mother died when I was 13 years old, I live with my 3 sisters and brother at my grandmother and grandfather whom I love and thank them very much for their opportunity to give us the happiest life possible. and beautiful, who have brought us traditions, culture and the Albanian language and have taken us to our lands every year. I am currently a high school graduate and in the future I want to study criminal police.

My hobby is fitness, Yoga and traveling around the world, learning different cultures and traditions. I have been interested in Modeling since I was a child and I have always told myself that I have dreams to make them come true. My greatest strength and support is my family, they have taught me that with positive thoughts and sincere love even mountains move. Participating in Miss Universe Albania has been a childhood dream, I want to present our special cultures, the beauty and intelligence of Albanian girls around the world. For girls: Every dream can be fulfilled just believe from the bottom of the heart.

Franceska Rustem @franceskarustemm, 19, born and raised in the beautiful city of Durrës

I live with my parents, brother and sister. Winston Churchill’s expression, “Success is not permanent, failure is not fatal”, always inspires me. For me, courage is the key to face challenges.

The parents, the mother originally from Korça and the father from Cologne, have passed down wonderful traditions in our family, which stand out; patriotism, culture, clean and colorful language making me proud of my background.

From a young age, one of my passions has been modeling, which I have turned into my profession today. At the same time, I continue my studies, trying to give my best. Education remains one of my most important goals to fulfill.

Traveling, reading and physical activity are among my passions which make me discover more about the world and myself.

I am very brave and at the same time dreamy. This duality makes me fight to realize my dreams, my desires and not stop before the difficulties that life can face me.

A beautiful dream that I have set myself the goal of realizing is my participation in MISS UNIVERSE ALBANIA.

In my steps towards the realization of this dream, my support and point of strength remains the family, which with the love and dedication shown at every moment, have made me the girl I am today.

I decided to participate in MISS UNIVERSE to fulfill my dream and at the same time to reveal the virtues that I think characterize me, to show that behind a beautiful girl (a gift with which nature has blessed her), there is a sensitive girl, but at the same time strong.

Virtues that I want to put at the service of protecting the various causes that I will undertake further, which I want to represent with dignity and trust.

“I am the daughter of the waves and just as they never stop hugging the shore every day, I will never stop daring and working hard to make my dreams come true. Dare you too! Follow your dreams! Work hard for them! You will make it”

Perla Manuka @perlamanuka, 21, born in Tirana

I am currently a student in dentistry. In my free time, I dedicate myself to my family and taking care of myself by engaging in various activities, I am also in the gym. Since I was little, I participated in beauty contests and events. Beauty and art have always been a part of me.

My family consists of 6 members, my parents, sister and two brothers. My mother and sister are my biggest support and motivation to participate in this journey that has been the most special so far. I am grateful for the love and support that surrounds me and I hope that one day I can make them proud of me through my professional and personal successes.

My mission is to inspire and promote the empowerment of girls because I believe that every girl has the potential to realize her dreams and change the world.

The reason that I am part of Miss Universe Albania is to realize my dream that I have had since childhood and to represent my country.

Thank you for this amazing opportunity to grow personally and represent the beauty and diversity of our country.

Nevro Halo @nevrohalo says “Life is a journey!”

Beautiful or not easy or difficult, calm or interesting..it depends on US, on our choices! It is the reflection of the values ​​we carry and those we apply to realize our dreams and goals!”

I would like to start my first presentation with you by thanking all those who have been a part of my life and my journey so far. I am grateful for every beautiful or difficult moment that they have “gifted” me. I say “gifted” because every experience has been to my advantage, in shaping the character I am today. My story is that of a simple girl who grew up in the bosom of a family full of love, kindness, care and prosperity. My childhood is the most beautiful period of my life which I remember fondly today. I spent most of my childhood with my beloved grandparents.

My grandfather taught me swimming, reading and my first dance. At an early age, the passion and dream to become a ballerina took root in my soul. At that time, it was impossible for me to follow this dream. I grew up with my family until I was a teenager after I left my hometown to continue my secondary and higher education studies in Tirana. The branch I followed was Computer Science, which I successfully completed with maximum honors. However, my life was still not complete. I felt that my path was still lukewarm and this worldview that I live today was fulfilled by my dream and ambition for modeling. In my beginnings, the Miss Universe pageant was a parallel world that seemed very far from my reality….Through my participation, I want to show everyone that the greatest beauty comes from the depth of the soul and that everything is achieved with perseverance, desire and self-confidence.

Iris Memushi @iriphany, 20, Tirana

I am pursuing higher studies in law. Participating in the Miss Universe Albania pageant is not only an opportunity to present a beautiful physical image, but also to display the values ​​and goals that make me part of a deeper and more important experience.

At this stage of my life, where knowledge and awareness are a priority, with the help of this platform I intend to bring attention to the issues related to mental health and to voice their importance and the need to increase awareness of this issue. Miss Universe is undoubtedly the destination where I should be, to proudly represent the figure and values ​​of Albanian women on a nationwide stage.

At the end of this experience, I expect to be remembered not only as a beautiful girl, but as a woman who can really use the platform of this pageant to make a difference in society. I strongly believe that this is my primary role.

In my view, art is what gives color to life, making it magnificent. Writings, paintings, sculptures are the ways I use to bring my vision to life. This experience is so profound that sometimes I feel like I was created to experience, to express and to inspire.