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Miss Universe Keng Tung 2023, Amara Bo is just crowned as Miss Universe Myanmar 2023 by Zar Li Moe Miss Universe Myanmar 2022. Bo's reigning period will go in 2024 when new queen succeeds her. Last year Bo was Top 10 Miss Universe Myanmar 2022.

Newly crowned Amara Bo Miss Universe Myanmar 2023 will represent her nation with the national flag at upcoming The 72ND Miss Universe 2023 in El Salvador at the pageant venue Adolfo Pineda National Gymnasium (Gimnasio Nacional Adolfo Pineda) on Saturday November 18, 2023 where the reigning Miss Universe 2022, R'Bonney Gabriel will crown her successor at the end of Grand Finale.

New Queen Amara Bo Miss Universe Myanmar 2023 is the 69TH Entry to Class of Miss Universe 2023 and The First Burmese Beauty Queen in the era of Dr. Anne JKN.

Bo, 26, is 1.81M Tall and a Computer Science graduate from University of Computer Studies, Mandalay (UCSM). She currently working as a freelance model. She was Top 5 The Model Academy Season3.

She would like to become an inspiration and a motivation to others. She also aims to become an example and a role model for youngsters especially women not only to have sympathy and empathy but also to embrace the differences and imperfections.

Streaming Now: Miss Universe Myanmar 2023 Grand Finale & Coronation Sep 14th with 34 Contestants at Novotal Hotel Max Yangon: Check Results

Thu, Sep 14, 2023: The Reigning Queen Zar Li Moe Miss Universe Myanmar 2022 will have her last walk and crown her successor whoever become winner in 34 Contestants at the end of Grand Finale on Thursday, September 14, 2023 at the pageant venue Grand Ballroom in Novotal Hotel Max Yangon, Yangon, Myanmar starting at 6pm.

The Coronation Show Entertainer is Aung Htet, Performer No No K and Host Kyaw Htet Aung.

Results: Winner Amara Bo Miss Universe Myanmar 2023, Keng Tung

  • Dee 1ST Runner-up, Mawlamyine
  • Khaymar Budathoki 2ND Runner-up, Bhamo
  • Nang Nandar Linn 3RD Runner-up, Mawlamyine
  • No No May 4TH Runner-up, Mawlamyine
  • Thein Sandar 5TH Runner-up, Pyin Oo Lwin

TOP 6 MUM 23

  1. Khaymar Budathoki Miss Universe Bhamo
  2. Amara Bo Miss Universe Kengtung
  3. Dee Miss Universe Mawlamyine
  4. No No May Miss Universe Pathein
  5. Thin Sandar Pyae Thiha Aung Miss Universe Pyin Oo Lwin
  6. Nang Nandar Linn Miss Universe Tachileik

TOP 10 MUM 23

  1. Pyae Kaung Su Thant Miss Universe Hpakant
  2. Rose Seng Htoi, 23, Myitkyina
  3. Sasha Viola Miss Universe Nay Pyi Taw
  4. Saw Myat Ei Khine Miss Universe Sittwe
  5. Hsu Myat Thu Miss Universe Taunggyi

TOP 15 MUM 23

  1. Amelia Wei Miss Universe Hpa-An
  2. Lily Miss Universe  Kawkareik
  3. Wutt Hmone Han Miss Universe Mandalay
  4. Saung Hay Hman Miss Universe Mogok
  5. Seng Pan Htoi Miss Universe Muse

TOP 10 Vote Online

In the 10TH Miss Universe Myanmar 2023 pageant, the contestant who receives the most votes through the voting system will automatically enter the Top 6 shortlist. The Vote Deadline is 5pm today the Sep 14th.

According to the Voting Results from Sep 1 to Sep 12 who entered and voted in the Bigo Live Myanmar application as an Official Voting Partner, the 10 people who received the most fan polls are as follows:

  1. Pyin Oo Lwin
  2. Mandalay
  3. Bhamo
  4. Mogok
  5. Mawlamyine
  6. Kawkareik 
  7. Monywa
  8. Taungoo
  9. Yangon (South)
  10. Sittwe

Special Awards MUM '23

Challenge 07 National Costume People's Choice Award Winner

Nang Nadra Linn Miss Universe Tachileik 2023, This challenge winner is voted and chosen by our guests and fans during “The National Costume Competition” held at Wyndham Grand Hotel.

The Best National Costume Winners

Yoon May Aung Miss Universe  Hakka 2023 and No No May Miss Universe Pathein 2023, This challenge winners are chosen by our honorable judges during “The National Costume Competition” held at Wyndham Grand Hotel.

Challenge Winners

  • Red Carpet Star: Ayeyarwady Region Pathein's No No May
  • "I DESERVE" Winner: Mon State Mawlamyine's Dee
  • "Keywords Battel" Winner: Kachin State Bhamo's Khaymar Budathoki

This is Me, Who I Am Challenge Winners

  • Winner: Sittwe's Saw Myat Ei Khine
  • Top 10: Amarapura's - Pearl Pwint Phyu, Kachin State Bhamo's Khaymar Budathoki, Kayin State Hpa-An's Amelia, Kachin State Hpakant's Pyae Kaung Su Thant, Shan State Lashio's Rosa Mon State Mawlamyine's Dee, Ayeyarwady Region Pathein's No No May, Pyinmana's Kyi Phyu Khin, Shan State Taunggyi's Hsu Myat Thu

The Iconic Miss Universe Myanmar Challenge Winners

  • Winner: Miss universe Mawlamyine Dee
  • 1st Runner-up: Sittwe's Saw Myat Ei Khine
  • 2nd Runner-up: Bhamo's Khaymar Budathoki
  • 3rd-Runner-up: Kengtung's Amara Bo
  • 4th Runner-up: Myitkyina's Rose Seng Htoi

Streaming Now National Costume Competition Miss Universe Myanmar 2023 Sep 5th

Streaming Now Swimsuit Competition Miss Universe Myanmar 2023 on Sep 2nd

The LIST of 34 Miss Universe Myanmar 2023 Contestants

  1. Su Myat Noe Miss Universe Meikhtila 2023,  21 years old and 168cm tall. She has passed her matriculation examination and she is fond of singing, Modelling and photoshooting. She hopes to become a successful artist in the future
  2. Ei Shwe Eain Miss Universe Kyaukse 2023, 18 years old and 167cm tall. She is a student from MCTA. She wants to be able to work for public and become a national beauty Queen which she could give back supports to the community
  3. Pearl Pwint Phyu Miss Universe Amarapura 2023, 20 years old and 168cm tall. She is a first year student from MIBA University. She wants to be a successful model in the future. She wants to advocate “Stop Child Abuse” project and also she wants to promote the women empowerment project.
  4. Chue Chue Kaung San Miss Universe Yamethin 2023, 21 years old and 170cm tall. She is a final year student majoring in Geography. She is fond of reading and she aims to empower the children with education for a brighter future. Her goal in life is to be a beauty queen and a successful speaker, doing humanitarian work and being able to give back to the world and community where she lives and grows up.
  5. Phoo Pwint Sone Miss Universe Tha-Htone 2023, 24 years old and 165cm tall. She is a final year student majoring in Chemistry. She is fond of teaching and currently working as a volunteer teacher. She is joining the competition not only wants to be a voice for all women but also wants to make our country proud as an ideal beauty queen.
  6. Zin Ei Nwe
  7. Wint Shwe Sin
  8. Khaymar Budathoki
  9. Khun Sett Cho
  10. Yoon May Aung
  11. Amelia
  12. Pyae Kaung Su Thant
  13. Lily Miss Universe  Kawkareik
  14. Amara Bo Miss Universe Keng Tung 2023
  15. Mai Zin Latt Miss Universe Kutkai 2023
  16. Rosa
  17. Wutt Hmone Han
  18. Dee Miss Universe Mawlamyine 2023, 171cm tall and a Bachelor Degree graduate majoring in English. Her hobbies include fashion, music, thrifting and philanthropy. She wants to be an example for every woman that they deserves a second chance. She also wants the young generation and women look up to her and feel that every woman deserves everything. She is trying to become the next Miss Universe Myanmar by being a force for every woman with the intentions of how to overcome beyond the comments of the environment and that every woman should follow their dreams with full of energy.
  19. Saung Hay Man Miss Universe Mogok 2023, 20 years old and 168cm tall. She has a diploma in Business Management and currently pursuing her Master course in Denmark Business Administration University. She has once worked as a humanitarian worker and she wants to be useful to other in every course in life and that is her ultimate success. She is also trying to become the next Miss Universe Myanmar because she wants to be the voice of the community and also to represent our nation, community, culture and country to the world.
  20. Yu Wadi Aung
  21. Seng Pan Htoi, Miss Universe Muse 2023
  22. Rose Seng Htoi
  23. Sasha Viola
  24. No No May Miss Universe Pathein 2023, 167cm tall and 20 years old. She is a first year student specializes in Business Management from MIU and she is currently working in her own business as a eyebrow tattoo artist, eyelash extension and nail art artist. She would like to help in consulting all about beauty to women. She also would like to become a nation pride and an ideal miss as a challenge to herself by joining Miss Universe Myanmar.
  25. May Thinzar
  26. Kyi Phyu Khin
  27. Thein Sandar
  28. Saw Myat Ei Khine Miss Universe Sittwe 2023, 23 years old and 168cm tall. She is currently pursuing her Master Degree in Botany. She wants to be a successful business woman in the future. She wants to show what women empowerment is to the society and she also aims to develop children’s general knowledge and creates more philosophies in her community.
  29. Nang Nandar Linn
  30. Hsu Myat Thu Miss Universe Taunggyi 2023, 20 years old and 165cm tall. She is a first year student majoring in History and she wants to be a well-known model and actress. She also would like to become the next Miss Universe Myanmar so that she could be a person that everyone admired and looks up to.
  31. Ei Kha Kha Mon
  32. Pandra Miss Universe Yangon [East] 2023, 22 years old and 170cm tall. She is a first year Master Student majoring in Myanmar and currently leading in her own business such as Gym, Spa and Beauty Salon. She aims to become a nation pride by being a Myanmar representative to get the highest placement on the International stage.
  33. Phyu Zin Thant
  34. El Linn

Image: Official Facebook - Showing Contestants on A sponsor visit to Beauty Destination, Treasure Z, Crowning Moment and Amara Bo Glamor Look

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