Thet San Andersen Crowning Moment

Thet San Andersen is crowned Miss Universe Myanmar 2024

This year 54 finalist contestants competing for the Miss Universe Myanmar 2024 crown to become successor of The reigning queen Amara Bo, Miss Universe Myanmar 2023 has just crowned her successor, Miss Universe Yangon North, Thet San Andersen as new Miss Universe Myanmar 2024.

Queen Thet San Andersen, Miss Universe Myanmar 2024 will represent Myanmar at The 73RD Miss Universe 2024 Pageant in Mexico.Thet San Andersen National Costume

The Full Performance of Queen Thet San Andersen, as contestants, Final Competition and Crowning Streamed Free Global Live is available here to watch:

The Full Court of Queen Thet San Andersen, Miss Universe Myanmar 2024Full Court of Queen Thet San Andersen

Queen Thet San Andersen tells about her National Costume (In Image: @tess.andersen)

A lion worshipped Buddha Paduma for seven days during his period of enlightenment. This lion was destined to become a future Buddha in the next coming life. This is why lion statues are commonly seen in front of pagoda gates in Myanmar.

The lion has symbolized Buddhism since ancient times and continues to be a significant emblem in the Buddhist tradition, deeply ingrained in Myanmar culture.

The lotus flower, believed to be the first flower to bloom on Earth, holds a special place in Buddhist practices. It is frequently used as an offering at Buddhist ceremonies and sites.

Designer – Thet San Andersen & team
Illustration – Kyaw Hein Htet Makeup – Phone Nyien Chan
Photographer – Wave
Myanmar culture – Ko HtutThet as The lion Worshipping Buddha Paduma

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