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Result WINNER: Mariana Macias Top Model of the World 2023

Leicy Rivas Moreno 1st Runner-up Top Model of the World 2023, Top Model of Colombia
Sandani Peiris 2nd Runner-up Top Model of the World 2023, Top Model of Sri Lanka

Special Awards Top Model of the World 2023

  • Ana Paula Moran Sotomayor Miss GLOBE 2023 Special Award Winner, Top Model of Ecuador SASHED By Sohra Schümann Miss Globe 2022 Special Award Winner
  • Eliise Randmaa Queen of Europe 2023 Special Award Winner, Top Model of Estonia SASHED By Chloe Ellman-Baker Queen of Europe 2022 Special Award Winner
  • Rachel Hamar-Pirlot Miss Sunrise 2023 Award Winner, Top Model of Europe
  • Looksorn Miss Best Style 2023 Award Winner, Top Model of Thailand
  • Anastassiya Stepanyugina Miss Popularity 2023 Award Winner, Top Model of Kazakhstan
  • Mariyam Saina Naseem Miss New Face 2023 Award Winner, Top Model of Maldives
  • Tara Racunica Miss Confidence 2023 Award Winner, Top Model of Serbia
  • Aimee Whitton Miss Congeniality 2023 Award Winner, Top Model of England
  • Mariam Badawii Top Model Photogenic 2023 Award Winner, Top Model of Egypt
  • Isabella Linnea Ahs Social Media Model 2023 Award Winner, Top Model of Sweden
  • Tamari Kalandadze Charm Model 2023 Award Winner, Top Model of Georgia


  1. Danilka German Top Model of Dominican Republic
  2. Sandani Peiris Top Model of Sri Lanka
  3. Mariana Macias Ornelas Top Model of Mexico
  4. Looksorn Top Model of Thailand
  5. Isabella Linnea Ahs Top Model of Sweden
  6. Leicy Rivas Moreno Top Model of Colombia

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Results: Special Awards:

Hayley Ghiller The Top Model Malta is WINNER Best Body Award by WBO, received 1000 U$ cash from the WBO

Wed, Mar 1, 2023: Reigning Model Natálie Kočendová Top Model Of The World 2022, at The 28th Edition will crown her successor, The WINNER in 43 Contestants as New Top Model Of The World 2023 The 29TH Edition at the end of Grand Finale in City of Peace Sharm el Sheikh, Red Sea - Egypt on on Fri, Mar 3rd commencing at 8PM

The Online People’s Choice Vote System:
Voting Online Your Favorite Contestants To Become 29TH Top Model of the World 2023 – Reach The Url at, scroll down in the 43 Top Model of the World Contestants List, Chooose Your Favorite and Click Abstimmen, TheN Choose the number of votes, the voting package Minmium US$10 for 10 Votes that you want to give for "YOUR FAVORITE CONTESTANT" and click on the buy button. The Online Voting URL is where All 43 Contestants’ Headshot, Number of Votes Gained and Social Media Share Buttons are given. The Interface is German Language, you can your Google Translate to know the terms in your own language.

SUNRISE White Hills Resort witnessed Interviews of  43 Top Model of the World 2023 Contestants on Feb 28th. All contestants have arrived in Sharm el Sheik around Feb 20th and participating in pageant activities. The Official announcements says “Many History’s, good ones and sad ones but this is life so we thank all 43 Models today for the Interviews and for being with us - such a lovely group this year - 29 edition TMW. Proud of Supervising the pageant thanks to WBO”

Natálie Kočendová Top Model Of The World 2022 crowned on Fri, Mar 11, 2022 winning over the 46 contestants from around the world. She succeeded Pierinna Patino. Karviná’x Natálie Kočendová is winner of 2nd Runner-up Miss Czech Republic 2020-21.

The Official Host Hotel and Event Venue White Hills Resort is located at Address: Qesm Sharm Ash Sheikh, South Sinai Governorate 46619, Egypt, Contact Phone: +20 128 727 1442

Some of interesting activities enjoyed by the contestants are White Hills special Night, Swimwear Group Shoot at the Infinity Pool at White Hills, The music and perfect Disco Party in the 80’s White Hills Arena, Casino Night at Le Pose with black suits stylish party, Havana Party with Latin-inspired fits by the beach. ALL WHITE fits in an ALL WHITE spot, that’s how the second day of WBOTopModel went with the Mystical Night themed party at Ivory Lobby Terrace. 29th Edition of WBOTopModel Kicked on Feb 21st @ some vibrant notes with Pink Fever Party at Boscage where the girls got to embrace their femininity through their dazzling outfits.


Mon Feb 20, 2023: The Top Model with the highest score enters not only the TOP 6 but will become the first SOCIAL MEDIA MODEL 2023.
The SOCIAL MEDIA AWARD will be announced and given on Stage during the Final Night at the Conference Center in the WHITE HILLS Resort. The winner will receive a 1 week Holiday in Egypt. The Voting is starting today (20 Feb.) and we will update Photos daily of this years Models - follow us at @wbotopmodel

Wed, Feb 8, 2023: In the heart of Sharm El Sheikh renowned spot, Sharks Bay, SUNRISE is proudly hosting the 29th Edition of Top Model of the World in its newest property in the city, White Hills Resort. 
Expected 50 contestants from all around the world competing yet supporting each other through every step of the 2-week event, from the 19th of February to the 3rd of March, as they pave their way to the Grand Finale and celebrate the top model of the world in a superb Afterparty, all in SUNRISE newest partying venture in the area, Vibe Club.

The LIST of 43 Top Model of the World 2023 Contestants Vying To Win at Grand Finale on Fri, Mar 3th, 2023 at 8PM

  1. Aimee Whitton Top Model of England
  2. Aishwarya Paatapati Top Model of India
  3. Alexandra Maria Mecu Top Model of Romania
  4. Alice Olivia Jones Top Model of United Kingdom
  5. Ana Paula Moran Sotomayor Top Model of Ecuador
  6. Anastassiya Stepanyugina Top Model of Kazakhstan
  7. Andreina Vega Rosa Top Model of Puerto Rico
  8. Anna Krzesinska Top Model of Poland
  9. Carine Tiesoh Top Model of Ireland
  10. Chiara Vandenveeren Top Model of Belgium
  11. Chinwendu Ezenwankwo Top Model of Nigeria
  12. Danilka German Top Model of Dominican Republic
  13. Eliise Randmaa Top Model of Estonia
  14. Evangecia St. Cyr Top Model of USA
  15. Fatmata Favour Sesay Top Model of Sierra Leone
  16. Gabriela Martires Coelho Top Model of Brazil
  17. Hayley Ghiller Top Model of Malta
  18. Ieva Kohl Top Model of Austria
  19. Isabella Linnea Ahs Top Model of Sweden
  20. Jana Marvanova Top Model of Czech Republic
  21. Janet Muli Top Model of Kenya
  22. Kunda Mwamulina Top Model of Zambia
  23. Leicy Rivas Moreno Top Model of Colombia
  24. Leteisha Clarke Top Model of Trinidad and Tobago
  25. Liina Malinen Top Model of Finland
  26. Looksorn Top Model of Thailand
  27. Maddison Lynn Top Model of Canada
  28. Mariam Badawii Top Model of Egypt
  29. Mariana Macias Ornelas Top Model of Mexico
  30. Mariangel Bermudez Acuna Top Model of Costa Rica
  31. Marie Kilonzo Top Model of Germany
  32. Mariyam Saina Naseem Top Model of Maldives
  33. Nicole Ivanova Top Model of Bulgaria
  34. Nora Nehez Top Model of Hungary
  35. Rachel Hamar-Pirlot Top Model of Europe
  36. Sandani Peiris Top Model of Sri Lanka
  37. Sinead Jenkins Top Model of Panama
  38. Sumeja Latifi Top Model of Kosovo
  39. Tamari Kalandadze Top Model of Georgia
  40. Tara Racunica Top Model of Serbia
  41. Tegan Paige Laity Top Model of Australia
  42. Viviana Costa Top Model of Portugal
  43. Yulia Kul Top Model of Belarus

About Top Model of the World: The World Beauty Organization SA, WBO specialized in modelling events worldwide has founded Top Model of the World Pageant in 1993.
New Kind Of A Global Industry, based on beauty and talents is pioneered by The World Beauty Organization which is a company and brand at Panama since 1993. 

Top Model of the World has now become a long national and worldwide tradition.
After productions in various cities in China, the Top Model of the World took for the first time ever place in Hurghada, Egypt. In Cooperation with the “Steigenberger” Middle East, as official Host Hotel and Partner, Media from over 20 countries joined the first Model Event in Egypt ever in 2007 and watched the German Model Alessandra Alores becoming the winner. Alessandra is starring now in the Blockbuster “Suicide Squad 2” of Producer Charles Roven.
The WBO, producer of the Top Model of the World works throughout the year with private enterprises, state and foreign governments to stage the Top Model of the World Pageant and to provide the best Platform for the representatives from around the World.
Main criteria for WBO to select a city of any country is the one offering the optimal venue and support to the Pageant. Today the WBO SA is enjoying applications of over 50 countries annually and continues to innovate and influence the industries of modeling and fashion.
Sorce Official Website:

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